Are Vans Good For Lifting? Here is What You Need to Know

Our feet are one of the most essential parts of the exercise, so we must wear the right van shoes.During our workout sessions, especially training, there must be no compromise on quality and performance. I have worn Vans shoes for exercise and skateboarding since I was a child. Afterward, my kids carried forward this habit of using a vans pair when they participated in a workout.
Vans Good For Lifting
But what is the best thing about Vans? Are Vans suitable for lifting? Yes, Vans are perfect shoes for lifting because they include flat and rigid soles that operate excellent for lifts. Van shoes work better than running shoes, perfect for a casual lifter.

Hence, in this article, we will be explaining why Vans can perform lifting. When to use them, and what to consider before using Vans at the workout.

Advantages: What Make Vans Good For Lifting?

Here are some advantages that make Vans a perfect shoe for lifting:

Zero-Drop Vans

Vans have been designed from a “zero drop” since the “60s”. And if you have no idea about zero Drop, it is an important term that refers to a drop’s absence in the boot’s sole from the heel to the toe.

Moreover, this is ideal for lifters because a non-drop sole offers extraordinary stability as it supports the natural positioning of the foot.

A wide range of lifters works out with minimum arch support since it propels the arch to do more task and permit them to “feel the floor” significantly. This is crucial in squats and deadlifts, where performance and stability are critical.

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Flat and Non-Slip Sole

One of the best selling points of Vans when it comes to lifting loads is the smooth, flat, robust, Non-Slip Sole. The honeycomb zero-slip sole is really firm to permit you to move against the tracks in squats and deadlifts.

Besides, the sole of Vans isn’t as strong as that of the converse. However, it provides sufficient friction and smooth performance. The enhanced friction of a flat sole increases ground reaction force which offers you a more substantial training response.

Comfortable And Breathable Vans

According to my research, Vans are designed from a premium quality canvas with a plain-woven fabric. It is very comfortable and rugged, made to keep your feet locked in place. In addition, canvas provides excellent breathability to prevent the interior from heating up during lifts.


Vans are highly durable and are specially made to be worn by skaters when skateboarding. On the occasion that you’d skipped around on skateboards as a kid, or still do, you have worn a pair of these while performing your thing.

Vans are designed to keep in mind buyers ‘ comfort to cut the long tail short. Even when we wear it during the exercise or sport where the vans have to bear sufficient opposing force, rest is guaranteed that they will not get damaged.

Hence, we can say that if we use it for more accessible purposes like weight lifting, the Van shoes will last longer. In addition, the shoes will bring more speed to your workout module.

Vans Come in High Top Or Low Top

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As per the review, to assist in maintaining the normal posture of the body, high-top van shoes extend above the ankle. In addition, low-top shoes assist keep the ankle somewhat open for additional flexibility.

Van shoes come in both high-top and low-top models, so we can select the one we prefer depending on our style and the workout we want to perform.

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Reasonable Price

Suppose you are a lifter on a complex spending plan. We present you with a couple of specific lifting shoes that expense around $150 and a couple of shoes that are reasonably excellent to take care of business with not a strictly a massive portion of the value; which one would you choose?

Definitely, it’s the reality that Vans are not the ideal shoes to put on for lifting. However, they are nice enough when you can’t afford anything else. I’d happily get a lifter wearing Vans to exercise than a lifter deferring exercise since they can’t have the “extravagant” shoes.

What Type of Lifts do You Need To Avoid When Using Vans?

We have already briefly discussed that Vans are ideal for lifting because they have a few restrictions. Van shoe’s tip is quite firm, which can restrict the movement of your feet in any lift that needs the bending of toes or feet.

Here are a few lifts that you have to avoid doing if you go for lifting wearing shoes.

  • Lunges: The exercise to avoid when wearing shoes is lunges. A lung includes bending your foot at the toe, which will be hard to manage with the way Van shoes are made. Moreover, trying to bend for a lung will destroy the shoe itself and minimizes its lifespan.
  • Calf Workout: Calf raises ( such as descending canine, exercise with a rope, and situated calf raises) frequently feature twisting toes to initiate lower calf muscles. Hence, you need to likewise abstain from playing out any of them while using shoes for lifting.
  • Cardio Exercise: Surely, these are not lifts. However, you must still understand better than to do them wearing Vans.

