Birkenstock Men & Women Size Chart – Finding & Adjustment Tips

How did you feel when you bought premier quality shoes, but you’re uncomfortable in them? Whether the footwear is with perfect detailing and design but still you’re not easy in them then what’s the reason? Yes! There’s an issue with sizing. If you buy a pair of shoes by spending hundreds of dollars, you are not happy because you get the wrong size shoe.
Birkenstock size chart
In the world of Birkenstock, only soft cushioning and comfort is not the main thing but the quality according to the concept of support and orthopedically proven. They believe in providing a firm grip and complete hold up for a perfect solid step towards a healthy lifestyle.

Birkenstock is not only given premium quality but also provides maximum arch support features, including a deep heel cup and a breathable toe area. So that you take every step towards success, and it automatically improves the balance while walking.

Structure of Birkenstocks:

Before moving ahead, we should understand the structure of Birkenstocks so that we will get the exact fit size according to our foot size. The whole system is divided into seven parts.

1. Footbed Edge:

It is a bit high in the sense of the safety measurements of toes.

2. Toe Bar:

Allows your toes to do natural rolling movement freely.

3. Cross Arch Support: 

It distributes the body weight from the middle towards the front.

4. Suede Leather Lining:

Suede lining is the healthiest lining around the foot, providing a healthy environment for feet.

5. Inner Outer Longitudinal Arch Support:

this part Provides excellent support and firm grip to the heels.

6. Deep Heel Cup:

It is mainly for the stability of the heel in perfect positioning and maintaining pressure.

7. Cork Latex Footbed:

Too much supple and gives a cloud under feet feeling.

How to Fit Birkenstocks – Fitting Instructions and Info

Measuring feet is quite a hectic task if you’re buying for the first time or shopping online. But don’t worry, we will guide you for the perfect fit of Birkenstocks so that you won’t feel any hesitation before placing an order. So, please read the whole instructions carefully and must follow them to get the ideal size.

Most of the Birkenstock articles are usually available in two width sizes. One is regular size, and the other one is narrow. Now, for knowing the exact measurements, start your sizing from the length of your foot.

  • Take a simple paper or a chart according to your foot size. Put your foot on the paper, ensuring that your foot is ideally in the middle of the page. Then, trace the outline of your foot with the help of any pencil. Take the measuring tape or scale, and convert your inches to the given sizing chart on the website.
  • For measuring the shoe size, use the millimetre measuring scale for this. It is very informational to know that each Birkenstock has its shoe size and millimetre size printed in the footbed. So that one can find the perfect pair of footwear easily for them. 

Birkenstock size chart women:

You can get the perfect Birkenstock size by adding 31 to the US women’s size. Also, the American Women’s width is equivalent to C-D, and the narrow width is A-B.

4 - 4.522.5 35
5 - 5.5 23.0 36
6 - 6.5 24.037
7 - 7.5 24.5 38
8 - 8.5 25.0 39
9 - 9.5 26.0 40
10 - 10.5 26.5 41
11 - 11.5 27.0 42
12 - 12.5 28.0 43
13 - 13.5 28.5 44

Birkenstock Size Chart Men

Birkenstock models are produced according to European sizes. So, don’t forget to measure your foot width according to the given conversion chart. You can get the exact Birkenstock size by adding 31 to your US women’s size and 33 to the US men’s size. Also, the American Men’s “Regular” foot width is equivalent to D-EE, and the “Narrow” width is equal is B-C.

