Do UGG Run Big or Small?

Who doesn’t love Ugg boots? Probably no one. The famous footwear is a dream pair for many. Not only is it everyday footwear in the wardrobe of many celebrities, but it is also becoming popular among millennials. However, most people who yearn to get the first pair of comfy and luxury boots often get perplexed by the question: Do Uggs run big or small?

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Ugg boot, the brand is always known for offering boots that run true to size, but many users have highlighted that these boots stretch over time. Whether you order men’s leather boots or chunky sneakers for children, you will have the right size. However, according to the market consensus, UGG boots tend to run slightly big, and it is mostly due to the width they have on offer.

So now the question arrives,

How to Measure UGG Boot Size?

When you don’t know what size Ugg boots you will need, measuring your feet is the best way to determine the usual shoe size you need. Once you measure the shoe size, you can tally it with the Ugg size chart to get the true fitting. Before starting the process, you need a piece of paper, pencil, measuring tape and adhesive tape. So let’s see how you can measure;

  • At first, place the paper on a flat surface, and it would be best to stick to the ground using an adhesive.
  • Then draw a straight line on the paper, and it should be bigger than your feet.
  • Then stand on the paper with your biggest toe and heel aligned with the straight line. However, if you are measuring the feet of your kid, then it would be best to hold their feet tight so that it completely touches the ground. For shoes or hiking boots, you should wear socks to get better results.
  • Now using a pencil or marker, mark the line by drawing another perpendicular line at the tip of the heel and biggest toe of your feet. While drawing, you should ask your family member or friend to hold the pencil or marker perpendicularly. Similarly, you should do the same when marking the line of your kid’s feet.
  • Once you have marked the points on the line, it is time to measure the distance between the marks. Use the measuring tape to calculate the distance and use the larger measurement for finding the correct shoe size. While trying on the shoes, you should wear socks.

Now that you have measured your fee or your kids’ feet, it is time to check them on the Ugg sizing chart. Some of the Ugg boots run big, so you should keep this factor in mind;

UGG Size Chart

Men’s Size Chart

Heel to Toe MeasurementUS UKEurope Japan (cm)Mexico (cm)China (mm)

Women’s Size Chart

Heel to Toe MeasurementUS UKEurope Japan (cm)Mexico (cm)China (mm)

Babys’ Shoe C

(0 to 24 months)

Heel to Toe MeasurementUS UKEurope Japan (cm)Mexico (cm)China (mm)Foot Length (mm)

Toddler’s Shoe Chart

(2 to 5 years)

Heel to Toe MeasurementUS UKEurope Japan (cm)Mexico (cm)China (mm)Foot Length (mm)

Big Kids’ Shoe Chart

(6 to 10 years)

Heel to Toe MeasurementUS UKEurope Japan (cm)Mexico (cm)China (mm)Foot Length (mm)

How Does Ugg Shoes Fit

Ugg boots are probably the favourite choice for most people, but they can be different for some people. So do Ugg boots run big? Well, they do, but the size mostly depends upon the type of Ugg boots you are considering. So here are some common types.

Classic Ugg Boots

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Classic segment from Ugg boots tends to run big, which is not only one of the highest selling products but also demanded by most new buyers. If you usually wear men’s size 9, and you go for Chelsea boots of size 9, then you will end up wearing a size of 10, thus giving you a loose fit.

So you need to buy either half size small or full size smaller than your typical base depending upon your feet width.  When you go for a snug fit, wearing the boot on a daily basis will make the boot stretch and ultimately give you the perfect fitting after a few usages. While trying out classic boots, make sure you opt for the shoe offering a snug fit rather than the one giving you a comfortable fit.

These classic uggs are built of sheepskin material, and it causes the uggs to stretch over time. However, if the classic boot you are choosing is made from another material, then it would be wise to choose a half size smaller than your usual size.

Women’s Ugg Slippers

Ugg slippers are widely popular among women, and they are always in demand in both offline and online stores. Most old buyers know the fact, but as a first-time buyer, you should know that Ugg slippers generally run small.


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However it is Ansley, Dakota, and Coquette generally tend to be small in the Ugg slippers segment, so you should buy half or full size bigger than your usual size. So if you wear shoe size seven, then you should go for seven and a half or size eight.

Ugg Rain Boots


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Unsurprisingly, these Ugg boots run true to size, and it is mainly due to the rubber construction that doesn’t make the Uggs stretch.

These Ugg boots only come in full sizes making these Uggs fit wide feet without any hassle. Since Rain Ugg boots run to size, if you wear 5.5, then you should go for size six as they don’t offer half size.


Now, let’s check out some FAQs that you should go through as it will clear a lot of your confusion;

My UGGs Are Too Small – What to do?

If you have opted for sheepskin ugg boots, then it is probably a blessing in disguise to have a shoe too small for your feet. It is because Ugg boots made from sheepskin stretch over time, and it will ultimately give you a snug fit at the end.

However, if you have opted for boots made from other materials, then probably you have to go for a change, as shoes from other materials make the Ugg boots true to size.

