How to Clean White Vans Shoes – So They Look Like New

Everyone loves to own white vans and wishes to remain sparkling bright and clean as new pair of sneakers. White looks sophisticated and classy, but if you wear them daily, then It’s quite impossible to maintain their originality. I hope you’ll try some techniques and tricks to make them shine again. If you’re worried and don’t know how to make your vans superbly vivid, we are here for some gleaming tips. So, let us enjoy glowing vans together.
Clean White Vans Shoes
You have a stunning pair of vans, and you’re super excited to wear them daily and want them to look new. So, you can try a simple process of cleaning white vans at home and return their authentic glory. Remember, the following instructions are only for Canvas material vans. Also, remove your shoelaces if you have them because they can easily wash into the washing machine. So, move ahead to process one.


We all know that bleaching agents are used in removing dirt. Whether you’re applying bleach on your face, clothes, or shoes, it gives instant shine to everything. Moving towards the process:

  • 1.Mix 1/5 bleach and water. (one-part bleaching agent and five parts of water)
  • 2.With the help of any old teeth brush or any scrubber, dip into the solution and lightly rub on your shoes, especially on stained and dirty parts. 
  • 3.Take another cotton cloth, and rinse it smoothly.
  • 4.If the vans still look dull, repeat the whole process of scrubbing and rinsing. 
  • 5.Let it dry with any piece of cloth or towel and keep them in sunlight and let them air dry. 

Important tip: Always choose dye-free bleach. Other undiluted bleaches can cause a yellowish look to your white footwear. Try to put on old clothes because bleach has some risky substance and always try it in oxygenating place.

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Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda:

Hydrogen peroxide (H2o2) and Baking soda have adamant resistance against aggressive scuffed. Hydrogen Peroxide is well known for its bleaching agents, and baking soda is a natural source of foaming out stubborn stains. Take them both and follow the process below:

  • 1.Take 1 part of hydrogen peroxide and two parts of baking soda in any useless plastic bowl. (do not use any metal bowl because the mixture will be full of chemical properties)
  • 2.Take any old teeth brush or shoe brush, dip it into this composition.
  • 3.Apply it on your white vans and tenderly scrub it into round motions. Scrub it until you’re satisfied and all the dirt has vanished. 
  • 4.Apply the remaining mixture in a thick form.
  • 5.Let it dry in the sunlight.
  • 6.Now, smack them together and remove the hard surface of the applicative agent. 
  • 7.Rinse your sneakers with a wet and clean cloth.
  • 8.Let them dry in the open air under the sun. 

Washing Machine:

Wow! What a super effortless process it is. You can easily wash your white sneakers in the washing machine like you’re washing clothes without hassle.

  • 1.Remove excessive mud and dirt from your vans from the upside and downside. 
  • 2.If your shoes are extra dirty, then spray them off with bleach first and let them prepare for machine wash. 
  • 3.Put them into any useless white pillowcase or mesh bag. 
  • 4.Wash them on “standard” mode with a cold cycle. 
  • 5.Add a little washing powder, liquid, or plain baking soda with water. 
  • 6.Rinse them with tap water and put them into the sunlight for drying in natural air. 

Laundry Detergent or dishwasher:

  • 1.Take two cups of Luke warm water, add ¼ cup of detergent, and 2 to 3 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid.
  • 2.Mix them and make a perfect paste. 
  • 3.Dip any teeth brush or shoe cleaning brush into the blend and smoothly scrub over the sneakers thoroughly on the upper and sole.
  • 4.Repeat the process if necessary, until shine and rise. 
  • 5.Wipe it off with a clean wet towel or any soft cloth. 
  • 6.Stuff them out with a dry towel, paper, or cloth and let them dry in aerate place under direct sun.

Magic Eraser:

It is a commonly available hard surface sponge in markets. You have to use any powder or liquid agent with it. let the process begin:

  • 1.Open your magic eraser and then soak with water.
  • 2.First, scrub it over your shoes and must focus on dirty parts. 
  • 3.Add a little quantity of dishwasher or liquid for scuffed marks and scrub with a magic eraser. 
  • 4.Clean with a wet absorbing cloth and let it dry under direct sunlight. 

How can I clean my white leather Vans?

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There’s no space for grimy filthy shoes in the room, and when the shoes are white in colour and your favourite, you’ll find such techniques to get them clean instantly. Because white sneakers get dirty very quickly and a messy pair of shoes is enough to ruin your personality.

