Best Over The Knee Boots For Petites: Top Picks

Many petite women often think that since they are short in height, over-the-knee boots are not for them. Well, it is true to some extent especially when they are skinny but according to research otks boots are tricky for most women even if they are around 5’10” tall.

So if you are eyeing adding an over-the-knee boot to your inventory, then this article will help you to find them. Our team has created a list of the best over-the-knee boots for Petites that will not only help to flaunt your new style but also add that extra bit of height.

So here our top over the knee boots for petite that our team has found out for you after hours of research.

1. DREAM PAIRS: Women’s Suede Best Over The Knee Boots for Petites



Dream Pairs women’s suede knee footwear is one of the best boots you can buy at an affordable rate. Not only will it look ravishing on your leg but it will give you optimum comfort throughout the day. You can check the recent price of these amazing pairs of shoes.


In terms of design, the over-the-knee boots get a trendy outlook with a long zipper and sturdy buckle to keep it intact around your leg. The quintessential round toe makes these OTK boots
blend with all kinds of dresses.


With cozy faux fur lining and comfy insoles, you won’t ever feel discomfort or scratch your leg while wearing the boot all day long. It has a 15inch top opening circumference with a zipper operating till the outsole and together they make sure you can easily wear it.


Durability will never be your concern and the credit goes to the man-made material and TPR rubber outsole.


Coming in twelve color options, you can stay assured none of the colors would make your leg look dull.

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2. DREAM PAIRS: Women’s Over The Knee Thigh High Chunky Heel Boots for Petite



This is another top over the knee boot for Petites from the house of Dream Pairs and it has got all the bells and whistles you expect from a premium shoe.


The light stretch vamp with lace-up top design, Dream Pairs thigh chunky boot is destined to make you look ravishing in your skirts. It showcases your fashionista with round-toe shape and mid-height heels and also lets you have a long-range of motion.


The skin-friendly lining and warm faux fur lining is the main pillar behind the warmth it offers to your feet. The soft latex insole on the other hand takes all the impact and makes you walk freely.


The velvety design of this block heels shoe is mated to three different color choices and all of them look highly exquisite.


You shouldn’t underestimate it by its faux fur lining because the TPR rubber outsole and fine materials ensure huge durability.

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3. DREAM PAIRS: Top Rated Women’s Thigh High Over The Knee Fashion Boots



If you want knee boots that are stylish, comfortable, and also excel well in durability, Dream Pairs thigh-high-the-knee fashion boots should be your target.


Durability will never be a concern to you and the credit mainly goes to TPR rubber sole that doesn’t degrade even when you put it to heavy usage.


The luxurious suede design with classic almond-shaped front and thigh-high structure, make this the ultimate companion for petite women with skinny legs. The side zipper and draw-string design add to the convenience and allow you to wear it with ease.


The softness and warmth from faux suede fur make it a highly comfortable boot to wear. The slight stretch suede vamp is soft and smooth to touch and it won’t cause any itchiness or rash when you wear them on bare legs.


These over-the-knee boots are quite versatile and you can wear them with dresses, skirts, jeans, etc.

4. DREAM PAIRS: Excellent Women’s Faux Fur Knee High Boot for Petite

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Dream Pairs women’s faux fur boot is not your usual over-the-knee boot; rather it is an especially crafted footwear designed to make petite women more beautiful.


This gorgeous boot boasts a diamond quilting on the back and side and creates a classic look that you won’t get with others. What’s more? Premium retro buckle strap that gives the shoe and elevates your styling.


With great design, it also gives you optimum comfort with smooth PU leather upper and lightweight insole with heavy cushioning. The faux fur lining is soft and keeps your feet warm.


Since it is built from premium leather and a robust rubber outsole, it has the capability to last for many years without any sign of wear.


Even though it is available only in four colors, all of them are highly trendy and can be paired with any type of dress.

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5. Shoe’N Tale: Magnificent Women Stretch Suede Over The Knee Boots



Shoe’N Tale is highly known for producing top-end over-the-knee boots and that is why we have brought to you stretch suede otk boots from Shoe’N Tale.


Without a doubt, it gives you incredible durability because it is made from top-quality rubber and 100% suede which makes this boot an everlasting item.


