How to Clean Hey Dude Shoes – Step By Step Guide

Cleaning is most important for keeping your hey dude shoes fresh and new. If you clean your shoes properly it will not only satisfy your feet but also keeps you in great comfort.

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If you really want that the cushioned sole proficiency keeps your feet dry by absorbing sweat and making them perfect for you then use the prescribed way for their cleaning and washing.

These shoes need proper attention and treatment for removing stains and dirt on them after regular use. Hey Dude shoes are extremely desirable to fulfill your innate appetite for adventures but only if you keep dirt and debris away from them.

Dust-free, unstained, and unspotted shoes can live for a long time as compared to ugly and dirty shoes.

Materials Used By Hey Dude Shoes

Cleaning and washing is highly depends upon manufactured material of Hey dude shoes. These shoes are made up of 100 percent environmental waste.

Environmental wastes firstly get recycled like plastic water bottles and cotton materials and then mold into desired shoes shapes and styles. After recycling the material become more durable, soft, and usable. But Environmental waste after recycling needs extra care otherwise no gains.

Hey Dude shoes are made up of various types of materials.

Commonly used materials are:

  • Cotton
  • Canvas
  • Textile
  • Memory foam

Insole made up of memory foam. The outsole is soft canvas and inner cotton lining. Hey dude shoes are constructed with 95% polyester and 5 % elastane.

You need to avoid heat while cleaning and washing polyester constructed shoes.

How to clean hey dudes step by step

Cleaning of hey dude’s shoes is quite tricky. You need to clean and wash them carefully otherwise they’ll get expired soon.

Accessories’ needs while cleaning

  • Cold water
  • Detergent
  • Tooth brush with a soft bristle
  • Cleaning brush
  • Bucket or bowl


  • Firstly Remove the laces and insoles and clean them separately.
  • Clean the shoes with a small soft brush and remove the dust
  • Take some cold water in the bowl and add detergent or dish wash
  • Soak the shoes, laces, and insoles in it
  • Rub the shoes inside the water until they get cleaned
  • Leave them into dry air or under indirect sunlight for drying
  • Another side, you can also use a wet piece of cloth to clean them
  • Simply remove dirt by wiping the shoes with a wet cloth and then leaving them for air drying.
  • You can also use a washing machine for proper and effective cleaning

Hey dudes washing instructions

After excessive wearing hey shoes can become dirty and ugly so you need to wash them properly time after time. Wash your shoes properly, they’ll be away from damaging and bleaching of insole and outside fabric.

Follow these steps for desirable results.

  • Firstly remove the laces and insole, because while washing laces can get tangled and memory foam will be disrepair.
  • Now put some water along with liquid detergent.
  • Avoid using powdered detergent, it may cause displeasure
  • Set the washing machine cycle on delicate or light washing. Always use cold water for washing hey dude shoes. Warm water can cause shrinkage or any other damage to shoes.
  • Dry your shoes outside the drying machine otherwise they’ll get damaged. Also, avoid drying under direct sunlight.

How to clean hey dude shoe insoles

Insoles are playing a vital role in providing your feet with proper comfort and warmth. Hey dude shoe insoles are made up of 100 % recycled material so they need proper care and cleaning.

Scrubbed method

  • Remove the insoles from the shoes. Most of the insoles are interchangeable and removable.
  • Insoles are scrubbed with soap and water to remove all the dust and debris.
  • Put some detergent into the water and soak the insole in it for some time. Then scrub it with any soft brush, it will vanish everything from the insoles. 

Disinfection Method

The second method is the disinfection method.

  • Simply use vinegar and water in equal proportion and dip insole in this solution for three hours.
  • Wash with clean water, all the germs will get destroyed.

Alcohol cleaning

In this method, take an equal proportion of water and alcohol in a bottle. Shake it well for making true sprays solution.

  • Remove your insole from shoes and spray this solution on them.
  • After a few seconds, alcohol will evaporate and water behind left. 
  • Dry those insoles in the air don’t put them in direct sunlight. 

Tips on How to Reduce Shoe Odor

Hey dude shoes are made up of breathable material so they hardly give odor. Most of the time, you get bad shoe odor due to your feet’ odor secretions.

  • For reducing shoe odor you can use various types of shoe deodorizers.
  • You can also use some good odor powders on your feet to avoid shoe stinky odor.
  • Baking soda is also one of the good options to reduce shoe odor.
  • Keep your feet as completely dry as possible while wearing, this will also reduce odor.