When Should We Consider Not Using Vans For Wearing?

As per our review, vans are not professionalized, traditional lifting vans. Hence, unless you are searching for something inexpensive, Vans wouldn’t assist you in achieving anything close to top-level performance.

So, if you are a weightlifter or crossfitter, you may wish to use other shoes for more accurate training.

Following are some of the best recommendations from our team:

  • Adipower 2 – Adipower shoe comes with a complete mesh construction that provides a more flexible performance. They are also good enough to operate versatile movements, which is excellent for weightlifters.
  • Powerlifter: These vans for lifting boots are more robust than flexible, which converts into excellent stability and reliability. In addition to the foam lining and lower heel height, it makes for a perfect shoe for powerlifting and squatting.
  • Nike Romaleos: Ideal for weightlifting, this boot’s wide upper and hefty shape ensures incredible soundness under the heaviest burdens.
  • Cross Fit Nano 8.0: CrossFit aims at providing a lightweight and breathable design, a roomy forefoot, and a reassuring upper.

    A Buying Guide To Choose Vans For Lifting

    The design of all Vans is versatile, durable, and lightweight. The Van shoes are designed from robust material; almost every item of Vans come with a canvas upper, which performs perfectly for lifting.

    Van shoe’s models feature leather or suede parts to reinforce a few pieces. You need to select a model that provides maximum durability to extend its service life.

    Furthermore, you need to consider the soles of Vans. All the Van shoes sport the same outsole but include various tweaks around the insoles. Since the outsole is designed from iconic Vans signature waffle-cut rubber that provides higher durability coupled with a lightweight grip.

    These features help keep your feet firmly grounded across numerous surfaces. The robust rubber outsole also absorbs shocks to guarantee your feet are safe and secure.

    You have to consider purchasing a Vans model with an adjustable footbed so you can clean them comfortably. Cleanliness will assist keep your feet and shoes smelling fresh and non-sweaty.


    Which Is the Ideal Choice For Lifting: Vans or Convers?

    Well, this is difficult, but I will go for Vans. I understand that some lifters hate chucks, and a few lifters make fun of Convers; however, for me, there are some reasons for Vans being better than Vans when it comes to lifting.

    Here are a few reasons behind my selection:

    • Vans protect your feet perfectly
    • They come with flatter soles
    • They make you closer to the surface
    • They feature minimum cushioning
    • They also come at an affordable price



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      What Are The Most Famous Vans?

      Vans Shoe’s slip-on is causing quite a stir. It comes with a waffle outsole, a cushioned collar, and sturdy construction. The Checkerboard Era Stacked is a classic model for users of the vintage shape. It features an entertaining checkerboard shape and cushioned collars for higher stability and comfort.

      How Long Can Vans Last?

      Vans Shoes are highly long-lasting, and obviously, it is contingent on what you subject them to. According to our analysis, a pair of shoes can last for 2 years. They can be designed to last longer with a sticky material here and there.

      Are Van Shoes Ideal For Squatting?

      It’s incredible that Van shoes come with robust soles, yet what actually checks when operating squats is the robustness and levelness of the sole. Its immovability allows you to move against the surface. At the same time, the levelness of the bottom permits you to bring your foot closer to the ground.

      As, Vans comes with firm, non-slip, and soft soles, you can move your Calf opposite the ground with a ton of energy turnover. This means you will face no problems hunching down when using Vans.

      Do Vans Fit Perfect To Size?

      Vans go right to size, building the method of selecting a shoe that fits very easily. Remember that Vans shoes do not offer half sizes. If we’re in between different sizes, it’s ideal to have a height higher than a size down.

      Bottom Line

      To address the main query, “ Are Vans Good For Lifting?”. Yes, Vans are perfect shoes for lifting, especially for deadlifts and squats. Vans shoes are a dependable option if you are trying to set aside some money and require a few cheap preparing vans.

      Moreover, Vans are ideal shoes for lifting because they come with robust, flat, non-slip soles that operate perfectly for lifts. These shoes work far better than running shoes while pricing less than characterization lifting shoes. Hence, they are just perfect for what they can give.