With exceptional durability, you will also be treated with excellent comfort from plush suede material and skin-friendly stretchy material. It has a top opening of 14”; meaning you can comfortably put your leg without any struggle.


It showcases a classic otk design with a fully elasticated top and it wraps around your feet to provide complete fitting.


You will be overwhelmed with color choices when you decide to buy this shoe and it comes in 24 different colors.

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6. Shoe’N Tale: Outstanding Women Over The Knee High Stretchy Leather Boots

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As you are ready to invest in high-quality boots for Petites, you should consider the stretch leather boot from Shoe’N Tale that has revolutionized the budget segment.


The amazing design of this otk boot will leave you in awe. The stretch leather design with full elasticated calf fitting makes this shoe a great companion for all your trendy dresses.


Carefully crafted using fine synthetic leatherette material and furry fabric in the interior, you will always have optimum comfort while you wear this shoe. Like all other high heels, it also offers a 3.5-inch height but the insole has been designed in such a way you won’t find
any discomfort.


Not only does it excel in design and comfort, but it also offers you huge longevity and the credit goes to the manmade sole with high-quality leather.


Shoe’N Tale always offers limited colors for all their shoes and this shoe also follows the same trend by offering only four colors.

7. NNG Women Winter: Superb Over Knee Long Fashion Boots for Petite



NNG women’s winter over-the-knee boots may not seem like a popular name but you will be surprised to know it is one of the best sellers in this segment.


It may look trendy but the rubber sole and specialized footbed that can take beating all day long and still won’t break down.


At first glance, it may look like a normal otk boot but if you look closely it provides a new wedge square heel design for confident footing. It also provides an easy-pull-on back zipper that makes the shoe highly


Based on a soft cushion latex footbed and 100% suede fabric, you won’t feel any impact while walking and you can easily wear it all day long.

Available in twenty different color shades.

8. Mtzyoa: Fantastic Thigh High Block Heel Over The Knee Boots



We present to you Mzyoa thigh high block heel boots that are often considered one the finest over-the-knee boots for Petites.


It is a meticulously crafted fashion boot that has a pointed-toe design and elastic skinny thigh-high suede to make your legs look fashionable.


You won’t feel uncomfortable while you wear this shoe, especially during winter and the whole credit goes to the pure faux suede and soft interior of the leather.


It is designed to offer you style and protection at the same. This is why it is made from premium rubber and frost protection suede leather.


Although we have showcased the taupe color for this shoe it is also available in another twelve colors.

9. Cape Robbin Kelsey-21: High End Over The Knee Western Cowgirl Boots for Petite



Unlike other over-the-knee boots for Petites on this list, Cape Robbin Kelsey-21 is a unique shoe that offers a cowgirl design and incredible built quality.


Kelsey-21 will treat you with a cowgirl design that is mated with a thick heel and distinctive white stitching all over the body.


In terms of comfort, it won’t disappoint you as it utilizes pure synthetic material and soft insoles to cater to your feet.


Cowgirl boots are always known for their durability and it does the same by offering robust rubber outsoles with premium stitching.


The trendy design of this  boot comes with six different colors with varied  designs.

10. Herstyle Secret Obsession: Excellent Women’s Thigh High Stretchy Boots



Her style secret obsession is designed to complete your casual styling whenever you go out with your family or friends.


The whole construction of this shoe is based on a thick rubber outsole and imported material so the chances of degradation are almost nil.


This work boot has a simple and sleek design with stacked heels and it serves well for all kinds of petite women. You can even push it down to create a slouchy look that goes well with some dresses.


You will find six colors for this multi-wear shoe and the velvety base perfectly flaunt the color.


We can confidently say that these over-the-knee boots are highly comfortable and it is due to the soft synthetic material with a wide opening.

Before we move on, let’s check out some important aspects of the knee-high boots for petite women;

Buying Guide For Best Over The Knee Boots For Petites

Here is a detailed buying guide for the best over-the-knee boots for Petites that contains all the factors you need to consider while purchasing.

It is not feasible for everyone to know the nitty-gritty of over-the-knee boots for Petites. Our guide will highlight all the important facts and help you to make an informed purchase.