To make your white leather vans stain-free, neat, and clean, follow the process regularly without damaging the material. It’s pretty challenging but not impossible. At the same time, leather is considered more delicate than other materials. So, I always prefer to clean them by hand and never try to wash them in the washing machine. Also, you should avoid using bleaching agents like bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

Baking soda: (Leather deep clean method)

It’s one of the great natural ingredients used to melt away the dirt. And gives exclusive charm to your white leather vans without damaging the originality.

  • 1.Prepare a mixture of baking soda and water with the quantity of two parts of water and one-part baking soda. 
  • 2.Take a soft fiber or foam, dip into the mixture, and move slightly on your vans. Try to be a little hard on abrasive stains. 
  • 3.If you don’t get the desired results, then repeat the process.
  • 4.Rinse it with a soft wet cloth and let them dry on a warm surface. 

Necessary to know: Always choose soft fabric for leather, as toothbrushes or shoe brush bristles may leave some lasting scratches on leather. Once when your leather shoes are dry, use a leather conditioner on the surface to keep them away from dirt. Leather conditioner is a readily available market product used for shoes, jackets, furniture, and bags. Keep them moisturized for everlasting shine and protection.

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Nikwax: (A quick cleaning method)


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It is considered one of the best premium-quality waterproofing processes and rinses leather shoes. It is best to maintain the originality of leather shoes and specially produced for white leather vans. It removes dirt and marks and is also used to protect the leather from other blemishes. Its waterproofing feature prevents the leather vans from absorbing enough water and gives maximum protection to the material.

  • 1.First, remove all surface grime from the top, sides, and bottoms. 
  • 2.Take a soft fabric or brush to use Nikwax cleaning gel and gently spread it on your sneakers. 
  • 3.Once when the shoes are clean, apply a small amount of leather conditioner or waterproofing spray.
  • 4.Let them dry naturally for 24 hours.

Tips for Cleaning White Canvas Vans


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If you’re wearing your white canvas vans on a routine base and in thick and thin weather, regularly maintain your white leather vans. It is best to apply this coating repeatedly.

  • Do not place your leather vans directly into sunlight.
  • Do not spin and double rinse. 
  • Place a separate bowl of clean water and dip your scrubbing brush before applying the mixture again. It helps you deposit dirt back into the cleansing paste. 
  • Stuff paper, towel, or any newspaper into your vans so that they retain their authentic look while drying p. 

How To Clean Slip-On Vans?


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Are you thinking of machine washing your slip-on vans? Stop here! And choose the safest method of cleaning slip-on vans. With the help of a brush, remove excess dirt and smug. Use lukewarm detergent or liquid, dip a toothbrush or microfiber cloth, and clean your slip-on white vans’ upper, sides, and rubber sole. Be gentle towards cleaning the tough stains. Use a clean, soft, and damp cloth to wipe down the shoes and wash them well. Let them dry in the air.

How to clean white vans with Oxiclean?

Now turn your canvas keds as new as you’ve just bought them. Oxiclean is another natural and safest method to clean white vans. For the process, you need some tools and ingredients given below:

Equipment or tools for cleaning shoes:

  • One soft bristle brush
  • One bowl
  • Melamine sponge
  • One towel or paper for drying shoes.


  • Detergent or oxygen bleach (OxiClean)
  • Nail polish remover

Cleaning instructions:

Firstly, remove the shoelaces and insole before cleaning. Add one teaspoon of powdered oxygen bleach in a luke water tub and make a saturated solution. Brush away all loose dirt and soil with the help of a soft brush. Then, soak them out in the tub for 30minutes to 2 hours. If there’s any grease or sticky things on shoes, then use nail polish remover when washing them off with clean tap water. Rinse with the towel.

Important to know: let it dry in good air circulation. Do not soak them in OxiClean solution for more than 2 hours. Depends upon the dirt.

What You’ll Need [Ref:]

How to Clean White Suede Vans?


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Suede is natural leather and has fuzzy finishing. It is pretty thin and not durable enough. But throw following some precious tips and tricks, you can make them stain-free, supple, and long-lasting forever. There are multiple methods to remove dirt and stains from white suede vans. You’ll be quickly trying them at home.

For white suede vans, you need tools (including one microfiber cloth, one art gum eraser, one suede or soft bristle brush) and material such as (1 distilled white vinegar, one corn starch or any talcum powder, one melamine sponge, one paper towel)

Before starting the procedure, take off the loose dirt particles from suede vans, use cornstarch or talcum powder to remove any oil stains from the surface. Each time you wear your item, brush off the dirt with a soft brush.

Moreover, synthetic suede is considered to be a washable fabric. Often, it is written on the care label that the product is machine washable. So, you can wash them in the machine.

