Top 11 Best Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet – An In-depth Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best soccer cleats for wide feet? Then, you are in the right place. We have seen players brew magic with their feet throughout the football.

While playing other games, you might be able to decide on your shoes as quickly as you can choose running boots. When searching for the best soccer cleats for wide feet, you can’t decide impulsively. Buying soccer cleats without prior research can be a considerable risk you might not want to take.

Having a bit wider foot than ordinary soccer people, you will immediately feel aches and pain and regret if you purchase soccer cleats that don’t fit.

It’s straightforward to find what fits you nowadays because numerous brands design the best soccer shoes for specific feet variations. Keep reading if you search for the best soccer cleats for wide feet.

Top 11 Best Soccer Cleats For Wide Feet

Adidas Copa Mundial Firm Soccer Cleats


Adidas Copa Mundial Firm Soccer Cleats are budget-friendly but still are fit and comfortable for wide feet. The cleats come with a timeless shape known for the Adidas brand. The design is ideal for players with wide feet as the wide football shoes are designed intentionally with this in mind.

The Adidas Copa Mundial Firm Soccer Cleats are designed of kangaroo leather, versatile and durable. Their design material makes them worth buying if your new football cleats seem to fit a bit too snug on your foot during the match.

In addition, the soccer cleats might feel a bit tight at first, but once you have worn them, the leather will stretch to easily fit. The Copa Mundial soccer cleats are designed from molded studs. They will operate on the grounds that are dry and hard. They will also be ideal for natural grounds. Besides, their outsole is designed from a dual-density direct-injected polyurethane that will keep players’ feet fully dry.

Furthermore, the cleat’s stud design is conical with molded studs, which you will expect from most soccer cleats.


  • Adidas Copa Mundial soccer cleat’s outsole is designed from dual-density direct-injected polyurethane.
  • They come with molded studs.
  • They are the ideal choice for hard and dry fields.
  • Made of 100% leather.
  • Soccer cleats are soft and durable synthetic lining.
  • Super comfortable for wide feet
  • Made of kangaroo leather
  • Durable
  • Soft upper
  • Budget-friendly
  • The tongue can be a little tiresome

PUMA Men’s Future 2.3 NETFIT


The PUMA Men’s netfit comes with netfit technology with a synthetic upper and a spandex ankle sock. Its netfit technology operates as a functional closure system permitting customizable lacing and fit. Its spandex ankle sock provides an excellent fit around the ankle. The flexible and weightless hybrid outsole lets players play on complex natural grounds.

Besides, its upper is mesh, which is fully covered by a netting’s second layer. As a result, you get a thin, perforated material, which, similar to a goal net, is very flexible and ideal for wide feet.

In addition, PUMA is the world’s well-known brand that fortunately fuses influences from lifestyle, games, and fashion. PUMA’s famous market perspective offers unanticipated sport-lifestyle footwear through attractive designs and technological innovations.


  • PUMA Men’s Future Soccer Cleats are a perfect fit for wide feet.
  • They come with great super light and are well ventilated.
  • They also combine netfit upper technology alongside a synthetic upper.
  • Their netfit technology operates as a functional closure system that allows customizable lacing and fit.
  • Future soccer cleat’s spandex ankle socks provide a caring fit around the feet.
  • They include a lightweight and durable hybrid outsole that enables players to play on hard grounds.
  • Excellent soccer cleats for multiple surfaces
  • Great price
  • Very top quality
  • Sizing is way off

PUMA Men’s Future Z 3.1 Soccer Cleats


The well-known PUMA Men’s future Z takes your unpredictability playing skills to the next level. Future Z soccer cleat is designed around the FUZIONFIT adaptive midfoot compression band, covering your foot to give unparalleled fit. Besides, the advantages of FUZIONFIT are backed up by a versatile Dynamic Motion System outsole. The system is made to transfer your energy directly to the pitch with higher-level traction for multidirectional movements.

In addition, its soft and supple upper offers a great feel on the ball and touch. It also comes with strategically located studs to provide more excellent traction on the field. It features a braided support system with a soft surface to enhance the comfort of your foot.

Overall, PUMA Men’s Future Z is a growing and dynamic cleat for people who own the sport with their aim, skills, and match-changing moves.


  • PUMA future soccer cleats aim at taking your exceptional skills to the next level.
  • It is built around the FUZIONFIT adaptive midfoot compression band.
  • Its soft and supple upper gives an excellent feel on the ball and touch.
  • It comes with strategically located studs to improve your movements and offer maximum traction on the field.
  • Besides, PUMA’s future soccer cleats feature an excellent support system with a highly flexible surface to optimize peace to your feet.
  • No cons

New Balance Men’s 442 Team Firm Ground V1 Soccer Shoe


This is another well-designed sturdy wide, feet soccer cleat designed by New Balance. This is specifically suited for defenders and midfielders. The New Balance Men’s 442 is a combination of refinement and engineering. It comes with a premium kangaroo leather vamp and player touch that remarkably offers superior fit and comfort.

