How to clean UGG slippers?

UGG slippers might be the warmest and most comfortable slippers in the world. You may be wondering how to clean your UGGs slippers, though. The soft sheepskin texture provides a virtual embrace for your feet. The downside is that they’re a little difficult to care for. They come in a variety of styles for both men and women, as well as for kids. Because of the material, you can’t wash these in the washer. It is necessary to take a little extra care of these UGG slippers.

Just like us, you’ll put these on as soon as you get home from work. Also, it’s okay to wear these while traveling, like grocery shopping or going to the drugstore. They’re both fashionable and comfortable. What’s the harm? You can’t go wrong with some Care on a pair of slippers that are so well-worn.

The techniques and materials required for cleaning UGG slippers are easy to execute. Your slippers will last longer if you treat them this way. We’ll talk about the best way to keep your UGG slippers clean and nice while keeping their unique material. Let’s start!

How to clean UGG sheepskin slippers?

It’s up to you whether or not you wear your slippers outside the home. There’s no need to be judgmental here. It doesn’t matter if you put them in an enclosed area of your home. Even yet, you wish them to have a delicate, fresh appearance. It’s not that difficult when it comes to cleaning your UGG slippers. It won’t take long at all if you have the right products. Here are the steps you need to follow in cleaning your UGGs.

  • Use cold water to dampen the slippers.
  • When the clean sponge is moist, apply some Cleaner and Conditioner.
  • Wipe the whole slipper in a gentle manner. If you brush sheepskin too hard, you might damage its soft surface. So be careful!
  • Use cold water to clean it up nicely.
  • Let shoes dry out in the air. To dry cleaning, avoid placing them in direct sunshine or direct flame. To assist them in maintaining their shape, you can stuff the toe with wrapped newspaper, based on the design.
  • After they’ve dried, use the suede brush’s soft corner to brush the UGG slippers softly. Make sure that you only go in one direction.

There are six simple ideas. Your feet will be grateful when you put them back into your clean, plush slippers. We can all agree that wearing UGGs is like walking on blue skies. You want to preserve their power structure.

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What makes UGG Slippers special?

When its shoes gained popularity, the Australian company UGG became a global cultural icon. The rate of growth in the United States has been staggeringly rapid. People all over the country started arguing about them on the internet and in fashion forums. It became common for women to dress them up with skirts, and “basic” became a word that included UGGs. UGG boots, leggings, oversized sweaters, and a tasting latte have become iconic with the arrival of fall.

If you’re a fan of the UGG boot, you can’t blame anyone else. Wearing them is a breeze because they are comfortable, warm, and convenient to put on and take off. We’re definitely fans. When their slippers came out a couple of years later, they went viral as Christmas presents. If cared for properly, they are warm, pleasant, and long-lasting. Let’s take a closer look at their components before deciding what cleaning supplies we’ll need.

The materials used to make UGG slippers are:

  • Suede material on upper
  • It has sheepskin on the collar, lining, and bottom.
  • EVA outsole is a rubber-like material and ethylene and vinyl acetate mixture.
  • Polyester fibers that are 100% recycled are used to make the binding.

There are specific goods and methods needed for each of these types of materials, whether natural or synthetic. You can’t just clean your slippers with anything. Also, you must absolutely avoid soaking them in the water of any kind. These things don’t have to scare you. It’s not difficult to wash them, and the tools you need are readily available. Next, we’ll talk about how to maintain your UGG slippers soft and like new for as long as possible.

Why you need to waterproof UGG?

We all admire traditional UGG boots because of their suede construction. When water isn’t properly treated, it’s not pleasant to drink. They come with a pre-applied treatment before you buy a pair of UGG suede boots. But this treatment doesn’t make the shoe last forever.

Depending on the quality, a waterproofing spray might last from two months to eight months. There are various factors to consider when it comes to the care of your boots and slippers. Maintaining the slipper’s protective coating is essential for a longer lifespan.

We prefer to waterproof our clean UGG boots at the start of the fall season. So they’ll endure through the winter before being cleaned and kept in the summer months. There are many places online and in stores where you can buy waterproofing sprays. You can also buy a cleaning kit from the UGG website.

How Do You Get Stains Out of UGG Slippers?

