Why Are Crocs So Expensive? Things You Should Know

Crocs are becoming rapidly popular among shoe lovers. People love them for their comfort, reliability, durability, ease to take and off, and easy maintenance. Crocs come with a stylish design and attractive shape. Most shoe lovers like them for their unique designs.

Now the question is why Crocs are so expensive? The main reason crocs are so handy is their design and material composition. These shoes are designed with Croslite(a polymer), a costly material. Croslite, used to create crocs, makes them durable and long-lasting while offering a high level of comfort.

Crocs also provide a wide variety of designs, colors, and sales to increase revenue.

Let’s look at the main reasons why Crocs Are So Expensive?

8 Reasons Why Crocs Are So Expensive

Usage Of Croslite

You might think that Crocs are designed with rubber, but they aren’t. They are made of croslite, a high-quality material constructed by the Crocs, inc. company.

Moreover, Crosliteis is a nontoxic material that saves odor-producing bacteria from building up. Additionally, it is lightweight, soft, and molds to the customer’s feet with repeated wearing.

Crocs need just a little maintenance; water and soap keep them neat and clean.

The business uses this top-level material “recipe” of crude oil polymers. This exceptional and modern design is what users want from the brand. Hence, this will not change to minimize production expenses.

Consequently, it will produce higher production costs to make croslite while looking to profit. As a result, this is going to raise prices for the buyers.

Branding Plays an Important Role

Yet another aspect that has a massive impact on the cost of Crocs is branding. Supply and demand are the independent industry’s straightforward and most accessible theories. That means if a product is highly sought after, its cost will usually increase and vice versa.

Crocs are pretty much aware of the fact that their shoes are trending and are currently known as a fashion statement. Hence they are keeping the prices up to maintain their status.

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Sturdy Construction

One of the main reasons Crocs can fly high above the competition is that they are designed to last for a long time.

On the other hand, cheap and low-quality copies will show signs of wear and tear within a few days; crocs are designed to last and can survive longer if appropriately used.

Additionally, to get such durability and longevity, Crocs are constructed from high-quality materials that withstand years of regular use, which adds to the price.


One of the main things everyone looks at in a shoe before buying is whether the shoe is comfortable or not. Crocs shoes are incredibly comfortable and last for years. However, why are Crocs so much more comfortable?

They are highly comfortable because the croslite material is neither too soft nor hard. Croslite material also stops bacteria growth and smell, making the feet healthier at the exact moment.

Additionally, Crocs can be worn for long periods or at duty without worrying about getting ankle pain. They are also famous for their waterproof ability; they don’t absorb water. This feature reduces the possibility of getting a fungal infection.

Moreover, they are very comfortable, soft, and flexible and can be worn on the beach in the rain.

They are also constructed with numerous holes on their upper side. Crocs permit fresh air to go through your feet, allowing them a massaged feeling. Besides,  Crocs’s excellent design and structure will enable you to comfortably flex your feet. This minimizes the friction between your feet and shows, consequently minimizing blister formation.


Crocs are highly reliable shoes because they can be used in all situations. You can wear them in muddy, dirty, watery areas in the rainy season. Cleaning and washing Crocs is straightforward, and no special polish or spray is needed to clean them. Crocs need less maintenance than other shoe brands since they never get torn apart comfortably. The construction material used to design them is rigid and pliable, thus improving their reliability.

Furthermore, Crocs shoes come with a big toe area that permits enough room in the front of the foot, especially for abnormal persons. Crocs are also the perfect choice for diabetic patients since they offer ideal circulation and sores infections.


You might be wondering how expensive buying a shoe can save you money. Although Crocs are handy, compared to other shoes available at the same price, they last longer. Their consistent usage for years will save you a considerable amount of money you might have to spend purchasing shoes every five to six months.

Easy Maintenance

Most of the expensive shoes from well-known brands will need frequent high maintenance, which can be costly. But on the other side, Crocs shoes are low-maintenance shoes. They don’t ask you to get different sprays to maintain their perfect condition. They only need some simple washing with soap and water. Afterward, wipe them off with a rough cloth or towel.

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Long Life Of Crocs

Unlike other shoes from popular brands,  Crocs shoes last longer. If you get a pair of Crocs now and do not need to purchase another for four to six years. The longevity of its usage is only because of the Croslite and other materials.

As the amount of people who purchase Crocs consistently is low. Hence, to overcome the challenge of repeat customers, the brand must arrange profit and loss with the price bought for crocs.

Besides, a few people buy more than one pair of Crocs, and many only get one pair because they last for years.

Crocs are intentionally designed with maximum durability for them to keep longer and improve brand value. However, the return on investment in the materials boosts the cost of the Crocs, making them very handy.


Why Are Crocs Prices So High?
The main reason Crocs are so expensive is because of the high-quality material they are constructed of, known as Croslite. Croslite and other handy and unique materials used to make Crocs make them comfortable, long-lasting, durable, and reliable while offering plenty of comforts.
What Makes Crocs Makes So Unique and Special?
One of the main reasons Crocs are unique is that they are fully waterproof and breathable. Crocs also allow your feet to breathe and the water to drain comfortably.
For How Much Time Do Crocs Last?
According to our research, Crocs generally last between 3 to 5 years with daily wear. Additionally, with careful usage and care, the minimum frequent wear of Crocs and go for up to 10 years.
How Can You Tell Fake Crocs?
Authentic Crocs are designed with Croslite, which makes all Crocs lightweight, durable, long-lasting, and slip-resistant. On the other hand, fake Crocs are made of rubber that is heavy and can be slippery. You can also judge through the material quality and finish of the shoe.

Final Verdict

Apart from the above-given reasons, many other factors can justify the high cost of Crocs. Comfortability, reliability, market seasonality, constrained edition, easy maintenance, and more are all points to consider. But the above are some critical reasons why Crocs are more expensive than other brands. However, Crocs are well worth the cost if you are all about peace and comfort.