Do Timberlands Run Big, Small, or Fit to Size? – Read This Before You Buy

Do you recognize other brands more than Timberlands?

Absolutely No! Right! No other footwear can give a convenience strategy like Timberland pro. New replications may be a part but it never gives a compromise when compared with any other brands in shoes. With its super stitching, ideal colors, and stylish look, it just goes for a long-last hit.

Perfect wear should protect your feet and support you for a long time. Classic Timberland boots are the ones that stood on one track to run or walk on uneven surfaces. To satisfy your needs, it has various choices, colors, and fits exclusively. Just give a guess! What makes it more popular among footwear lovers? Maybe! There are a few possibilities such as soles are durable, upper protective layer, supportive and stylish too!

You may work as a factory person or worker in a construction environment or a person who hikes often. Timberland shoes are the perfect partner for all your professional job. Apart from this, many of them search for an answer to the question “Do Timberlands run big, small, or fit to size?” The size gets differed based on the style you choose!

Subject: For most of them, Timberland runs big. Some shoes in Timberland won’t have wider widths. So, people with wide feet width may find it difficult to wear tightened Timberland shoes. They need to go for a bigger half a size.

Here, we have come across a few pieces of information about Timberland pro to make your work easier. Judge our reviews and make your choice better!

How do Timberland boots fit?

Your chaos starts from here! Rather than buying casual boots with some features like style and color, toe box, they want to fit correctly right! If not! You need to return them if the heavy-duty boots don’t fit you. Do you think your seller will buy it back from you? I don’t think so! Never take risks in your shoes. Extra tough boots may give you foot problems like pain in the foot and injury in the ankles. Suitably hiking boots, pit boss boots, or heavy-duty rubber soles boots!

Let us try out different questions! Buying boots that are very consistent sizing is a better choice!

• Are timberland boots run big?
• Is Timberland boots true to size?
• Which Timberland boots sizing suits me?
• Will true to size fit me?

Overall! We have only one answer to all your listed questions. Your fitting requirement is predicted based on fit security and snugness. Buying timberlands tight fit may create more problems like discomfort, high blood pressure, and toughness to walk on uneven surfaces. Mostly 63 to 72% of people don’t know to identify their size and so, they have chosen the incorrect size timberland boots. Check whether the foot bone sits correctly or not!

Timberland Men's Sneakers

Timberland Men’s Size Guide [Men’s size chart]:

Timberland founded the edge point of creating waterproof coating safety boots. Later, they found using it for industrial purposes too! Just think! It’s a boom in construction working people in those days. The safety boots have saved many lives from electric hazards and unknown risks. After a few years, Timberland pro has taken its next step to bring footwear for kids, women, and men. Perfect boots protect your foot harder and heavier too. When you compare Timberland mt with other brands, you will find the difference that timberland’s fit bigger than other products.

So, now cross-check your timberland boots sizing on the chart mentioned below. Timberland offers charts for kids, men, and women of all sizes. There is a little conversion of timberland boots sizing in countries like Europe, the UK, and the US.

Timberland Women’s Size Guide  [Women’s size chart]:

Here’s a deal! You know well that men and women won’t have the same size. But, you cannot predict your two feet in the same size. Want to know why? Yes! The left side is a little bigger than the right side. For instance, if your left size the foot is 46 and the right one will be 45.5. So, it is not possible to choose 46 for the left and 45.5 for the right. You need to choose the best fit for long-lasting walks and comfort. We have given women foot size chart for your reference:

Timberland Garrison Trail Low Medium Grey Mesh/Black

Timberland Kids Size Guide [Kid’s size chart]:

In one word, you can say as a kid but it features all other tiny ages like an infant, toddler, youth, and junior. The timberland boots sizing chart is available for all the kids. Look below for your reference:

How to measure the size of your feet for Timberland boots?

The mode of responsibility to choose the size is depend on two. As I said, Timberland has given its chart for your reference. Now, it’s your turn right! You need to check the correct size of your footwear before buying the timberland shoe. Usually, you measure the size alone but in the case of work boots, the measurement must start from heel to toe in cm.

Now, take a white paper, tape, ruler, and pencil:

Step 1: Use the scotch tape to stick the paper to the wall in front.

Step 2: Don’t forget to put a sock on your feet. You can see the difference in size between wearing the thickest socks and wearing socks.

Step 3: Place your feet straight against the wall on paper.

Step 4: Trace the foot from the heel to the toe. You can trace or just mark the point from heel to toe.

Step 5: Measure the points marked using the ruler

Step 6: Do the same step for another foot.

Note: Just informing you again! Your left and right side of the foot to get differs.

How do timberland work boots fit?

It is essential to know the correct timberland’s fit of Timberland boots. Better to get snug but not a tight one. We suggest avoiding wearing the exact size because it may get tighten your feet harder than you expect. Later, it may lead to discomfort, ankle problem, swollen feet, and pain in the foot bone. At first, you may feel a little tight to wear but after two or three wear it may get soft and stretchable too! Just admire the heaviness and hard-wear to know the endurance of Timberland. You will never go for any average shoes once if you like More than the usual size, choose half a size smaller in Timberland.