5 - 5.5 24.5 38
6 - 6.5 25.0 39
7 - 7.5 26.0 40
8 - 8.5 26.5 41
9 - 9.5 27.0 42
10 - 10.5 28.0 43
11 - 11.5 28.5 44
12 - 12.5 29.0 45
13 - 13.5 30.0 46
14 - 14.5 30.5 47
15 - 15.5 31.0 48
16 - 16.532.049
17 - 17.5 32.5 50

Size chart for Kids

6 - 6.5 15.0 24
7 - 7.5 16.0 25
8 - 8.5 16.5 26
9 - 9.5 17.0 27
10 - 10.5 18.0 28
11 - 11.5 18.5 29
12 - 12.5 19.030
13 - 13.5 20.0 31
1 - 1.5 20.5 32
2 - 2.5 21.0 33
3 - 3.5 22.0 34
4 - 4.5 22.5 35
5 - 5.5 23.5 36
6 - 6.5 24.0 37

Important to know:

  • A perfect fit is essential. Birkenstock provides up to 1/4″ around the toes and arch support that fits your foot
  • Insert your larger foot’s heel into the heel cup.
  • Your foot should be able to fit inside the shoe’s boundaries with enough additional length (up to 1/4 inches) to allow for movement when walking.
  • The footbed’s contours should follow the shapes of your feet.
  • The raised arches may seem weird at first, but as the cork/latex footbed molds to your foot, the arches will become less noticeable.

birkenstock size chart men
When putting on sandals, make sure the strap closest to your toes is snug.

While walking, the other straps should enable your heel to elevate slightly off the footbed.

Standing on the footbed and inspecting the fit of shoes and clogs is a good idea. Remove the replaceable footbed from the shoe for shoes. The arches should match the curves of your feet, and the toes should not droop over the side. Place the footbed back into the shoe.

If the shoe or clog looks to be the correct length and width but feels “too wide” or “too small,” the issue is most likely due to the shoe’s structure rather than the size.

Most children’s feet are best suited to the “Narrow” widths.

Wider feet will benefit from the “Regular” sizes.

Birkenstock size chart cm;

If you’re still confused about the measurements, choose the “Metric” system for Birkenstocks sizing. Take a large measuring tape and start measuring from the inner side of the tip of the toe to the end of the heel. While measurements are as exact, make sure that you compare your outcome with the Birkenstock size chart.

(For Example) if your measuring size is 25.0, then according to Birkenstock European, it’s 39. Also, this process is considered as 99.9% correct.

Birkenstock size chart inches:

Usually, in measuring tapes, there are two options, one is inches, and another one is centimeters. So, if you count in inches and the sizing chart shows results in “cm”, then check your measuring tape. There’s also cm in the tape to convert them easily according to your foot size.

Birkenstock size chart Canada:

US size chart is also compatible with the customers in Canada because they have the same sizing options and choices.

Birkenstock size chart the UK:

UK sizes are pretty different from US sizing. You can differentiate while checking the given charts below. If your shoe size is 2.5 UK size, your Birkenstock size must be 35.


35 4-4.5 2.5 225
36 5-5.5 3.5 230
37 6-6.5 4.5 240
38 7-7.5 5 245
39 8-8.5 5.5 250
40 9-9.5 7 260
42 11-11.5 8 270
43 12-12.5 9 280


39 6-6.5 5.5 250
40 7-7.5 7 260
41 8-8.5 7.5 265
42 9-9.5 8 270
43 10-10.5 9 280
44 11-11.5 9.5 285
45 12-12.5 10.5 295
46 13-13.5 11.5 300
47 14-14.5 12 305
48 15-15.5 13 310
49 16-16.5 14 320
50 17-17.5 14.5 325


24 6-6.5 7 150
25 7-7.5 8 160
26 8-8.5 8.5 165
27 9-9.5 9 170
28 10-10.5 10 180
29 11-11.5 11 185
30 12-12.5 11.5 190
31 13-13.5 13 200
32 1-1.5 13.5 205
33 2-2.5 1 210
34 3-3.5 2 220

Birkenstock size chart Australia

If your residential country is Australia, then get your size chart as the EU. So, check accordingly.

Birkenstock size chart Malaysia:

It is suggested that Malaysian residents take a measurement before purchasing and match your size chart with the given EU chart.

