Are Converse Good For Lifting? – Explained

Are converse good for lifting? You may have heard of Converse Chuck Taylor, also known as “chucks”. These are among the most popular shoes on the planet and that is not only because of the style statement you can make in them but also because they are a great footwear option for when you are squatting or lifting weights.

An Introduction to Converse

Wondering why powerlifters opt for wearing converse shoes? The converse is great for powerlifting because they are flat sole shoes with a raised heel and some of the designs have high ankle support.

You may not know this but the flat soles help lifters feel more grounded and improve their balance.

The shoes reduce their overall range of motion during deadlifts giving your ankles the support and stability they need under the weight and pressure.

Most weightlifting shoes require the ankle to be closer to the ground when you lift weights. With less cushioning converse shoes you feet are closer to the ground.

Are converse good for lifting

Converse shoes are easily the best shoes for powerlifting. This article will explain the different reasons why powerlifters need a fresh pair of Chuck Taylors to get the best foot support.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars have been around since 1917 and have retained their unique style. They are some of the most durable and long-lasting, converse shoes out there. They were designed initially for basketball players but they quickly became a novelty in the powerlifting world too.

Now they are the world’s most widely accepted powerlifting shoe brand and design available on any shoe website and shoe stores around the world.

Converse Good For Lifting

Why do powerlifters wear converse shoes

It is true! A lot of powerlifters wear converse shoes.

Converse shoes are used by powerlifters and runners alike because they provide much-needed balance when lifting something heavy which wearing shoes that are not Converse doesn’t guarantee. These are fantastic lifting shoes, known for their support.

Converse Good For Lifting


The sole of these lifting shoes connects you to the ground easily making it easy for you to lift weights off the ground. You will find lifting weights so much easier wearing shoes that are Converse shoes.

The fact that there aren’t that many inches on their thick rubber soles but their cushioning is still adequate, is the reason why people can wear these shoes for intensive workouts such as lifting weights. Converse provides cushioning to your feet without restricting any leg movements which happens with other running and workout shoes that have too much cushion.

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Another reason why so many people prefer wearing converse as gym shoes is that they are fairly inexpensive. These shoes are considered professional powerlifting and weightlifting shoes but you can easily purchase a pair for about $50-60. This is quite reasonable.

These shoes are also high-quality shoes considering the price margin. The affordability and quality of converse are unparalleled especially in the world of branded shoes and sneakers.


When buying shoes you may be tempted to purchase something cheap, but the quality and reliability of the shoe are what you should have your eye on.

There are many super expensive shoe brands out there and there are poor quality inexpensive options too. And neither offers the durability and reliability that Converse offers.

You can put these shoes through hell and they won’t even budge.


Converse are fairly easy to find because they are so popular. You can easily purchase a pair today on the internet. You can find affordable prices, sizes, colors, and more.

The free shipping and return policy are amazing. There’s never any hassle associated with Converse.

These shoes are the definition of cool and casual.


Did you know that the majority of the shoes have curved soles that provide support to your feet? The thing that sets sneakers apart from all other shoes is that the shoes are flatter.

This makes them ideal for running, walking, lifting, etc.

The flat soles provide support when you are deadlifting, squatting, and more. These shoes are a practical choice for powerlifting but also causal usage.


Converse provides support to the ankle and high tops because they are flatter than other types of shoes. Converse also tend to light as they are made of canvas. This makes them great in the gym.

You can exercise with these shoes on to ensure your feet are supported and protected.


The flat soles help improve posture, which is also crucial for muscle alignment. If you are looking for shoes in the right shape to get you into the gym. These running shoes are your best bet.

They are great for casual wear too.

Converse Good For Lifting

Why should Deadlifters buy Converse shoes?

Bring you Closer to the Ground

As we have already mentioned in this article before, the thin soles are ideal for lifting purposes. The flat, thin sole makes it easy for weightlifters to balance themselves. The shoes don’t have a great deal of cushioning and that is a huge advantage for lifting.

You can make a great deal of progress with Converse shoes by training solo and not risking any injuries.

You will feel that you can easily bring the weight back up and straighten your body when bending and squatting.

These are ideal running shoes as well.

You can easily find a pair of Converse shoes

Getting professional shoes can be difficult depending on where you live. You don’t want to risk your physical health by purchasing copies of weightlifting shoes because they may not adhere to the same quality standards despite being quite similar to the product visually.

It is the quality of the product that makes all the difference.

You can find a great pair of converse shoes for lifting online and across different stores. The Converse shoes is an established brand and has made quality running shoes for over a century.

The reputation for delivering excellence is also something to consider. The Converse is the type of shoe you don’t have to think so much about. The mark of approval is a given be it as running shoes or weightlifting shoes.

They look great!

The Converse shoes design as weightlifting shoes is unique and timeless. You can recognize it anywhere even if you are not a shoe fanatic and recognize the flat sole. They look great on your feet while protecting your posture and influencing your flexibility and strength a great more than normal shoes.

These weightlifting shoes are unisex so you don’t have to go to a shoe store and wonder if they have the right weightlifting shoes for men or women.

You know exactly what weightlifting shoes to buy!

Comfortable Converse Shoes!

Flat shoes with a notable flat sole made for weight lifting.

Chuck Taylors, Chuck Taylors, some more Chuck Taylors and that’s that.

Oh and did I mention, Chuck Taylors?