Best Men’s Work Boots for Narrow Feet: Expert Reviews

It becomes really difficult to get a work boot when you have narrow feet. When you have the correct length of the shoe, it doesn’t always mean that it will provide you with the right width. The width of your work boot is as essential as the length because it will determine the support and overall comfort you will get when you will wear them all day long at work.

Narrow feet not only maintain a gap around the instep but also keeps a gap around the ankle. Having the best men’s work boots for narrow feet can help you overcome all the hurdles and achieve a comfortable fit that won’t make your feet lethargic even after long hours of usage.

So we present to you all the top men’s work boots for narrow feet that will completely upport your feet and help you stay energetic in your legs.

1. Skechers Men’s Burgin-Tarlac Industrial Boot: Best Mens Work Boots for Narrow Feet

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Skechers men’s burgin-tarlac industrial footwear is a uniquely designed full-grain leather shoe that is meant to take care of your narrow feet at the workplace.

Built Quality

Based on full-grain leather upper material and durable rubber outsole, you won’t have a chance to question its built quality.


In terms of design, it flaunts a simple industrial boot with a mid-high ankle and 5.5inch shaft measurement from the arch. The front provides a steel toe feature which is highly useful in industrial areas.


Even though these work boots for narrow feet look robust, they provide excellent comfort with memory foam and soft padding. The lining in the interior is skin-friendly so you won’t have any problem wearing them all day long.


This work boot has a slip-resistant sole with a robust steel toe; thus it is able to protect you from any kind of work mishap.

Electrical hazard protection is another feature that it offers and it is common in some cowboy boots for work.

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2. Irish Setter Men’s 6″ 83605 Work Boot: Top Rated Mens Work Boots for Narrow Feet

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The Irish Setter men’s 83605 may seem like fashion footwear but in reality, it is one of the top work boots for narrow feet that excels in both departments. It gets a modernized design but holds the capability of a fine work boot with durable construction.

Built Quality

What makes these boots durable? The thick EVA rubber outsole and imported full-grain leather take all the beating and protect your feet while you work in a rusty outdoor area.


The fashionable design with a distinctive outsole running both the length will attract your attention the most. The white stitching with deep brown shade and steel toe make this work boot suitable for other occasions.


The imported leather is not only durable but also comforts your narrow feet and keeps it fatigue free throughout the day. The moisture-wicking lining of non-woven nylon adds to the comfort and gives your foot a plush feeling.


Protection is important for any work boots with narrow feet and that is why it has a heat-resistant outsole with the electrical hazard safety standards.

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3. EVER BOOTS”Tank” Men’s Soft Toe Oil Full Grain Leather Work Boots: Outstanding Mens Work Boots for Narrow Feet



Ever boots tank men’s soft toe work boots for narrow men is a popular choice for many users as it offers a comfortable design and rugged build. It is an all-around product that has all the bells and whistles of the finest work boots for narrow feet.

Built Quality

Durable construction is what defines this work boot and the high-quality rubber sole with 100% oil grain leather serves as the proof. It has special treads that ensure slip resistance while the top layer offers ample arch support.


A wider outsole with a mid-ankle shaft height and eight eyelets is the main highlight of the design. The soft-toe front and ergonomic design make it a lot more suitable for narrow feet.


Ever Boots never compromise on their work boots and that is why it uses Nubuck leather upper, reinforced stitches, and padded collar.


The solid foundation from rubber sole and soft toe takes care of your feet while you work and also ensures optimum electric hazard protection.

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4. LARNMERN Steel Toe Mens Work Safety Outdoor Protection Boot: Perfect for Narrow Feet



Larnmern steel toe work boots for narrow feet is a multipurpose shoe that may be designed as industrial footwear but you can also use it for casual outings. It comes at an affordable rate and can also serve well in cold weather conditions.

Built Quality

These work boots for narrow feet are meant to sustain in industrial workplaces so they are built using heavy-duty steel toe and rubber soles. It also gets an anti-nail penetration midsole that saves you from getting stabbed by sharp objects.


Flaunting a trendy design with a lot of imprinted graphics, you will love wearing this work boot on your working site. It offers a leather and mesh blend with a semi-nested tongue so that nothing goes inside your work boot.


You will have all the comfort when you wear this boot because it gets a breathable cotton insole with soft leather mesh. It has a long opening that also provides good arch support while the sole takes all the impact.


Anti-static wire construction inside the sole allows you to work freely without getting affected by static electricity.

5. Cat Footwear Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot: Superb for Narrow Feet



Finding it hard to work on your work boot? Looking for dedicated work boots for narrow feet? Then you should check out Cat footwear men’s second shift boots that fit perfectly in your narrow feet.


