Toms Alternatives Shoes – Reviews & Buying Guide

Toms’s shoes are known for their flamboyant craftsmanship and top-of-the-line construction but good footwear comes with a price. Everyone loves to treat their feet with comfy shoes

like Toms. However, not everyone has a huge budget to buy Toms shoes.

So if you are someone who is thinking of going for shoes like Toms, then you have come to the right place.

These Toms alternatives shoes not only look stylish like toms but also flaunt a great design and proper ventilation to give you the comfort you need. You can’t question the durability of these shoes similar to

Toms are mostly made out of premium materials.

Here we have created a list best Toms shoe alternatives that you can own at an affordable rate.

1. Vans Unisex Slip-On Rainbow Chex Skate Shoe Sneaker: Best Toms Alternatives



Van unisex slip-on rainbow chex sneaker is one of those shoes like Toms but cheaper. It is a highly-rated slipper made out of high-quality rubber sole which ensures minimal degradation even after years of usage.


The durability of this shoe like Toms is truly great and you can use it for years to come. The sole is really the main pillar of the durable nature of this footwear while the top layers get the heavy-duty mesh.


In terms of comfort, you won’t be able to frown upon it and the cushioned footbed serves as the main reason for superior shock absorption. The supportive padded collar and elastic side accent also adds to the comfort and allow you to move freely on summer days.


Treated with Off The Wall design, this toms alternative is meant for everyday usage and it blends well with most the outfits. You can easily wear this shoe without much effort as the slip-on design with low profile opening
allows easy on and off.

These shoes are available in numerous colors and sizes; thus you won’t have to compromise on your choice.

2. Skechers Women’s Plush-Peace and Love Flat: Outstanding Toms Alternatives



If you are looking for shoes similar to Toms but at an affordable rate, then Skechers women’s plush peace and love flat serves as a plausible choice. Carrying all the features of a top-end Toms flat, it will become your favorite companion whenever you go out.


This toms alternative flaunts a simple and classic slip-on design that makes it blend with most dresses. The shaft holds a measurement low top from the arch so that you won’t have a problem slipping your shoe without much effort.

Built Quality

Made from imported materials and 100% canvas fabric, these slip-on shoes promise to be your companion for a long time. The layered construction also adds to the built quality and prevents you from falling on wet surfaces.


These alternative Toms shoes may look like an ordinary one from the outside but once you slip your feet inside, the memory foam footbed will treat you with plush comfort. Not only that, but it also gets a shock absorbing low profile midsole so that you don’t feel
lethargic after wearing it for long hours.


The flexible goring wedge insert and wide opening give you the maximum convenience you need.

3. Hey Dude Women’s Wendy Shoes: Excellent Shoe Like Toms



Getting a shoe of this type from Toms can be an expensive affair but Hey Dude had made it affordable with their women’s Wendy shoes. These Toms alternatives are designed for all types of activity so once you buy them, you will hardly feel like wearing any other shoe.

Built Quality

The shoe won’t give you a chance to question its built quality as the rubber soles are entirely handmade to cater to daily usage.


The soft cushioning of these Toms alternative shoes allows you to use them for the whole day and that too without feeling any sprain. The midsole takes every impact from your footfall and makes it a good pair for daily usage.


You will love the design of these best shoes like Toms as it oozes out a practical yet trendy outlook. The easy lace-up structure makes this slip-on style of footwear extremely straightforward to wear while the low-arch wide
the opening gives you quick access.

Warranty Although you won’t get comprehensive warranty coverage
with this shoe, Hey Dude gives you a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with this renowned brand.

4. Roxy Women’s Rory Slip-On Sneaker: Top Rated Shoe Like Toms



Roxy women’s Rory slip-on sneakers are a popular choice when it comes to finding shoes like toms. It is a specially crafted shoe that maintains a balance between performance and feminine styling.

Built Quality

These best shoes may get affordable pricing but you shouldn’t underestimate their durability due to their price. This casual wear is entirely based on a TPR injected traction outsole and imported materials that makes it
suitable for the long run.


Boasting a balanced and casual low-profile design, you will prefer these toms as alternative shoes with all your casual outfits. It gets a hidden stretch panel that not only adds to the versatility but also gets into your foot shape.


All the customers have commended this shoe for its comfort and lightweight feel. It features a memory foam padded insole with terry lining so that you can get a cushioning effect every time you move. The soft and textile upper takes care of your skin and doesn’t cause itchiness when you wear it without socks.


The shoe originates from the USA which means all the materials are locally sourced which is the brand’s signature.

5. HSYZZY Women’s Slip-on Ballet Flats Classic Casual Sneakers: Superb Shoe Like Toms



HSYZZY women’s canvas slip-on ballet flat is a uniquely designed footwear and it is meant for customers who are looking to get shoes similar to Toms. The retro design and lightweight feel are the main highlights and these Tom shoe counterpart has attracted thousands of women to use them on a daily basis.

Built Quality

A high-quality rubber sole serves as the main highlight of the construction and the rubber sole doesn’t degrade during regular usage. The canvas upper is highly efficient and protects your feet from any injury.


The elastic V-port design gives your feet a cool look and also allows you easily wear it if you have a high instep. It also has a sleek and modern silhouette structure making it an effortless slip-on style shoe to wear.


