Can You Ride a Horse In Timberland Boots? – Expert’s Advice

Timberland boots are quite fancy and we have all wondered at one point or another if we can ride a horse in them? Would they be comfortable or a little too rough to go on a horseback riding trip?

What to wear horseback riding?

Wondering if you can ride a horse wearing timberland boots is a reasonable question. Do these shoe provide protection? Are there other brands you should check out? Are they made from leather? Wear can I get a good pair?

All you questions about these riding boots are answered. Many people ride a horse wearing timberland boots and do so comfortably. The only thing you should keep in mind is the occasional getting stuck in the saddle which is likely if you wear the timberland boots that come with a heel.

Wearing Timberland Boots- the best riding boot?

To be safe, and never sorry, we do recommend buying a pair of horse riding boots. But yes, those tend to be costly and if you are not someone who goes riding a lot, riding boots might be an unnecessary expense. You need good pair of cowboy boots with a good sole, a good grip, are comfortable enough to walk and ride in, and won’t get stuck in the saddle.

Some people might say to that the riding boot ensures proper safety, but in my opinion, any leather boots with a good sole (having a good grip) could get the job done, and be se to buy that if they even fit comfortably in your saddle.

Here’s what you need to know about Timberland boots.

Ride a Horse In Timberland Boots

Are Timberland boots suitable For Horse Riding?

Here are some of the reasons why you can consider Timberland leather boots as a great horse riding fit.


Timberland boots are great riding boots. They have a compact design that protects your feet from anything that could injure it. Even if your horse steps on you, which is otherwise very painful, you won’t feel a thing. This is because the riding boots are made from a thick material that extends its protection from the heel to the ankles and toes.

Increased grip

Another great thing about these shoes is the grip which you will need when riding. Timberland boots provide you excellent grip especially when you horse riding. The shoes come with a firm grip at the end and you can improve your grip with the heel of the shoe when riding a horse.


The best thing about when you wear Timberlands boots is that they are waterproof. You will encounter the splash or two when riding and there is nothing more annoying than soaked up shoes when you have a long way to go but not if you wear Timberlands boots. Here’s what you should consider! The Timberland shoes are your waterproof saviors on any riding. And you are golden!


Ride a Horse In Timberland Boots

The reason why most people buy Timberland boots is for their stunning old town design and their camel, grey and black coloring. The design is exactly as you would want to wear hiking boots your riding outfit and sit on your favorite stallion. The shoes are a dream come true and to own them is to own a collector’s item. Nothing less.

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Are Timberland boots made for horse riding?

You might be wondering if Timberland boots are exactly the horse riding type of shoe or are just smitten by the design. Here’s my honest opinion on the matter. Yes, they are great for horse riding and so long as you buy the ones that are longer and provide ample protection to your legs, you have nothing to worry about.

There are longer and shorter versions of Timberland boots in the market. We recommend buying the longer dress boots for added protection. Dress boots are usually longer and have durable leather to add a protection layer to your outfit. We also recommend wearing some thick leggings when you wear boots. Horse riding is not for the faint of heart!

Are Tall Boots appropriate For Horse back Riding?

There are many reasons why you should wear tall boots for horse riding. First of all, the tall boots we see on horse riders are not the same as the tall heeled boots we see on models that are designed solely for fashion purposes. Horse riding boots are physically and functionally different with rubber soles, high heels and ankle support.

That being said, professional boots for horseback riding are tall provide you protection so that you don’t hurt your legs.

Ride a Horse In Timberland Boots

Are Cowboy Boots appropriate for Horse back Riding?

There’s much we can borrow from the equestrian world. Cowboys were seen riding horses, weren’t they? As it so happens, cowboy boots are great for riding horses. They are not as tall as long horse back riding boots but they will do. And you will look great wearing them. There are many designs and colors available so you can easily find cowboy shoes that fit your aesthetic.

Western-style boots are suitable for horse riding because they were made for this purpose. They are the original horseback riding shoes. And if you can get an authentic pair, then that is your best bet.

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Are Hiking Boots appropriate for Horse back Riding?

Hiking boots are designed to withstand rough terrains, are waterproof, and provide a great deal of protection to your feet. Keeping that in mind, they are not ideal for horse back riding but hiking boots can be used. If you cannot find the right pair of horse back riding boots or want something that works for both horse back riding and hiking then buy shoes that have some space between the toe and the ankle and are not entirely flat.

Should I wear Horse Riding Long Boots Or The Normal Ones for horseback riding?

The quality of the shoes is the determinant of this question. Of Course, we recommend horse riding long boots. They are made for this. But we also don’t condone normal long boots either provided they are in good condition and provide you ample protection and grip such as Timberland boots when horseback riding.

We also want you to consider that horseback riding is not a breeze and you can damage your long boots significantly. They won’t be able to take it like professional horseback riding boots and you can lose a perfectly good, costly pair of normal long boots to an ordeal they were not designed for.