How to remove accidental stains from your UGG shoes may rely much on the type of stain you’ve gotten. What kind of stain do you want to get rid of? And how to clean UGG slippers? We’ll take a look at the more frequent types of staining, starting with some examples. Also, what steps you should take to diminish them.

Water stains

It doesn’t matter if your UGG slippers are wet for any cause. It’s not a smart option to just leave them out to dry. If you do this, you may end up with strange streaks or water stains that may be hard to get rid of. Using a wet sponge or white towel is the best way to dry wet UGGs. It’s as simple as putting your sponge into a small bowl of cold water and wetting them equally. They shouldn’t be soaked, and you only need a small amount of water to do this. This easy step will prevent the watermarks that come from drying in direct sunlight or heat. Before putting them on a cool place, draft-free surface to finish dry cleaning.

Salt stains

Surely, you’ve seen photos of celebs wearing UGGs outside during the snow. Your only destination was the mailbox. As it turns out, your UGG slippers have gotten a touch salty in addition to being damp. Because of the ice melt, you didn’t notice that it was on your road-going. But you don’t need to worry, just move as quickly as you can.

It’s possible to utilize a similar approach to what we described before for the most part. You should proceed a little further when you get to the salt stains. One tablespoon of distilled white vinegar in an 8-ounce glass of chilled water should be enough. Replace the water in those areas with this solution. Vinegar’s acidity will slowly dissolve the salt, making it easier to remove from the shoe. Make sure you clean the stains again with plain water to ensure no stains are left when the slippers are dry.

Scuff marks

There are times when scuff marks are unavoidable. It is necessary to gently scrub them out of your UGGs slippers to eliminate them. The best thing to do is buy a UGG sheepskin cleaner kit from UGGs that comes with the proper brush. It is possible to use an old soft toothbrush if this isn’t possible. Using a clean, suede brush, remove the scuff from the sheepskin along the line of its peak.

Oil and grease stain

A lot of oil stains are hard to get rid of. However, removing them from UGGs slippers is often possible with a bit of cornstarch and time. Apply cornstarch to a fresh stain and let it for 24 to 48 hours. When the required amount of time has elapsed, the cornstarch should have absorbed the oil. If you carefully wipe it off, the stain should be gone or, at the very least, much less visible.

How to remove dirt and mud from UGGs?

Fortunately, the mud you stepped into was less muddy than you’d feared. Don’t worry, and it’s not hard to get the mud off your UGG boots.

What you need to have:

  • Suede brush
  • Soft sponge
  • Pencil eraser
  • Warm Water
  • Suede cleaner

Cleaning Steps:

  • Allow the mud to dry – Allowing any soaking wet muck to dry completely can make cleaning a lot easier.
  • Remove as much as you can with a brush – You should use the suede brush to remove any dirt left on the surface after cleaning gently. If you want to avoid ruining the nap, gently brush in one direction only.
  • Use the pencil eraser to get rid of tough stains – You can use the eraser to get rid of matte or glossy stains that won’t go away.
  • Simply clean them – Using water, gently rub or wipe the discolored spots to loosen the nap and allow them to dry cleaning.
  • Use a cleaner for suede – Dot your sponge with a small amount of cleaning solution and use a circular motion to gently rub the spot away.
  • Let it dry naturally – Irrespective of how big or tiny the damaged area is. It’s preferable to let clean your UGG slippers air dry rather than put them in a dryer.

Can I put my UGG slippers in the washing machine?

A washing machine is the last place where you should ever put your UGG slippers. If you do this, you will not only destroy the outsoles, but you will also get water in the insoles and ruin them as well. Do you know what else you shouldn’t do? You can take them to a regular dry cleaner to have them cleaned. There are people who know how to clean sheepskin and suede. However, you’ll have to search for them and pay them. They may be your only option when it comes to badly discolored UGGs slippers.

How do I dry UGGs slippers?

If your UGG slippers become wet, you can use water or a specialized UGG cleaner to clean them. Then leave them to air dry in a well ventilated area. No matter how careful you are, never leave them near the fire or any other source of direct heat. There is no need to put them in a tumble dryer. Also, avoid exposing them to direct sunshine when drying them. Fill your UGGs slippers with white paper for a more stable drying process. Avoid using colored or newsprint paper because the inks can bleed and ruin your pricey shoes.