With these best shoes, you can walk freely on any surface and it is due to the lightweight EVA synthetic cushioned insole that takes all the impact. The elastic V-design hugs your feet properly so that you can always have the needed support.


Available in six colors, these alternative Toms shoes can cater to you on different occasions.

6. Lugz Women’s Clipper Sneaker: Perfect Shoe Similar To Toms



Lugz women’s clipper sneaker may seem just like other shoes in the market due to its straightforward look but you can consider it as one of the best shoes like Toms. These slip-on excels in most departments and cushion your feet in such a way that you will feel a comfort level at par with top-end Toms shoes.


This Toms shoe counterpart showcases a conventional sneaker design with a canvas top that is perfect for different casual occasions. What adds to this beautiful design? The slip-on with elastic gore allows you to easily put your feet within the shoe and that too with socks.

Built Quality

In terms of built quality, you won’t have to worry about its durability as this toms alternative is made using premium material in both lower and upper soles.


Once you start wearing it, you will fall in love with its padded insole that counters all the pressure and takes care of your feet. The breathable lining also enhances comfort by offering enough room for wide feet and preventing unnecessary sweating.


It is one of those few pairs of slip ones that will give you 19 color choices which is an incredible facility for budget footwear.

7. PTHANN Classic Black Flats Shoes: High End Shoe Similar To Toms



You can consider PTHANN classic black flat as a highly affordable option if you can’t find Toms shoes on the right budget. It is a quintessential black flat that flaunts the beauty of your feet and gives your dress a unique look.

Built Quality

Despite being a budget and fashionable option, you will find these flats highly durable due to the top-notch non slip rubber sole it utilizes like most shoes of top brands.

We can confidently say that you will be mesmerized by the design it has on offer and the Elastic V-port design serves as the proof. The rear section of these Toms shoe alternatives gets a U-shaped line design that allows you to easily
put your feet even if you have a wide foot.


The 80D memory foam serves as the main source of comfort when you wear this shoe and you can stand all day without feeling any strain. Unlike most pair of shoes, the heel and arch is mated to a gel sheet that lets your feet feel snug while you wear them.


You can use this anti slip shoe all day and the ventilated lining will let your feet breathe freely without obstruction.

8. Soda Flat Women Shoes Linen Canvas Shoes: Brilliant Shoe Similar To Toms



Adorn your feet with a Soda flat women canvas that holds a simple body design and terrific insole comfort. It is basically an everyday shoe similar to Toms that neither will disappoint in performance nor durability. They might not have high-quality features but these pairs of shoes are gradually catching the eye of millennials who are opting for classic

Built Quality

Made from a combination of top-quality rubber sole and linen upper material, the built quality of this canvas shoe is unquestionable and make it suitable for a rainy day.


Even though it is a simple canvas with a flat sole, it gets a memory foam gel insole that takes care of each impact on your feet. The heel also packs a gel padding; ensuring soft padding whenever you move.


The shoe is quite similar to any high-quality canvas available on the market and it carries a wide opening so that you can put your feet on it without any struggle. The distinctive stitching on the top gives this shoe an attractive look that can create an aesthetically pleasing outlook.

Color Choice

Unsurprisingly, you will be pampered with nine color choices when you decide to buy this shoe.

9. EasySteps Women’s Canvas Slip-On Shoes: Great Alternative To Toms



EasyStep women’s canvas shoe is a budget option for users who can’t afford expensive Toms footwear and looking for shoes like Toms but cheaper. It might look like basic pair of shoes but in reality, it is a high-performance shoe offering optimum comfort.


These toms alternative shoes may cost less than Toms but it doesn’t compromise on durability. These sneakers type footwear gets a one-piece rubber outsole that not only ensures huge durability but also prevents rubber degradation.


The padded insole is the main source of comfort in these toms shoes and you will be able to move freely while putting minimal pressure on your toe or heel. The elastic goring bed also has an impact on comfort as it gives the ability to easily take off or wear footwear.


This is one of the best shoe alternatives that get a simple canvas design with double sticking on the upper to create a subtle outlook. The non-marking outsole creates coherence with the design and maintains the subtleness.


You will get a total twelve color choices with this shoe where some are simple while some are quite trendy for casual use.

10. Skechers BOBS Women’s Bobs Plush-Prima Pup Slip-on Ballet Flat: Magnificent Alternative To Toms



Another elegant-looking shoe in this list of shoes like Toms is Skechers bobs women’s ballet flat and it is truly magnificent in terms of comfort and durability. If you have bought an expensive dress and have a small budget for a flat, then this shoe can perfectly cater to your needs.


Bobs women’s plush-prime flat is meant to make your feet look elegant and uplift your styling. It gets four fashionable color prints and we have chosen the leopard print that will make you stand out in the crowd. Design- These toms alternatives are engineered with a ballet flat design that looks simple yet posh at the same time and provides you with a joyful walk. The upper body gets minimal stitching so that you can wear it with different dresses and also prevent foot sweat issues.


Made from imported textile and top-notch flexible soles, you would find this new pair of shoes by your side for many years.


You will feel plush comfort whenever you place your foot and the credit goes to the memory foam footbed. While you are in a hurry to go out, the low-top shaft measurement in the arch will allow you to wear it with ease.