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Deodorizing is also an activity for reducing or removing bad odor from shoes. In this smell removing activity we use some spray chemicals that evaporate all the smell.

This is also called dry cleaning.

Taking Care of Hey Dude Shoes – step by step

As it’s mentioned earlier, hey dude shoes are constructed with recycled material completely. So they need much care while wearing, washing, and storing.

  • If we talk about their laces, tie them carefully; lose them from both sides first then pull equally and put a knot. This will save your time and avoid any complexity in the previous tighten knot.
  • While cleaning, remove the insoles and laces and wash or clean them separately. If you wash insoles with shoes, it may harm the memory foam.
  • Wash the insole at delicate or light washing cycle
  • Hand wash is the best
  • Always use cold and clean water for their washing
  • If you are using chemicals for disinfection then they should not be destructive for any of the shoe-constructed materials. 
  • Use liquid detergent to avoid any irritation in your feet
  • Do not dry them in direct sunlight
  • After wearing their whole day, put them in a ventilated place
  • Use delicate or soft brushes for cleaning or removing dust.

Follow all the above instructions for long-term usage.


1: How to clean hey dude shoes by hand?

You can clean stains and dirt by hand using simple techniques. Mix a little detergent in cold water in a bowl. Remove the laces and removable insoles from the shoes. You need a soft brush to scrub the stains and to remove the dirt. Dip the brush in the solution and scrub the shoes. Now wipe them with a soft and clean cloth. In the end, air dries the shoes for some time by keeping them in an open ventilated area.

In case of hand cleaning, don’t wet your shoes. You just need to use a moist brush and of cloth. Don’t put hey dudes in direct sunlight to avoid damage.

2: How to wash hey dude shoes in a washing machine?

You can clean your hey dudes by washing in a machine. You just need to follow these instructions.

The laces and insoles of your shoes can be entangled and damaged in a machine. To avoid this damage, first of all, remove the laces and insoles of hey dudes. Now add a little liquid detergent to the cold water of the machine. Keep in mind that powdered detergent can irritate the shoes. As your hey dudes are lightweight and made of soft cotton material, so set your washer on a delicate washer. After washing your hey dudes put them in a ventilated area to dry overnight.

3: Can you dry hey dude shoes?

You can dry your hey dude shoes but you cannot use a dryer for this purpose. A dryer can damage the soft cotton material and dye of your hey dudes, so avoid using a dryer. Put your shoes in an open ventilated area to dry overnight. Don’t put them in direct sunlight, as it can damage the pigmentation and texture of your hey dudes.

4: Are hey dudes machine washable?

Yes, your hey dudes are machine washable. If your hey dudes are slightly stained, you need to clean them superficially by using your hands but if you have hard stains on your hey dudes and you need to clean them heavily, you can put them in a machine. After adding liquid detergent, set the washer for delicate washing as your hey dudes are made of soft material and strong washing can damage them. Use only liquid detergent and avoid using powdered detergent.

5: Can I put my hey dudes in the washed?

Yes, you can put your shoes in a washer but you need to follow some instructions. As you know that hey dudes are made of lightweight and soft cotton material, so you should set your machine on a delicate washer. Moreover, use cold water in your washer because cold water can avoid shrinkage and keep your shoes from subsiding.

6: Can hey dudes be washed?

Yes, you can wash your hey dudes both by hand or by using the machine. First of all, remove the laces and removable insoles and eliminate all the surface dust and dirt. Clap the soles together to remove the dust and debris. In the case of hand washing, use a soft bristle brush for scrubbing, as the hard bristles can damage the upper. In the case of a washing machine, use a gentle washer for better results, as the strong washer can damage the soft fabric of your hey dudes.

7: Can you put hey dudes in the dryer?

No, you cannot put your hey dudes in the dryer. A dryer will change the shape of your hey dudes. The heat of the dryer will badly affect the glue of your shoes. Keep them in an open ventilated area and use a gentle light to dry them. Keep them out of direct sunlight.

8: How to deodorize hey dude shoes?

If your hey dudes are smelly and you need to remove this smell, there are two ways to apply. The first option is baking soda to neutralize the odor. Don’t put baking soda directly but use a bag for this purpose. Put one or two tablespoons of baking soda in a bag with the insoles. After some time all the smell will be gone. Now wipe these insoles with a soft cloth. The second option is tea bags. Put some tea bags in your hey dudes. These tea bags will absorb all the aroma.