How To Clean Air Force Ones? A Step-by-step Guide

We welcome you to our step-by-step cleaning tutorial blog. Today we will be discussing how to clean Air Force Ones? These are one of the most timeless sneakers of all time. You can comfortably clean air force shoes at home by detaching dust and dirt from the outsole and midsole.

Besides, this is not straightforward to make out how to clean air force 1s, which is why this is one of the most asked questions surrounding the all-white Nike shoes.

Luckily, we have given a step-by-step guide to take you through the method. So without any further delay, let’s read the details.

How To Clean Air Force Ones?

Clean Air Force Ones
Here is the step-by-step process for how to clean air force ones:

  • First, remove the shoelaces and put them to the side.
  • Brush off any dust or dirt using the dry bristle brush.
  • Afterward, apply a tiny amount of Shoe MGK Cleaner and Conditioners to the brush and softly lather the solution onto the air force shoe. You have to commence with small areas and brush in all little circles.
  • Once the solution starts to bubble and become soapy, wipe the sneakers clean with a dry piece of cloth or towel.
  • Next, get the Shoe MGK water and Stain resistant and spray thoroughly and even on the whole area of the boot.
  • At last, make use of Touch Up white on white soles. Remember that this item is only meant to be used on white substances. This means it gets on colored material; immediately wipe the thing away or use conditioneror cleaner to clean.
  • All in all, cleaning air force ones is no longer a difficult task. Simply take yourself a KVP kit, and you will be ready to start.

    How To Clean Dirty White Air Force 1s?

    Below is the clear step-by-step guide on how to clean dirty white air force ones:

    Step 1:

    In the first step, prepare your air force shoes for a deep clean by using a dry brush to remove any excess dirt. Besides, tap your white sneaker with your hand to guarantee that all excess dirt is eliminated. Also, remove the laces and put them aside.

    Step 2:

    In the second step, take a sneaker wipe and ensure not to unfold the wipe to keep the moisture locked into the wipe. This way, you will get rid of any surface-level scuffs and stains.

    Step 3:

    All the excess has been removed; freely spray your shoes with shoe cleaner. Besides, allow the cleaning solution to sit and start to work its magic. Softly scrub the upper of the sneaker in tiny circular movements to guarantee you don’t damage the leather.

    Once you have removed dirt from the upper, make your way below to the midsoles of your white air force shoes. In addition, after cleaning your sneakers, use a dry towel to partially dry them off, and put them aside to dry.

    Step 4:

    In this step, freely spray your laces with sneaker cleaner, rub down the laces together, and dip them into the water. Once laces are well saturated, take them out and set them aside to dry overnight.

    In addition, after drying out your laces and shoes, relaceyour boots in preparation for applying an odor protector shoe protector.

    Step 5:

    Lastly, if your shoe’s inner soles can be removed, remove them and thoroughly spray them. Besides, spray inside of your sneakers with a smell protector to keep your kicks feeling fresher for longer.

    Finally, thoroughly spray the outer side of your sneakers with a sneaker protector to provide your sneakers an invincible restriction against dirt and stains. Hence, it will save your kicks and remain them looking fresher for longer. Don’t forget to reapply our sneaker protector after every cleaning.

    How Do You Clean White Air Force 1s At Home?

    To Clean Air Force Ones

    • Make sure you clean your white air force ones with a gentle bristle brush after using them for outdoor activities like exercise, biking, and jogging.
    • Designed from pure leather, synthetic leather, and other quality textile materials. So, you can use a neat, soft, slightly dampened cloth daily to wipe debris away. Repeating this habit assists in saving yellowish build-up on the fabric.
    • At least once a month, you need to clean your white air force ones.
    • The below steps will assist you in keeping your white air force ones clean and fresh and help prolong your life. So, let’s discuss how to clean white air force ones.

    Things you need to have:

    • Pair of dirty white air force 1s
    • A plastic tub
    • Neat and clean water
    • A gentle bristle brush
    • White vinegar
    • Baking soda
    • Microfiber cloth
    • Liquid dishwasher

    These things are crucial to clean your dirty white air force ones at home without any worry.

    Cleaning White Air Force Ones – an Easy Method:

    Steps To Clean White Air Force Ones At Home:

    • At first, you have to prepare the white air force shoes for cleaning by eliminating the brace and laces.
    • It’s always good to softly clap your sneaker outside, removing dust and dirt from within the debris.
    • In addition, if your sneakers have caked-on mud, use a gentle bristle brush to remove them.
    • After this, take clean water into a plastic tub and a drop of dishwashing liquid, then make a solution.
    • Moreover, you can dip into the solution and rundown softly across your air force ones with a bristle brush to eliminate surface-level stains and stuff.
    • Always commence from the top of the shoe and go to the bottom. Don’t forget to rinse the bristles of your soft brush, too, as they will build up dirt.
    • In addition, lightly scrub the soles clean.
    • Once you have wiped the sneakers down, use the lightly dampened cloth to wipe away the moisture.
    • Overall, cleaning the white air forces at home is straightforward. However, you would like to empty your tub and refill it with fresh and clean water.
    • Next, dunk the laces in and out of the plastic tub, constructing soap suds. The water must turn brown as the dust, dirt, and oils come out of the laces.
    • Once they are satisfyingly clean, you can put them aside to dry overnight.
    • Lastly, allow the white air force one’s shoes to air dry.