These soccer cleats come with a leather upper. They are also ideal for firm ground due to their newly designed rubber sole and cylindrical spikes. The leather upper is excellent for wide feet because it will provide fit and comfort to your feet.


  • New Balance Men’s 442 comes with molded and adjustable Ortholite insert for plush underfoot cushioning and comfort.
  • It features a perforated synthetic PU collar and premium kangaroo leather vamp for optimal ball and touch.
  • The soles are fully compatible with wide feet.
  • Its back cushions offer exceptional speed and avoid serious injury.
  • In addition, its conical studs offer complete traction.
  • The folding blades are adjustable and perfectly designed, adding to the overall versatility and durability.
  • Ideal for solid facilities.
  • New Balance Men’s 442 makes soccer cleats, particularly for wider feet.
  • The leather upper is the perfect option for wide feet.
  • Excellent boots for people with wide feet
  • Ideal pair for wide feet
  • So soft
  • Perfect fit, wide feet, comfortable
  • Not meant for wet weather

LEOCI Soccer Shoes For Men and Women


At number 5 is the LEOCI Soccer Cleats For Men and Women. These soccer cleats are exceptional if you are fed up with sweaty feet. They come with a breathable insole that permits sweat to drain and makes sure you stay comfortable and dry during sports, even in warm conditions.

In addition, the best thing about this insole is the reality that it’s easily adjustable. The turf football cleats simply to clean boots upper and sole. The indoor/outdoor soccer cleats are designed from enjoyable synthetic leather upper wraps for your feet in a close fit.

Moreover, these men’s and women’s soccer cleats affordable sole studs made anti-skid more wear-resistant. These soccer cleats come with a pu collar that offers extra support. Their innovative plate offers immediate responsiveness for quicker cuts at high speeds.


  • LEOCI Soccer Shoes are effortless to clean shoes upper and sole.
  • The soccer cleats are designed from comfortable synthetic leather upper that wraps your foot in a perfect fit.
  • They come with a pu collar that offers extra support.
  • Their innovative plate gives instant responsiveness.
  • They are a perfect fit and comfort for wide feet.
  • It’s highly comfortable, mainly when you play indoors.
  • However, the soft soccer cleats still work well on wet grass turf.
  • Soft
  • Excellent quality product
  • Nice shoe, great price
  • For the price, it’s perfect shoes
  • Fit and quality are excellent
  • Way too big
  • A little bit tight

Brooman Kids Firm Ground Soccer Cleats Boys Girls Athletic Outdoor Football Shoes


The Brooman Kids Firm Ground Soccer Cleats will solve players’ poor ball control and stability issues. Its upper textured shape makes friendly ball control. Besides, the removable and durable hook and loop closure prevent players from binding the lace and permitting them to fit the foot accurately.

Moreover, these soccer cleats feature rubber molded cleats with a rotational configuration that offers stability and grip. Their soft padded tongue can fit players’ instep perfectly and minimizes foot friction.

The soccer cleats use a four-color gradient upper design, which is attractive and friendly. The shape of the straps makes the cleats fit different feet better. Additionally, the studs at the lower part of the cleats can permit kids to have super fast speed, more durability, and stability.

Furthermore, the synthetic leather upper provides peace and excellent stability. In addition, the round-toed upper permits kids to save their feet when playing.


  • Brooman Kids Firm Soccer Cleats are specifically designed for youngsters and Kids to enjoy playing football.
  • The football ground is an opportunity for kids to enjoy, and football shoes are an indispensable part of kid games.
  • The soccer cleats use a four-color gradient upper design.
  • Their design of straps makes the soccer cleats fit wide feet better.
  • Ideal for wide feet
  • Great cleats and durable at a reasonable price
  • Perfect soccer cleats for young children
  • Top-quality, well-fitting
  • So bright
  • Love the velcro
  • No support and narrow


PUMA Men’s King Platinum Fg/Ag Sneaker


A new modern puma king is born, the most lightweight soccer cleat ever. The soccer cleat is a replica of Adidas Copa as a cult classic. Once you wear PUMA’S Men’s king platinum, you will not want to wear anything else.

This product is a development of the original model. The kangaroo leather upper substance of these soccer cleats aligns with the basics. It will accept the most comprehensive feet in existence.

Moreover, it has really soft leather, which seems similar to premium soccer cleats. It offers a perfect fit and perfect touch on the ball. This is one of the best leather soccer cleats out there.

The soccer cleats fit like a glove, and the grip on natural grass is fantastic. They are also entirely comfortable, lightweight, and durable.