It doesn’t have a specialized design, rather it is a standard-looking boot with a lot of eyelets so that it can fit perfectly in your narrow feet. The rear gets an ankle cut design with unique slip-resistant outsole treads.


Since it is made from synthetic insoles and premium leather, you can expect optimum comfort even at the most swollen point of your feet.


Neither you will feel any impact nor you will slip during work and it is due to the steel toe with an oil-resistant outsole.

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6. Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Waterproof Steel-Toe Work Boot: Fantastic for Narrow Feet

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Most of the people who think of purchasing a work boot, always go with Caterpillar products. This manufacturer is known for its prolific lineup and one of its popular choices is men’s diagnostic waterproof steel toe work boot.

Built Quality

When it comes to built quality, you can’t underestimate this work boot as it utilizes imported rubber sole and pure leather material. Moreover, it also packs special insulation and waterproofing features that also add to the built quality and keep feet warm.


These Diagnostic work boots for narrow feet are crafted ergonomically to serve narrow feet during whole day work. With a large padded tongue and seven pairs of eyelets, it completely takes care of your feet.


You won’t feel any impact or discomfort while you work and the credit goes to the removable EVA foam insert with gel technology. Importantly, it has a slip-resistant outsole that ensures comfortable footing.


The 200g thinsulate insulation with steel toe serves as the primary protection of this work boot and you won’t feel anything even if you accidentally hit any heavy object.

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7. Timberland PRO Men’s 26011 Direct Attach 8″ Soft-Toe: Amazing Work Boots for Narrow Feet



Timberland pro men’s 26011 soft toes work boots for narrow feet that not only look robust but also flaunt a robust built quality. It is a high ankle work footwear that fits perfectly for all types of feet whether it is narrow or wide.

Built Quality

By the looks of this boot, you can estimate the terrific built quality it has on offer. It is entirely based on imported leather and a robust traction rubber lug outsole.


It gets a traditional work footwear design but since it is destined to serve narrow feet, it possesses eight pairs of eyelets.


Optimum comfort is a big highlight of this footwear as it comes with a large boot opening and padded collar. It may be destined for ruggedness but has a soft insole to take care of your feet.


It offers complete protection from any kind sharp object by giving you nylon shank and seam sealed body construction.

8. KEEN Utility Men’s Lansing Mid Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot: Affordable & Best For Narrow Feet



Keen utility men’s Lansing mid steel toe is another heavy-duty work boot for narrow feet that cater to all your requirements for a work shoe. You can check any work boot narrow feet review articles and everywhere you will find this shoe as a common choice.

Built Quality

The thick non-marking rubber sole and solid construction will give you a good idea about its built quality.


The solid steel-toe design with a lug sole pattern ensures you complete a range of motion on wet and dry surfaces with slip-resistant capability. It might have four pairs of eyelets but it keeps a firm fitting around your narrow feet.


The interior area gets all the standard comfort features which include moisture-wicking textiles with a waterproof lining to keep your feet dry and Cleansport NXT for odor-free usage.


Electrical hazard rated outer body and reinforced shoelaces takes care of feet and allows you to freely work in any industrial area.

9. Wolverine Men’s Floorhand 6 Inch Waterproof Soft Toe Work Shoe: Magnificent Boots for Narrow Feet



By the first look at Wolverine men’s floor and 6-inch work, shoes might look like other work boots for narrow feet available in the market. However, it is a highly efficient work shoe that is known for its terrific construction and effective protection.

Built Quality

You can use this work shoe for a long time as the lower area gets cement construction with a thick rubber outsole while the top area packs a pure leather construction.


Wolverine has crafted this shoe with a mid-high ankle design with six eyelets to properly secure the shoe. The lower area gets slip-resistant treads so that you can walk safely on any surface.


Comfort is the primary requirement for any shoe meant for workplaces and this is why it is lightweight with full-grain leather soft lining.


The cement construction with a waterproof membrane makes the shoe protect your feet from any kind of accident.

10. Skechers Men’s Flex Advantage Bendon Work Shoe: Great Boots for Narrow Feet



Skechers men’s flex advantage bend on work shoe is meant to serve users who work in low protection demanding industrial areas. It is lightweight and robust, which makes it suitable for long-day usage.

Built Quality

With a solid built quality and heavy-duty mesh lining on the top, the work boot works well in harsh conditions without showing signs of degradation.

It also comes with a thick rubber sole that gives these work boots for narrow feet a solid foundation.


It may get a sneaker-like design but it has a soft toe with proper mesh lining to make it suitable for workplaces. Even though it has a small eyelet coverage, it properly wraps the narrow feet and maintains the design.


This work shoe will take all the impact when you use it in your workplace and the memory foam will ensure a plush feeling throughout the day.