    How To Clean AF1S By Using Detergent?

    • Firstly, you need to make a solution using a detergent and mix it with water.
    • Place the detergent in a bowl, and then add the water.
    • Then mix it well. Remove your shoelaces and drown them while you attack your grimy sneakers.
    • Grab a brush and work the sole. Utilize circular motions and dip the brush into the cleaning solution bowl.

    Now start the work on the rest of the shoes in this order:

    • Insole heel area
    • Outside swoosh logo
    • Tongue and canopy
    • Outside heel
    • Reset the shoe
    • Repeat it 2-3 times for each part of the shoe. Remember not to scrub too hard; else, you may mark the boots.
    • If there are any scrape marks, eliminate those utilizing a microfiber towel dipped in the cleaning solution.
    • Then grab the brush again and assault your soaked laces with it.
    • Wetthe microfiber towel and remove all the soap residue a couple of times.
    • And now, take a dry corner of the towel and remove everything down again.

    How to Clean AF1s With A Magic Eraser?

    Cleaning AF1s is straightforward if you understand where to begin. You need to wet your magic eraser extra durable to activate the micro-scrubbers inside. After this, squeeze out the additional water and be ready for solid cleaning.
    How To Clean Air Force Ones

    Furthermore, make use of the magic eraser extra durable to manage tough marks stuck on mud and dirt. You just need to swipe the magic eraser across the targeted area, and you have begun to see the mess disappear. Closely target the sole, toe box, and wedge, and you will immediately have sneakers that look almost like new.

    How ToWashAirForceOnesWithoutTurningYellow?

    • Older Air Force Ones will often evolve yellow stains, which requires a different method to restore the white look. Below are some steps to follow:
    • You need to mix baking soda and vinegar in a small container until it becomes a nice paste.
    • Using a gentle bristle brush, you will apply this to your Air Force 1s shoes in small, circular motions from top-down.
    • Once performed, cover the stained surfaces, and allow the sneakers to sit for 5 to 10 minutes.
    • Lastly, return to wipe away all the mixture using a dry towel.
    • After applying this formula to your sneakers, they must get a fresh, clean, and white appearance.

    How to CleanBlackAir Force OnesAt Home?

    • We need to spray the exterior of the Black Air Force Ones with an aesthetic sneaker cleaner item. Avoid using a product containing bleach.
    • Use a bristle brush to rub the cleaner into the shoe. Numerous aesthetic shoe cleaning items come with a meeting.
    • Next, dampen a gentle cloth into the water and squeeze to eliminate excess water. To remove soap residue, wipe down the sneakers.
    • Lastly, dry the sneakers with a dry towel.

    How to WashAir Force Ones in WashingMachine?

    Here are some steps to follow to wash Air Force Ones in the washing machine:

    • At first, pop your shoes and laces separately in a laundry bag.
    • Keep them in a washing machine.
    • Keep them in a washing machine with a load of other old bedsheets or white towels to guarantee sneakers are not rattling around.
    • Next, put the washing machine on a delicate wash and fill it with laundry detergents.
    • Lastly, get them out to air dry or wipe them with a dry towel.

    How to Clean AirForceOnes With Toothpaste?

    You can make your dirty air force ones attractive and clean again by removing the mud and dirt with toothpaste. Make use of a toothbrush to scrub the dirt from the soles. Besides, let the toothpaste dry into the sneakers before removing it with a soft cloth and a water soap solution. Once you have done it, your sneakers must look cleaner and new than they were before. Remember that you can only clean canvas shoes with toothpaste because other models could be damaged.

    How To Wash Dirty Air Force Ones With Baking Soda?

    Air force ones can also wash by using baking soda. Take lemon juice or vinegar and put it into a bowl to use this method.

    Then mix in some baking soda till there are no lumps left. Then, apply the mixture onto the areas that require the most awareness with either a toothbrush or an old toothbrush that you can utilize only for this procedure.

    Let it sit there for 15 minutes, then take your toothbrush and scrub at those parts forcefully to eliminateany dirt or stains that may be leftover applying this mixture.

    At last, rinse out all of the extra baking soda with some water till there are no lumps left.


    Why Does Air Force One Turn Yellow?

    One of the primary reasons for the yellowing of Air Force Ones is because of oxidation. The oxidation process is a change of chemicals that occurs when the simple combination of a material with oxygen.

    How to Stop Creases In Air Force Ones?

    Ceases from the front of air force ones can be removed with an iron. All you need is to pop your shoe tree in and out a dampened cloth on the front of the shoe. Then, place your iron over the toe box and ally the steam work its trick. The last ingredient to make your air force ones look as nice as new.

    How Do I Remove Odor From My Air Force Ones?

    Get an airtight container and pop your boots in without laces to remove the odor. Afterward, lift up the tongues and put a cup of baking soda inside the container with them. Close the lid firmly and wait 1 day for the trick to happen. You will be surprised.

    Can I Put Air Forces Ones In The Dryer?

    All you need is to leave them out in a well-ventilated area and let the fresh air dry. That will be one of the safest ways to get them dry.

    How Do I Keep My Shoes Stink- Free?

    Here are a few tricks to keep your shoe stink-free:

    • Wash your Air Force Ones and insoles
    • Use sweat-Wicking socks to keep shoes drier
    • Between wearing dry your shoes
    • Medicated foot powder
    • Washable soles