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How to clean inside your UGG?

After cleaning the outside, it’s time to clean the inside of UGG slippers. With or without socks, depending on how you choose to wear them. When you sweat, the interior of your footwear can get oily and fastly become a breeding ground for bacteria. The interior of your UGGs is just as important as the outside when it comes to keeping your feet odor-free and free of foot pain. Here are simple and easy tips for keeping your boot’s interior clean.

What you need to have:

  • Baking soda
  • Cool water
  • Clean microfiber cloth
  • Gentle liquid soap
  • Soft toothbrushes

Cleaning Steps:

Sanitize your shoes

You can use baking soda to freshen up stale footwear. After allowing it to cool completely, pour it out before beginning to clean.

Soak a washcloth in water, then apply soap.

Rather than mixing a soap and water solution, you should wet the microfiber cloth first. Then put a bar of soap on the edge. By doing it this way, you put the soap right on the smudge.

Scrub the fleece gently.

When necessary, apply pressure. You only need to clean moderate stains with a toothbrush and water gently. It’s possible that you’ll have to work a little more if your hands have a really tough stain.

When necessary, use a toothbrush.

If you’re trying to get rid of a stain that just won’t go away, you might want to use a soft toothbrush.

Clean up

Start by rinsing and wringing out your damp cloth well. Wet it as much as you need to before taking the soap out of the boot.

Allow airing dry

It’s always preferable to let your UGGs air dry in order to maintain their cozy feel.

How can I keep clean UGG slippers?

Excellent question! It’s a good thing your slippers have suede because there is a special waterproof coating for them. Your handy cleaning kit contains a UGG Protector, which is a pleasant surprise. When you use this product after you’ve cleaned your slippers, it’ll help them last longer. Moreover, you can go long periods without washing them. There are no downsides here! It’s easy to use the protective cleaning spray.

Before you spray the protectant on, make sure the slippers are clean and dry.

If you’re in an outside area, keep the bottle away from your pajamas. Each slipper should be damp but not completely submerged, so equally protectant spray each one.

Just use the suede brush’s soft corner to brush dry slippers in one direction. This will make your slippers look like they did when you first bought them.

Make sure your slippers are in top shape by following these simple instructions. If you’re dealing with sheepskin or suede, a protective sealant is essential. These natural materials can get water spots and stains if they aren’t sealed properly.

It is quite impossible to remove water stains that have become infected. You can do this by using the cleaning and protection actions outlined above. You will take care of the money you spent on your UGGs.

How not to clean your UGG boots?

Because sheepskin is a delicate material, slippers and boots made with UGG’s famous sheepskin need extra care. You should never use specific cleaning methods. If you break any of these restrictions, you will lose the fur’s distinctive softness and destroy the fabric. These things are why you spent so much money on your UGG slippers. The last thing we want to do is have that go down the drain due to some sloppy cleaning techniques.

You shouldn’t clean your UGG slippers in only two particular ways:

  • You should not wash and dry them on a washer or dryer.
  • Get them cleaned at a dry cleaner.

It would be a pain to drive to the dry cleaners and leave them off. This may not be a big deal for you, but it is such a tedious task. But, the desire to use the washer and dryer is natural. Initially, you’ll assume it’s fine to wash them in the washing machine even if you’re using the gentle cycle. Please don’t! It’s possible that you’ll destroy the suede and the sheepskin by letting the glue come undone. It’s not hard or takes a long time to clean them. They should have a proper cleaning done to them. It will be a big help to your UGG slippers.


When we first introduced you to UGG slippers, we assured you that cleaning them would be straightforward. We were being completely honest. You can maintain your UGG slippers looking and feeling like new by purchasing a cleaning kit package. That is specifically designed for UGGs and its trademark material.

Now that we know what to expect, we can relax and enjoy them to the most extent possible. The enormous puddle you ran into while wearing them to the grocery shop didn’t help at all. If you followed the above instructions for cleaning and protecting them. There is a good chance they haven’t deteriorated much and are fit for your next trip.

The popularity of UGGs won’t go down anytime soon. Be sure to wear your comfy slippers with your pajamas and active wear as much as possible. Of course, it’s fine to put them on with a formal gown if you like!