Blot stains from suede:

Suede absorbs oil and grease instantly. To blot the stains from suede vans:

  • 1.Take a soft clean piece of cloth and blot the moisture.
  • 2.Press the soft cloth to blot the moisture from the suede leather.
  • 3.Try this process repeatedly until complete cleaning.

Formulated spray:

The suede texture is like a garment. However, you can make it waterproofed while using readily available formulated sprays. Before applying sprays, test on the inside because some suede changes its color with these chemicals made products.

How to remove sticky stains from suede?

When you’re living in a house with kids, it is common that they often put stickers or sticky tape on your suede vans. Also, when you wear them outside, it might be possible that any gum-type material gets to stick with them. However, don’t be worried. There is a solution to any problem. So let us start the process:

  • If there’s something sticky on your white suede vans, begin to dampen them slightly with the help of any wet paper towel.
  • Use any corner of a blunt knife or a bank card edge. Lightly remove the scrape away. 
  • Let it dry completely.
  • Take an art gum eraser to remove the sticky thing when the surface gets dry. Please do not be harsh with your suede, and it takes time, so be patient. Keep on removing with light hands. 
  • When you get to know that there’s no stickiness left behind, then move towards the final step of using a nail filer and gently rub the space for the final touch. 

Tips to Keep Your White Vans Looking Great

White vans look classier and stylish and can be worn with 90% of your favorite outfits. But white vans have a problem as they look dirty with stains, and also the stain marks seem prominent. While having white sneakers, you must know some tips to maintain their brightness:

First, follow the simple home remedies for cleaning shoes at home given above in the article.

  • Brush them off regularly, and make it your habit. 
  • Instantly removes spots and wipe off stains as soon as possible. 
  • You can use a magic eraser daily to keep them maintained.
  • While cleaning them with any bleaching agents, must remove insole and laces before. 
  • Before starting any process, try to remove all kinds of dust with a brush. 
  • Always use a soft bristle brush.
  • You can wash your white vans in the washing machine, but keep on “gently cycling.”
  • Always choose the hand-wash method for your suede sneakers. 
  • Gently rub the surface, do not be harsh with your vans.
  • Do not apply harmful chemicals directly on your vans, as they can change the original color of the shoes. 
  • Do not over-wash your vans, and it may cause damage to the material and durability of the product.

Can I put my Vans in the washing machine?

Washing vans in the machine is the most effortless process. However, different types of vans have other cleaning procedures. So must check the cleaning instructions and care label before washing. Only canvas shoes and some suede leather shoes are allowed to wash in machines. Leather vans are prohibited from washing in machines.

Why did my white Vans turn yellow?

One primary reason for turning white into yellowish is “oxidization.” In some bleaching agents, such harmful chemicals react in this form. Also, after washing with these oxidants and putting them directly in the sun, the results come in yellow shoes. Another reason for becoming white to yellow is sweating and dirt strains which leaves their marks behind.

Can you clean Vans with toothpaste?

It is one of the ancient and working methods to clean white vans. Toothpaste is a thing that is readily available in everyone’s bathroom. It contains ingredients that are very helpful in removing tough stains. But remember, always use non-gel toothpaste on stains. Apply toothpaste on your vans with any old toothbrush and scrub to remove dirt. Leave it for 10 to 20 minutes and gently scrub again. Then wipe it away with an extra piece of cloth.

How to clean white vans with detergent?

Prepare a mixture of 2 cups of water and ¼ cup of laundry detergent. Dip your toothbrush into the mix and smoothly rub the vans from upside and soles. Then rinse it off with a clean cloth. And let it dry in the open air. Also, you can clean vans with detergent in your washing machine. The process is given above.

How to clean white vans with vinegar

Vinegar has cleaning properties, and it doubles when you mix it with baking soda. Prepare a paste-form of the mixture. Then apply with a toothbrush on whole vans. Leave it for some time and let it dry. Brush off the intricate pieces and then remove the remaining with a wet cloth.

How to clean white vans with the magic eraser?

You can easily clean your vans with a magic eraser. The whole process is described above. You can follow and make your vans like new again.

How do you clean ruined white Vans?

White vans turn dirty in minutes. If you do not take enough care of your vans, they ruin their selves and ruin your look as white shoes look chic and classy. Dirty white looks bad and ugly. So by following the steps above, you can get your sneakers white again as you just bought them.

How do I clean my white vans from inside?

Like outside, they were cleaning vans from inside is very necessary. You can clean them inside by following the process. Spread a spare towel or sheet on the floor. Mix a paste of light detergent powder and baking soda with a bit of water. Use an old toothbrush and apply the paste thoroughly. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes. Then take a wet cloth and wipe away. Let it dry in the open air. Please keep it away from direct sunlight.