My UGG Is Too Big. What Can I Do?

Generally, when your Ugg boots run big, you might go for replacement and opt for a half or full size smaller than your usual size to ensure a proper fitting.

Generally, Ugg doesn’t use materials that shrink; rather, they make use of material that stretches over time. Another thing you can do is wear thick socks as they make a little snugger and allow you to use them if you don’t find an option to change the shoe.

Do UGGs Fit Wide Feet?

Yes, Ugg boots fit wide feet. Since some of the Ugg boots run big so, even if you get snug-fitting, your wide feet would easily accommodate. If you go for shoes made from sheepskin, then you will feel comfortable in those shoes as they would stretch, thus giving room to your feet.

Do UGGs fit true to size?

In general, most Uggs run true to size as they are made from material that doesn’t stretch over time. Rain Ugg boots run true to size, and the inner won’t flatten to get molded to your room, so you will experience the same amount of space while you walk.

Do uggs run big or small for adults?

In general, Ugg boots offer sizes that you expect, but there are some specific products that run big and also small for adults. When you go for Ugg products that run big, then you should go for half size or full size smaller than your usual shoe size to get a perfect fitting.

However, if the shoes tend to be small, then you should go for half or full size bigger. You should remember that for wide feet, it is recommended to stick to half size increase or decrease.

How do I know my size in uggs?

If you have the measurement of your feet, you can check your preferred shoe size on the chart we have created for you. We have created Ugg boots size charts for everyone, so you won’t have any problem finding the right pair for yourself.

Do uggs run big in women?

In most segments in the women’s department, Ugg runs true to size, but in sleepers, it tends to be smaller. So we can safely say that Uggs don’t run big in the women ‘s department, although if it is made up of sheepskin, then there is a chance of big size.

Do uggs run big or small for toddlers?

Generally, Uggs provide boots for a toddler that are true to the expected size, so your kid won’t have a problem wearing them. However, if they have wide feet, then it would be best to go half size bigger to ensure a perfect fitting.

Do koolaburra uggs run big?

No, Koolaburra Uggs don’t run big, so you shouldn’t size down your size while buying Uggs boots as it will lead to a super snug fitting. Rather they run small, thus requiring you to go for a higher size than you usually wear.

Do neumel uggs run big?

Yes, Neumel Uggs run big, but you can’t certainly say it big as they run a little wider than other shoes in this segment. So if you have wide feet, then you can go for the usual size; otherwise, it would be recommended to go for a half size smaller than the size you wear.

Do children’s uggs run big?

According to market consensus and numerous customer reviews, Children’s Uggs often tend to run a size large, but this isn’t suitable for most cases. They generally run big by a small margin, and your children won’t topple or feel uncomfortable while walking if they don’t go for a small size.

Do bailey bow uggs run big?

Bailey bow Uggs for women-run very large, and it is always a smart idea to purchase full-size smaller Ugg boots. These boots are generally made using sheepskin, so they get big after days of usage.

Do classic uggs run big?

All the classic Uggs, whether they are of men or women, they generally run bigger than usual shoes. Since they are made out of sheepskin, the shoe stretches over time, so after some time, it will get large for your fee. So you need to go for half to one size smaller than the usual size.

How to Decide on Size?

The best way to decide on size is by tallying it with the current foot measurement. We have already created the chart, and you can use the chart to decide on the size you want. However, you should check whether a particular model runs big or small and then decide accordingly.

Will UGG boots stretch?

If the Ugg boots are made from sheepskin, then they will stretch over time. Sheepskin has a special construction where it stays in contracted mode during production, but once the user starts walking, it tends to stretch gradually, leading to a loose fit. However, if the Ugg boot is made from rubber, leather, or similar other material, then they won’t stretch, and the special bonding doesn’t allow a loosening effect.

What Size UGG Boots Should I Get?

The Ugg boots size you should get entirely depends upon your feet’ measurement. When you have your feet measured, you can use it to find the shoe size in the chart we have made for Ugg boots. We have included shoe sizes from all the regions; whether it is the US, UK, or Mexico, you will have all the usual sizes.

Can You Shrink UGG Boots?

There are many ways to shrink Ugg boots, and one of the easiest ways to do it is by using sheepskin insoles in the boot. Another thing you can do is apply vinegar inside, and it will cause the boot to shrink from inside.

Do UGG Boots Come in Half Sizes?

Not all the Ugg shoes come in half sizes, but most of the fashion and snow boots come in half sizes. You can go through the chart, and you will see half sizes in some of the segments.

 How Do You Reshape UGG Boots?

The smartest way to reshape your Ugg shoe is by filling them with butcher paper and allowing them to dry for some time. When you shape the paper according to your liking, it will cause the boot to shape accordingly. However, we would recommend you to avoid using any harmful chemicals as it could lead to the degradation of the shoe.

 Do UGGs slippers Stretch?

In general, Ugg slippers don’t stretch, but Ugg slippers in the women ‘s segment tend to run small. So the chance of your slipper stretching over time is almost nil, and you can go for the actual size you wear.