The first thing you need to check is the fitting offered by the OTK boots so that the shoe comfortably cradles your feet. It would be wise to measure your feet accurately because it will help you to find the right

You should also check the width of your feet because not all knee boots for Petites will match the width of your feet. The leg girth and opening circumference should also be considered because they also determine the fitting you will get when you buy the best boots.

Shaft and Heel Height

When you are buying the over-the-knee boots for Petites, you shouldn’t overlook the shaft height it has on offer. The shaft height basically tells you the overall length from the base of your feet to the top of the boot. The shaft height will be important for short leg women because it will decide how easy it
will be for them to put their feet inside.

Based on the shaft height, you also need to check the heel height because a high heel OTK boot can be problematic for short women with skinny legs. A low to medium heel height will be appropriate as it will help you to walk properly without worrying about falling off.

Overall Construction

The construction of the OTK boots is vital during the purchasing process. You will obviously want the knee boot to last for a long time rather than falling apart within a few months of usage. The rubber sole quality should be top-notch and the top area should be made out of premium materials.

The lower area of the OTK boot must be engineered in such a way that it can offer stability and anti-slipping capability. A nonslip rubber sole would be ideal if you think you would have
to walk a lot on slippery roads.

It will be helpful if you can check user reviews because it will tell you about the durability of the top area of the OTK boots. You should check the durability of the zipper and laces because they are the ones that will keep the boot intact over your


Comfort is probably the most important factor and you shouldn’t compromise it because no one wants to feel uncomfortable while wearing OTK boots. Having padded insoles and soft fabric all over will give you plush
comfort and allow you to wear it all day long.

OTK boots with stretch faux suede collar will be highly useful if you plan to wear skirts or something similar. The inner fabric should be soft or have a skin-friendly material so that you won’t have to wear leggings whenever you wear any OTK boots.

How To Keep Over The Knee Boots For Petites Stay Up?

Well, it might seem easy to keep a knee boot to stay up but it is slightly trickier than its looks. There are many ways that can help you to keep your OTK boots intact around your legs and one of them is to wear tights or leggings. The added layer of the leggings or tights makes the upper layer of the OTK boots hold onto something.

You can also use fashion tapes to make the boots stay up on your leg if you are planning to wear a skirt. These tapes have glue on both sides so it allows the shoe to stick to your leg whenever you wear them. Another way to keep them stay up is by wrapping your leg with a plastic bag and then slipping in your leg.

You will find a lot of fashionable plastics that you can wrap around the calf area to keep the boot in its optimum shape. Utilizing rolled-up cards can also do the trick but it is not as comfortable as others. You have to slip in the cards before you put your leg inside the shoe and it won’t be comfortable long day usage. Nowadays many petite women are using boot clips and thick socks to keep the over-the-knee boots stay up.

They are quite easy to use and you won’t feel discomfort while you walk on any kind of surface.

However, the only drawback is that they aren’t as effective as others. For occasional purposes, you can also tie up hairbands around your leg and it also helps in keeping the OTK boots high.

They do the job pretty well but would if put into heavy usage.


Do knee high boots look good on short legs?

Styling OTK boots is not easy and if you wear them with a proper outfit, they would look great on you even if you have short legs. In general, there is a conception that most OTK boots go well with long gets but modern fashion has changed much thinking. Nowadays petite girls with short legs can easily wear
they and it looks perfect on them.

How do you wear knee high boots when you’re short?

Wearing knee-high boots isn’t a highly tricky job and you just have to sit on a place to put your leg inside those tall boots. Many of them come with laces and zippers so it gets easy for you to put your feet inside the boot without any struggle.

Are thigh-high boots good for short people?

Having taller boots does not only increase height. The knee-high boot style works well for shorter petite women as they make them look tall. It also helps to flaunt their skinny legs which is not possible with other shoes.

Do you have to be tall to wear over the knee boots?

It is not necessary that you have to be tall to wear over-the-knee boots and nowadays anyone can wear them, even petite women. Modern OTK boots are being engineered in such a manner that they can fit any over the knee length. Moreover in the modern knee boot trend, you will find height and heel choices to cater to different women.

What is the height of a petite woman?

A petite woman who has a height of 5ft 3inches or below can be considered petite. Generally, a petite woman has a short leg.



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