Are Converse Good for Lifting – Are They Really a Good Choice?

When you are at the gym, you must have come across many gym-goers who lift weights while wearing Converse shoes. You must have been confused by thinking why some would wear Converse or Chucks when there are tons of shoes dedicated for lifting purposes. Wearing flat sneakers may seem like an unconventional choice in the first place, but you will be surprised to know that many lifters consider it the best choice for squatting and deadlifting.

Although there are tons of impressive shoes for lifting, many lifters still consider them because of the high ankle support and a supportive flat sole. The high ankle gives the lifter the required stability, while the flat sole reduces motion and enhances the balance. If you are someone who is entering the world of lifting and want to know more about Converse as a lifting shoe, check out our guide.

Let’s discuss why many powerlifters prefer to converse over other lifting shoes;

Why Are Converse Popular Gym Shoes?

When you think of purchasing a Converse or Chuck for the gym, a question might cross your mind ‘why are converse popular gym shoes .’Well, there is no definite story of how Converse became a popular gym shoe, but the rise of powerlifting and strength sports made it an obvious choice. For many years, powerlifters have been actively using Converse, so it gradually grabbed the eyes of many, and nowadays, a large number of people prefer to wear Converse while working out in the gym.

Many elite powerlifters prefer to wear Converse as they offer significant support, which comes really useful when you are lifting heavy weights, and you need your ankle to stabilize. Moreover, Converse offers shoes with a highly stable sole and flat heel-to-toe drop with minimalistic insoles, which assist the lifters in connecting properly with the floor.

Thus, seeing the benefits of this footwear, many powerlifters started using it, and gradually it became a trend as many followed the elite. Lifters were able to use heavy weights during squats and deadlifts as they had adequate stability and floor push. Importantly the flat heel to toe drop helped many beginners to push their limit and maximize their deadlift potential.

In the initial time, there weren’t many options for lifting like today, so inevitably Converse became a go-to choice for many. Although nowadays, many people are opting for dedicated shoes for lifting, the popularity of Converse hasn’t faded.

Still, a large number of gym-goers prefer to wear these shoes as they are supportive and give you a cool outlook. Converse shoes are more affordable and easily available than dedicated lifting shoes, so it is a convenient choice for many.

To hold on to the popularity among lifters, the manufacturer has recently enhanced the comfort factor of the shoe by engineering the insole construction. They are also coming up with new designs and limited editions so that gym-goers can use them as gym wear and also as streetwear.

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Why Do People Wear Converse to the Gym?

In today’s world, where there are many specialized shoes for the gym, Converse still serves as a popular choice for many. There are some reasons associated with the shoe that compels many people to choose Converse over others. So let’s check out what these are;

  • Protect Your Feet- You may not realize it in the first place, but many experienced and elite lifters have confirmed the fact that Converse does protect your feet. It connects your feet to the ground properly and prevents them from sliding. Since the feet play a huge role in maintaining posture and stability during lifting, so it becomes necessary to have a stable shoe. Converse are lightweight and anti-slip, so it holds up your overall form and prevents you from any kind of injury.
  • Chucks Have Flat Soles- During weightlifting and deadlifting, you need a flat sole for proper support, and that is where Chucks come in. These shoes come with a 0mm sole made from high-quality rubber, so it allows you to push efficiently off the ground during lifting. The shoes also come with specialized treads, which help lifters to have stable footing while doing reps with a heavyweight.
  • Converse Are Cheap- As you know, weightlifting shoes have always been an expensive purchase, and not everyone can afford them. Converse, on the other hand, is cheap, and you can easily buy a good pair at an affordable rate. Despite being cheap, the quality and styling of these shoes are incredible, and they can last for a long time without showing much degradation. The best part is they come in all price ranges so you can easily get one according to your requirement.
  • Established Brand- Converse is an international brand that has its presence all over the world, and it falls under Nike. This brand has been present in the market since 1908, and they have been making high-quality and up-trend shoes for more than 100 years. From the beginning, they haven’t compromised on the quality, and they have always engineered their shoes with modern features.
  • You Are Closer To The Ground- As you know, Converse is always known for its flat bottom soles, which keep you closer to the ground. Having your feet closer to the ground while lifting weights gives you a lot of advantages and also gives you the stability needed. Moreover, it assists you in lifting heavy weights, which you can do with shoes with thick soles.
  • Chucks’ Soles Have Less Cushion- Cushion is a bad thing when it comes to deadlifts and squats because you will push off the sole with your leg, not the ground. Although cushions give you comfort while lifting, Chuck’s sole help you establish a more direct connection with the ground, thus allowing you to have more stability and lifting capacity.
  • Converse are Easy to Find- From local footwear stores to online e-commerce sites, you can easily find your desired Converse shoe with ease. The best part is that they are available in a wide variety, and the manufacturer is always coming up with new designs at every interval. So whenever you need a pair, you can easily get them quickly. In contrast to powerlifting shoes, you won’t easily get everywhere as they are quite expensive and come in limited options.
  • Chucks Are Just Comfortable- Despite having a flat sole, you will be surprised by the comfort it has on offer. Although you can compare the comfort factor with other footwear, they are far more comfortable than any dedicated weightlifting shoe available on the market. The high ankle provides support to the leg and makes it comfortable on your feet.