  • Lightweight and excellent ball feel.
  • The upper fits beautifully, and the leather will stretch with more play.
  • These are very easy and fast break-ins.
  • They are water-resistant and feature a synthetic lining to keep your foot warm.
  • Moreover, the hook-and-loop closure shape makes them straightforward to take on and off.
  • They also come with a TPU sole and rubber to offer superior ball control on any firm field.
  • They are highly lightweight and offer exceptional comfort when players move with high-speed control.
  • Best leather boots on the market
  • Fantastic shoes
  • Great cleats
  • Great fit
  • Affordable price
  • Studs get stuck comfortably

Adidas Men’s Copa 18.3 Fg Soccer Shoe


The Adidas Copa 18.3 is another excellent budget-friendly soccer cleat for wide feet. A wide range of players has praised the cleat’s ability to offer a perfect ball touch. It is also praised for its overall capabilities, which are exceptionally lightweight and soft. All these features for an affordable price.

Moreover, It is backed up by a cow leather vamp; the material brings softness and peace to its people. This Adidas Copa is an excellent option if you are a classical style lover and a player concerned about cost. You are satisfied with comfort and performance as you run around with the soccer.

In addition, the Adidas Copa soccer cleat’s upper construction consists of cow leather which is famous for its softness. A fold-over tongue looks after the air of classic design evocative of the Adidas collection. Its central lacing system aims to offer a more personalized fit. Besides, the heel counter is produced with a foam-based material which boosts the cleat’s comfort and performance.


  • The Adidas Men’s Copa 18.3 is 100% synthetic.
  • It comes with adjustable lacing.
  • It also features a super-thin Speedmesh upper with a low-cut Clawcollar.
  • It includes an ultralight speed frame outsole.
  • The K-leather provides a soft touch on the ball, and the lacing method helps amazingly with complete control.
  • They are pretty lightweight. The stud pattern offers maximum traction.
  • Good leather boots
  • Excellent quality for cheaper
  • Great cleat
  • Beautiful colors
  • Unique cleat for the middle school soccer
  • Need to provide wide width

Adidas Predator Freak .3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe Men’s


The Adidas .3 provides you the best of both worlds: leather upper with a mesh tongue. You buy a flexible, form-fitting cleat that is done for large feet with a lightweight design. This makes these wide soccer cleats much more agile than other leather options_ best for wingers and attackers. Additionally, the mesh is more breathable than having a complete leather tongue, so your larger feet will be thanking you. The tongue construction helps you prevent your feet from slipping around in the wide soccer cleats. The upper has soft inlays to prevent your foot from hard tackles. A specifically constructed foam heel cup also gives support when landing or turning fastly.

The extra padding does affect your ball control a bit. But the embossed ridges on the upper give a large, uninterrupted striking surface, best for edge-of-the-box curlers and long-range shots.


  • These shoes have an adaptable lacing system.
  • The upper cover is super thin with a low-cut claw collar.
  • These shoes have an ultralight speed frame outsole.
  • Arrowhead forefoot studs combined with round heel studs.
  • The cleats are available in football blue, solar yellow, and core black color.
  • The dual materials in this cleat mean you won’t be paying as much as you would for complete leather soccer shoes.
  • The material used in it is leather which makes shoes more agile than others.
  • Accurate price
  • Great for shooting
  • Fits nicely with tongue shape making adjustment straightforward.
  • Perfect agility for a leather cleat
  • The Upper is on the thicker side.

Diadora Kids Cattura MD Jr Shoes Outdoor/Indoor Cleats


Diadora is known for making wide soccer cleats. The Diadora are  Firm-ground soccer cleats for kids. These are a good choice for kids who have wide feet. They feature a breathable insole that permits sweat to ditch without letting water in.

The upper covering is soft polyurethane with a padded, brushed nylon ankle collar lining. The insole is made with fixed cotton and shock-absorbing EVA foam. The molded rubber outsole gives 14 studs to lessen pressure points on the young player’s feet. Bars are placed slightly wider separately in the heel area to improve stability.

The sizes range is 8C to 10C for most petite, 10.5 to 3 for smaller kids 3.5 to 6.5 for a big kid. These are very comfortable and combat a 10-year-old so far. These are perfect for kids with wide and thick feet.


  • The upper is soft with polyurethane with a padded, brushed nylon ankle collar lining.
  • The insole is shock absorbing.
  • The insole of cleats is made of fixed cotton.
  • These cleats are available in three different colors neon pink, neon yellow, and white.
  • The outer sole gives 14 studs to lessen pressure points on the young player’s feet.
  • These are perfect for kids who have wide feet.
  • These are very comfortable.
  • They are reasonably durable for 6 and 7 years.
  • Good price
  • Very comfortable shoes
  • Best for 10 years old, kids
  • Perfect for wide feet
  • Sizing unreliable
  • Needs different Lace material

Hawkwell Kids Boy Girls Outdoor Soccer Cleats


The Hawkwelloutdoor soccer cleats are specially designed to provide your boy, girl, and kid the firm grip and control he requires when playing on hard ground. It is made from durable and flexible substances, perfect for wider feet. Plus, it is available in different beautiful colors to make it entertaining and straightforward to find what you are searching for.