Do timberlands run big women’s? How do women’s Timberland boots fit?

For women, the selection of footwear tastes differs among them. We cannot judge the way women love their footwear based on style, color, and comfort. Some would like and some may not! Women love to wear Timberland boots because they look excellent in wearing stylish work boots right! You would love to wear traditional yellow wheat boots or black boots color. Whether it’s a T-shirt or jeans, Timberland’s fit right for you!

Timberland knows the women’s feet size varies from one to another. Based on US standards, women’s feet size gets fit from 5 to 11. There is no possibility that your friend’s foot size fits you. So, take your measurement without fail before buying timberland women’s boots. Or else, it would be wrong sizing to you!

Here’s a step for measuring the women’s foot size:

Step 1: Place white paper on the ground. Wear the socks before tracing the size.

Step 2: Now, place your right foot on the paper and start tracing the foot accurately.

Step 3: Mark the width and length of the foot on the paper

Step 4: Draw lines on the length and width to measure the size

Step 5: Subtract 3/16th inch from length and width

Step 6: Note down the measurement and do the same for the left foot

Do timberlands run big for toddlers?

For toddlers, you will get true to size in Timberlands. It’s not easy to track the size of tiny feet. They keep on growing for days, months, and years. You will feel difficult to identify their size in one month and for the next month the size increases. So, pick true-to-size Timberlands for toddlers.

Are Timberland boots comfortable?

Most timberland boots are popular for the comfort feel you get by wearing their work boots. To reduce fatigue on foot, more styles are accompanied by suspension technology. It makes balances the body as well as gives excellent arch support. Another important thing is the presence of dual-density technology which absorbs the moisture in the feet. Ensures to provide comfort to the maximum. Easy-to-clean timberland boots run true in size! Use a suede brush to loose dirt easily!

Tips for Finding the Right Size of Timberland Boots:

We have shared with you some steps to measure the size. Apart from that, there are minor things that you should consider while tracing the size.

  • Measure both the right and left foot. You should not expect both have the same foot size.
  • Just take your older boots for safety purposes. It might help you to get size easily.
  • Keep thinking about the events you do with the boots. You have a difference between hiking boots, pit boss boots, and snowshoeing boots. So, based on the activity choose the boot or shoes for your requirement.
  • Do toenail clip often so that it won’t affect the size.
  • Do not assume the size by yourself. Don’t judge the measurement you took last year and buy it for this year.



How to break in Timberland boots?

To get super-comfy in Timberlands, you need to break in it. Put on thicker socks and walk around the house so that the full-grain leather, cattle leather, or nubuck leather will get stretched. To make leather soft, just do sole flex forth and back by holding the boots in hand. On the heel particular pain points, do a shoe massage using the leather conditioner. So, just by breaking in the Timberland boots you will get comfy and fit properly.

Which Timberland Boots Run True to Size?

More boots in Timberland run bigger. Timberland boots waterproof have 6” which run bigger as well as series of Earthkeeper runs bigger size more than true to size. Try preferring waterproof boots to get a fuller size in boots.

Do timberland Chelsea boots run big?

No! Timberland Chelsea boots are designed to be true to size in nature. You can find it easily among the other styles. For maximum comfort, the panels give a fit perfectly closure to the sides. Never forget to wear thick socks when you buy Chelsea boots. It may affect the size later. For men, it may size up to 5 to 15, and for women 5 to 11.

What Size Timberlands should I get?

When compared with the timberland average shoe, Timberland runs a little bigger. It is heavy and hard-wearing too! Compare the charts of Timberland and then buy lifelong boots a half size bigger than the normal one. Apart from this, timberland work boots size is chosen based on the style you look. Some work boots are small or big or fit to the correct size.

Do Timberlands Break-in?

Yes! At starting, you might feel Timberlands are tight to wear. But, you can make the full-grain leather or nubuck leather soft and stretchable just by walking around the house. The material used in timberland is leather 100% which you want to break in for feet shape adjustment and stretch. The break-in method determines the ability of comfort and fits you expect from strong quadruple row nylon.

Do Timberland boots run narrow?

Maybe! Some used to say that timberland comes in the true size option. But, it may come with narrow sections and is tough for people who have wide feet.

Are Timberland boots unisex?

For both men and women, the priority is style. Timberland has proposed unisex boots that are the same for men and women. Lesser bumpy soles and narrow shoes are the characteristics of women. So, unisex boots are a popular trend.


We know you were in such a worry! By now, your insight on Timberland’s size is wear-resistant. We cannot differentiate the answer to the question “Do timberland run big or small or fit?”. The answer is Yes and No! Yes both the answers are suitable for all the fashion crowd. You can see more styles, sizes, and fit in Timberland. Some used to fit correctly and some may not! Get your return policy and then try the Timberland boot size with assurance. Use the break-in method if you find the timberlands are tight to use.