How does Birkenstock size their shoes?

birkenstock size chart women
Birkenstock is a European country manufacturer, and the size chart is according to the EU. But make it quite simple for women by adding 31 numbers to their US size. If they have US size 4, their Birkenstock size would be 35. Similarly, it is suggested to add 33 numbers to their US size for men. If they have US 7, their Birkenstock size would be 40.

Why do Birkenstock shoes look wide?

Birkenstock footbed is a little iconic and designed to cure heel and foot patients. So, compared to other brands, Birkenstock shoes look wider because there is little space around toes, around feet and back to heel. So, they look wide due to their standard footbed and distinctive features.

What makes Birkenstock footwear so unique?

Birkenstock is not an introductory brand but ruling in the way of comfort for over two centuries. Birkenstock is very special due to its maximum comfort level, its material is incredible, catchy crafting and premium quality making include:

  • Suede
  • Nubucks
  • Non-leather upper
  • High-grade leather
  • Shock-absorbing soles
  • Amazingly contoured footbeds

All the above things make you feel in love with it.

Will Birkenstock footwear make my feet spread?

It is known that Birkenstock shoes have a natural foot shape, and they allow the toes to move freely with space. It is very crucial for feet functionality. Moreover, also very important to heal your pains. So, let them spread out and enjoy the comfort.

Do Birkenstocks run big or small?

In fact, Birkenstock shoes are not “run big”. After too much research, it is proven that Birkenstock shoes are run true to size and assumed that they are pretty fit. This logic is Birkenstock style, as there is little extra space of ¼ or 1/8 on the front side around toes and at the backside behind the heel. So, in some cases, if someone has 39 sizes but get fits into 40, it all depends upon styling and designing.

Is it better to size up or down in Birkenstocks?

It is pretty simple to determine your Birkenstock length. First, you should be aware of your feet length in classic footbed styles. Then, try some other unique footbed styles. After checking all, you’ll know which one is the exactly get into fit for your feet so that you can choose the nor size up or down is Birkenstock.

What size is 39 in Birkenstocks?

Birkenstock is a European manufacturer and offers foot scales accordingly. However, US women whose sizes are 8.5 to 9 and for men have 6 to 6.5 gets fit into 39 Birkenstock.

What size Birkenstock is a women’s 8?

Those women who have eight size footwear are suggested to buy 38 Birkenstock.

How do I know if my Birkenstocks are narrow or regular?

There are two types of widths available in Birkenstock. One is “Regular”, and the other is “narrow”. If you’re habitual in wearing narrow shoes before, you must choose narrow and if you want to move your toes in shoes, then select the other option. Also, there is a symbol printed on each article so that you can choose accordingly.

Regular shoe symbolizes as:

It is specially designed for wide and medium-sized feet. US Women’s width is around B-C+ and US men’s feet width is D-EE

Narrow Shoe symbolizes as:

It is specially made for narrow feet. Women in the US whose foot width is AA-B and US men whose width is C-D can choose this sizing.

What size is 260 in Birkenstock?

You can get to know size 260 in the given size chart above in mm. however, 260 is according to German size “40”, and in US dictionary it’s 9-9.5

What size Birkenstocks should I get in the UK?

There’s also a chart given above in the article. You’ll quickly get to know your UK size.

Should Birkenstocks hurt at first?

Birkenstock footwear is considered the comfiest shoe ever. Getting hurt for first-time use is that the cork footbed is quite sturdy and complex. So, when you wear them for the first time, it takes time to get used to them. Just walk around your house while wearing your Birkenstock and give some time to be habitual. Once when you get addicted to them, I bet that you’ll never choose any other shoes again. Some people have been wearing Birkenstock for over 50 years.

What is 245 on Birkenstock?

In mm245 is German size 38 and US 7-7.5

The bottom line:

apart from knowing everything, it was evident that Birkenstock shoes are something beyond your imagination. While wearing a pair of Birkenstocks, you’ll feel unique and custom made. Moreover, you can see your footprints on the cork. If you tried any other pair of shoes, you’d be uncomfortable after wearing Birkenstock. Now feel like a royal, and let’s treat your feet like a king.