Large Shoe Size Conversion Guide & All Shoe Size Charts [Updated: 2023]

When it comes to large-size shoes, it gets confusing for many people as to which one to choose. A slightly large size might cause loose fitting, while a slightly smaller size might make it difficult for you to wear them.

Getting the ideal shoe size is your best bet because it will ensure you a snug and comfortable fit which is suitable for long wear. So today, I will discuss large shoe size conversion and various other factors related to it.

To begin with, first I would like to discuss the following;

How To Measure Shoe Size

Measuring the shoe size is probably the most important part when you are planning to buy a shoe that would fit you right. It is important that you should measure your feet size even if you are aware of shoe size because it will ensure you will get the right fit.

Whether you are a man or woman, the measuring technique is the same. Let’s check out how you can measure the shoe size;

Things You Will Need

  • Medium-thickness sock.
  • A large piece of white paper.
  • Marker or pen.
  • Measuring tape.

Measuring Process

  • First, wear the sock and make sure it is properly fitted around your heels.
  • Now stand firmly on the white paper, and your feet should be in the middle.
  • Ask any of your family members or friends to use the pen or marker and make a mark at the end of your heel. Another mark needs to be made on the tip of your largest toe. While making the mark, you should hold the pen or marker perpendicularly so it gives an actual fit.
  • Once you have marked the end and the top area of your feet, you will also mark the side of your foot. Place the mark on the wide part of your feet because it will ensure the right width in your shoe.
  • After measuring one of your feet, you should follow the same measuring process with the other feet.
  • Now tally which foot size is the largest among the two and consider it for finding the shoe size you need.
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Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Once you have measured your feet size, it is time to tally them with the shoe size chart mentioned below. In this shoe size conversion chart, I have mentioned shoe charts regarding the US, UK, and EU so that you can buy any type of shoe without worrying about shoe size.

Even though most of the shoes come embedded with US or UK sizing, there are some shoes that come with EU shoe sizes. So while buying any of the shoes, you can refer to the below-mentioned chart and find the size you want;

US Men’s Shoe US Women’s ShoeUK Shoe EU Shoe Foot Length(cm)

How Do You Measure the Width of the Feet?

Measuring the width of the feet is the same as measuring the length of your feet, and you will require the same items to measure the width. In this process, too, you will need a pen or marker, large white paper, measuring tape, and medium-thick socks. Let’s continue with the process;

  • Like measuring the length of feet, first, you need to place your feet on a white paper.
  • Unlike the previous process, you don’t need to mark the width, but you will have to outline your foot with a pencil or marker. It would be best to ask your family or friend to trace it for you because it will give you an accurate outline.
  • Now repeat the process for your other foot after you have finished with your first foot. Usually, feet are slightly different in width, and it is best to measure both of them.
  • Now take the marker or pen and mark the points where your feet have the largest width. Take the measurement tape and measure the gap between the two points. The widest part of your foot is generally located just below your toe section. You should measure the width of both feet.
  • In general, when outlining the feet with a marker or pen, it will create a gap, so it is better to deduct 0.51 from each calculation to get an accurate number.

Pro Tip: Always go for the largest width of your feet because it will ensure you have a comfortable fit while you wear any shoe. If you have wide feet, make sure you leave some space around so that your feet can have a natural movement.

 Men’s and Women’s Shoe Width Chart

Not only the length but the width of the shoes also plays a crucial role in deciding the fit of your shoe. In general, shoes that don’t come with a width marking, it indicates that it has an average width. However, the width of most shoes starts from 3A, which is slim and goes up to 19E, which is the widest.

With the increase in the size of the shoe, the shoe width also increases, and it varies by a small fraction. Besides your feet’s length, with age, the width of the feet also increases as the feet get slightly flatter. So to find out which width suits, I have come up with this shoe width chart for both men and women;

Width Women’s Width Men’s Width
Super Slim SS4A, 3A, and SS.
Slim4A, 3A and S2A, A, AA, N, and S.
Narrow2A, AA, A, and N. B and C.
Medium D, M, MW, and R. D, M, MW, and R.
Wide D, E, 2E, EE, and W. E, 2E, EE, and W.
Extra Wide EEE, 3W, 3E, 4E, X, and XW. EEE, 3W, 3E, 4E, X, and XW.
2X Wide SE, 6E, XX, and XXW. SE, 6E, XX, and XXW.
3X Wide 7E and 8E. 7E and 8E.
4X Wide 9E and 10E9E and 10E.
5X Wide 11E and 12E11E and 12E.
6X Wide 13E and 14E13E and 14E.
7X Wide 15E and 16E15E and 16E.
8X Wide 17E and 18E17E and 18E.
9X Wide 19E 19E.

Are Nike and Adidas Sizing the Same?

Nike and Addidas are two of the biggest brands in the footwear industry, and they serve as the obvious choice for many. In general, both Nike and Addidas offer the same shoe sizing in both the US and EU, but Addidas’s shoes are 0.2inch bigger than Nike’s.

The size discrepancy might look big, but actually, both shoes fit perfectly for the same size. However, you shouldn’t only consider the length of your shoe and, but you should also consider the width. In general, both brands create their shoes in such a way that you get a snug fit with proper comfort.

Is US Shoe Size 11 or UK 9 Similar To EU 42 or EU 43?

There isn’t any exact match between the US shoe size 11 or UK 9 with EU 42 or EU 43. But the closest match with the US size 11 is the EU 43, and it can be shorter than the US size 11. According to the ISO international standard also, there is no exact match between the US size 11 and with EU size.

However, there are many brands in the world that sell EU 42 size shoes as women’s US size 11 or 9 UK, and they do it to match the foot length of 27cm. Even though there is a discrepancy in the size, you won’t feel any huge difference.

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Do Shoe Sizes Vary by Brand?

Yes, shoe sizes differ from brand to brand as some follow EU size while most of the brands utilize US and UK sizes. Moreover, the shoe size also varies by the type of shoe you are going to buy.

The shoe size of a formal shoe may not be the same for a sneaker or sandal of another brand. Not only the foot length but also the width of the shoe plays an important role in deciding the overall shoe size.

Bottom Line

Utilizing the shoe size conversion chart is the best way to identify which shoe size you will need for a certain brand’s shoe. Large shoe sizes are not always available, and I’m confident that the chart I have provided will make things easier for you to understand which large shoe you will need.