The inner mesh lining is quite skin-friendly and you won’t get itchy or have any kind of issue while it rubs against your skin.


The top layer might have got a mesh layer but it gives you standard protection with a soft toe front. However, these best men’s work boots don’t come with any electrical hazard protection.

We would also request you to go through the below-mentioned information because it will highlight all the factors that you need to choose the best narrow work boots. Besides, in this article, we have also come forward with ways that will help you decide whether
Do you have narrow feet or not?

Measuring Your Foot Size To Check The Narrowness

Before you decide you buy the finest men’s work boot for narrow feet, you need to measure your foot size. It will tell you whether you have broad or narrow feet.

The process of measuring your feet is quite simple and you will just need three things to measure your feet. Before you begin the process, arrange a large piece of white paper, a marker or pencil, and a measuring tape.

Sit on a chair and place your foot on the big piece of paper. Use the marker or pencil to draw around your foot and it will help you to get a blueprint of your foot on the paper.

While tracing around your foot, the marker or pencil should be placed perpendicular to the piece of paper. After you have traced one foot, it is time to trace your other foot and you can follow the same process.

Now take the measuring tape and measure the length as well as the width of your foot. Once you have measured the length and width of your foot, you need to deduct around 0.25cm from both measurements. The new measurement you get will be the actual size of your foot.

Now take the measure and tally with the following table. The sizing chart will help you to judge whether you have narrow feet or broad feet. All the measurements are in inches.

Buying Guide For Best Men’s Work Boots For Narrow Feet

You need to consider a lot of factors when you decide to buy the best narrow width work boots. Here wen present to you a detailed buying guide that will guide you in the right direction;
Lace To Toe ConstructionThe first thing you need to assess when getting work boots for narrow feet is the lace to toe construction. The lacing of your shoe will determine the comfort because when you tie your laces, it will contract the upper of both sides and create a firm fit around your instep. Having a lot of lacing eyelets (around 8 pairs) in your work boot will be highly beneficial for your narrow feet because you can create a snug fit in every area of your foot. Besides you can also opt for a lace system that starts near the toe area and goes all the way until the opening. Not only will it offer a wide area for customization but will assist you to fill the gap around your narrow feet.
Outsole Coverage When you have a narrow foot, you need to make sure the top work boots for narrow feet must have a broad outsole. Having a wide area for your narrow foot will offer the necessary heel and stability needed while you work. Moreover, you will have a wide base to land your feet and it will properly distribute the weight which in turn adds to the slip-resistant property. If the lower area of the outsole comes with the proper grip it will be an added advantage because it will minimize foot fatigue.
Cushioning  The work boots for narrow feet is a high utility footwear and it is essential to have proper cushioning that will reduce foot fatigue. When you work in tough conditions, especially on bad surfaces, you need a cushioned footbed that will take all the impact. Narrow feet are more prone to impacts so when your work boot has all the cushioning, you can comfortably work through the whole day by wearing shoes and that too without any foot pain. Most top-notch work boots for narrow feet get you high-quality cushioning so comfort won’t be a problem for you. However, if you still feel the cushioning is not optimum for you, then you can add an extra insole or replace it according to the swollen point.
Padding In The Interior As we have already mentioned a narrow feet maximum comfort and that is why the work boot you are going to buy must have optimum padding. When your narrow feet get padding in the collar, vamp, and tongue, it will get the necessary firmness and curb any foot fatigue. The better and more padding in the work boots for narrow feet, the better comfort the feet will get. Most importantly, a work boot with proper padding will fill the gap around the feet and minimize any gap from the wall.
DurabilityDurability is another aspect that you shouldn’t overlook and a durable rubber sole will go a long way. Similarly, the insole quality is also important because it will strengthen the durable construction of the work boot. The fabric of the upper layer and inner lining should be made from high-quality fabric because you don’t want the boot to wear out after a few months of usage. The robustness of the lacing system especially the eyelets and hooks because they are the ones that ensure the snug fit of the work boots for narrow feet.

Men’s Foot Length Narrow Average Wide
6 3 5/16 3 1/2 3 11/16
6.5 3 5/16 3 5/8 3 5/8
7 3 3/8 3 5/8 3 3/8
7.5 3 3/8 3 11/16 3 15/16
8 3 1/2 3 3/4 3 15/16
8.5 3 3/8 3 3/4 4
8.5 3 3/8 3 3/4 4
9 3 3/8 3 15/16 4 1/8
9.5 3 11/16 3 15/16 4 15/16
10 3 3/4 4 4 3/16
10.5 3 15/16 4 1/8 4 5/16
11 3 15/16 4 1/8 4 1/8
11.5 3 15/16 4 3/16 4 3/8
12 4 4 5/16 4 3/8
12.5 4 1/8 4 5/16 4 1/2