Hawkwelloutdoor soccer cleats feature cushioned insole and fabric lining for added comfort. It also comes with TPU molded cleats with rotational configuration. The synthetic textured upper for excellent ball-handling and maximum durability and reliability. Hence, perfect soccer cleats for kids.


  • The good cleat fits well and is nice-looking without the massive price tag.
  • It is an excellent affordable option for kids since their feet grow daily.
  • It also comes with a rubber outsole and rugged traction, perfect for dry natural grass.
  • Features synthetic polygons surface for durable and versatile use.
  • The soft padded collar accurately fits around the ankle.
  • TPU molded cleats with rotational traction configuration.
  • Good Shoe for the price
  • Perfect size and comfortable soccer cleats
  • Perfect fit and attractive
  • Brightest cleats on the field
  • Perfect fit even with wide feet
  • Perfect size
  • Easy scuffed

How To Choose The Best Soccer Boots For Wide Feet? Buying Guide!

Stretchy Material

Each soccer player requires a pair of boots that don’t just change to your feet but also adjust accurately without losing effectiveness or stiffness. Most upper cleats are made using synthetic material or natural and authentic leather.

But leather is more expensive than the synthetic options, especially the kangaroo leather variable in soccer cleats. Recently, synthetic materials are also combined with technology to assume the quality and elasticity of genuine leather.


Mostly wide feet soccer players tend to hold on to their oldest cleats, fearing that they won’t discover the best one. In addition, even you might fall in love with your new pair. So, it’s best to opt for one that can resist the assaults of regular usage. It is good to look for one that will last you for a long time, even if that needs you to plus a few extra dollars to the budget.


The outsole is a significantly important feature of the best soccer cleats. It is the key to the best performance of the players when they are playing on the field. The outsole at the bottom of the covered soccer shoe is attached. Before, they were connected with a screw, but now they have come with an alternative design that makes it easy to use and stable.

Right Brand

Different brands have various methods of making the best soccer cleats. Some companies are much more wide-foot friendly. The best brands continuously use the best technologies to produce the best pair of cleats.

Nike, Adidas, and Puma are the leading brands in the soccer shoe industry. Other brands like Asics, Diadora, Joma, Lotto, Mizuno, New Balance, and Umbro are also brands. Still, these are perfect for newer players or someone looking to spend less on wide soccer cleats.


Just a few soccer has come that are made from leather today. The reason is that leather boots aren’t as flexible as synthetic materials boots. So, if you will achieve adjustable soccer cleats, you must understand their synthetic materials.


How To Clean Soccer Cleats?

Take a soft-bristled brush and swab the cleats with soapy water. Wipe away any residual soap with a wet cloth before cleaning the bottoms. Don’t use hot water because it can damage leather cleats.

How To Break In Soccer Cleats?

Because different types of cleats are made for other surfaces. Like firm ground rainfall.

Select the correct size. Get your feet wet. Lace-up, socks and all, and dip your feet in hot water for 20 minutes. Apply the petroleum jelly. Dry them out right now.

How To Shrink Soccer Cleats?

Try a method such as wetting your boots with water or heating them with a hairdryer before walking around to shink out.

Are Nike Soccer Cleats Good For Wide Feet?

Nike shoes run a half size smaller than Adidas. So, you should buy a size up when purchasing Nike shoes.

What Are The Different Parts Of A Soccer Cleat?

The insole and the heel counter are the essential parts of the soccer cleats. The front part is also known as the Vamp, while the last provides the cleat of the desired shape and size.

Does Your Playing Position Matter When Choosing Soccer Cleats?

Yes, playing position matters when selecting the soccer cleats. If your cleats are not comfortable, you will find it hard to do.

Why Are Soccer Cleats So Narrow?

Mostly soccer cleats are just available in one width and are made to be more narrow to keep your feet from slipping.

Which Adidas Soccer Cleats Are Best For Wide Feet?

Adidas Copa is suitable for wide feet. It has a thicker kangaroo leather with a shield-like feature.

Final Thoughts

It is tough to find the right cleats, especially if you have wide feet. With so many brands and types out on the market, it can be quite a troublesome task searching for the perfect pair.

Before you go away to buy your pair, ensure you know what size is to look for, as this will secure time and lay down a benchmark as to what your new pair may feel like. The prices of cleats are pretty high, but having addressed a few cheaper alternatives.

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