Is Converse Good for Deadlifts?

The converse may not serve as the most conventional choice for deadlift, but they do serve as a good choice when it comes to lifting heavyweights. The high arch support and 0mm heel to toe drop make it easy for lifters to go for heavyweight while having proper support of the floor and great stability. The soles have specialized treads that stabilize while you are lifting heavyweight and also make sure you can do lifting on any surface.

Is Converse Good for Squats?

Like the deadlift, Converse is a great choice when it comes to squats, especially if you prefer doing squats with zero drops. Whether you are a beginner or semi-pro, doing squats with heavyweight won’t be a problem for you because you will have the proper stability and traction needed in gyms.

The minimalist sole will let you push off the floor easily, while the high ankle will ensure proper support while you do squats. However, Converse is suitable for lifters who have ankle mobility while hitting proper depth in the squats.

Should you ever weightlift in non-flat shoes?

It is always recommended to not to use non-flat shoes while lifting heavyweight because you would be pushing off the floor; instead, you will be pushing off the sole. So not only will you lack stability, but you won’t get the support needed as you won’t get the direct support of the floor.

Rigid sole serves as the best option when you are doing squats and deadlifts because they will let you drive into the floor. The most important part is that you can channel your whole power into lifting rather than stabilizing your foot or worrying about support.

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Things to Consider before Investing in Shoes For Weightlifting

There are many things that come into consideration when investing in weightlifting shoes. Solid base, heel support, ankle support, improved mobility, proper safety, and easiness are the main things to consider when investing.

You should also consider the purpose and price if you are doing it for casual use, as they come with an expensive price tag. However, once you invest in those shoes, you won’t have to look for others, and you will be using them for many years without worrying about crumbling soles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Converse is good for lifting?

Chuck Taylor All-star models from Converse serve as the ideal choice for lifting, and it is mainly due to the flat yet comfortable sole. Not to forget the high-top design, which gives your foot the needed arch support. However, you will also find low-top options that also offer decent arch support to your feet.

Why Converse for lifting?

The main reason converse serves as a popular choice when it comes to lifting is the 0mm heel to toe drop that allows lifters to channel their whole power to the weight. The sole construction and slip-resistance are simply brilliant, which allows lifters to lift the weight on any surface and that too without worrying about slippage.

Can I run in converse?

Yes, it is possible to run in Converse, but it is not recommended to use it as a dedicated running shoe on tracks. They serve as excellent casual shoe and weightlifting shoe, but it lacks the heel found in a quality running shoe.

Final Thought

Is converse good for lifting? It absolutely serves as a great choice for weightlifters to use Converse shoes for weightlifting due to the flat heel stability and arch support. Not only does it assist in heavy weightlifting, but it also assists you in focusing on the workout rather than worrying about the floor.