Are Birkenstocks shoes good for flat feet – Expert’s Views

When it comes to considering footwear for flat feet, Birkenstocks serve as the ideal choice. Birkenstocks have engineered their shoots with terrific arch support, which helps them to provide the comfort and support needed for flat feet.

Birkenstocks, rather than focusing on styling and other factors they, focus on engineering the footbed in such a way that people with flat feet have the highest comfort. They have mastered the engineering of making shoes that adapt to your flat feet and relieve you from all kinds of pain. So today, we will be answering your question, “Are Birkenstocks shoes good for flat feet?”.

But before we proceed, let’s first learn about;

What are Flat Feet, and Why Do People get them?

Flat feet is a foot condition where the arch of the foot is totally flat in comparison to a normal high arch, leading to pain and difficulty in walking. Apart from the pain, the feet look slightly different than usual. This issue occurs due to the non-development of tissue and bones in the feet of grown-ups, and it eventually gets damaged.

There are numerous causes that lead to flat feet and age; accidents, obesity, and huge pressure are some of the common causes. However, flat feet can also be genetic, and many people develop them if not treated from an early age. Standing for long hours often leads to severe flat feet, which often triggers serious pain.

People who develop flat feet not only suffer from difficulty in walking but also get foot pain. Since the arch of your feet supports your body along with your body weight, due to fallen arch, people also develop pain in the legs, hips, and ankles.

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What Are Birkenstocks?

Birkenstocks are a highly renowned multinational shoe brand that started its journey back in 1774 with Konrad Birkenstock and John Adam. It is present in various parts of the world and produces an array of different styles of shoes meeting the needs of most people. The brand may present for ages, but it was in the year of 2013 that it got popular in the USA leading to the formation of Birkenstocks Group.

The main popularity is due to their incredible quality and range of shoes they have on offer. While wedges and platforms are made from premium material, the top layers of the footbed get suede, natural cork, and jute so that you have all the comfort and support needed. Most of the shoes of this brand come with soft suede lining, but for vegan shoes, the manufacturer utilizes Birko-Flor material.

Are Birkenstocks Good For Flat Feet?

Birkenstocks are known for their high-quality footwear, and they engineer the footbed of shoes in such a way that it offers a superior arch. What makes them more suitable for flat feet is the fact that they offer metatarsal as well as lateral arch support, so you won’t have problems with your feet’ condition.

Moreover, they utilize materials that also enhance comfort. So this high arch support not only helps in the recovery process but also safeguards your foot from any kind of injury and pain. There are some Birkenstocks units that come with medically approved arch support which not only cradles your feet but also ensures superior stability.

The adjustment options offered by the manufacturer for flat feet are also great, and the tightness of their strap is the primary proof that it cuddles the toe while keeping the heel at the right height.

Basically, these shoes from Birkenstocks keep the body balanced and help you have a proper grip so that there is a reduction in muscle strain in the feet. Since the special arch supports help in the proper distribution of weight and correct alignment, you won’t feel any discomfort while moving with your flat feet.

Breaking-In Birkenstocks

In general, you will need around two to three weeks to break into Birkenstocks shoes for your flat feet. To break into the shoe, take them out of the box and flex it a few times, which loosens up the inner by a slight margin. Then wear it in such a way that there is enough room around your feet and walk for a few minutes around the house.

However, if you want to reduce the break-in period to seven to ten days, then there are some tips that can help you out. The breaking process is simple, and it won’t hurt your flat feet. To start with the process, you need to walk in them for a few days, which will allow the cork to open up and then take shape.

While wearing the shoe, you should wear a sock, and before wearing it, you can soak them in water which will accelerate the breaking process. Another trick you can utilize is by applying your hairdryer on the shoe for a few days while you are wearing the shoe. Many experts also suggest that breaking into Birkenstocks shoes becomes easier when you make taps with a hammer regularly for a week.

Features That Make Birkenstocks Good For Flat Feet

Birkenstocks shoes are highly recommended for people who have flat feet, and here are some features which make them entirely suitable.

  • Birkenstocks are highly comfortable- Birkenstocks shoes are known for their premium comfort, especially for users with flat feet. They design the shape and structure of their shoe in such a way that it perfectly suits people with specific foot conditions. The specialized arch support they provide is the primary source of comfort for the shoe. Importantly, they utilize premium materials and modern engineering, so your arch always gets the even if you use them for long hours.
  • High Durability Of The Shoes- Birkenstocks are widely popular for using high-quality materials, and this is the reason many people with flat feet prefer them. The use of top-notch materials not only gives the shoe a solid construction but also reduces the impact on the feet. It also doesn’t deteriorate with time, so your feet won’t lose form even after months of usage. Although this high durability incurs expensive pricing, they can last for years with minimal maintenance.
  • Four Layers Design- Another that makes Birkenstocks an unbelievable choice is a four-layer design along with superior arch support. The base of the shoe consists of four layers, and each layer has its own attribute to assist you with your flat feet. The bottom layer absorbs all the shocks when you walk and makes sure your feet don’t feel impacted even if you walk for hours. The bottom layer also gets a textured skin whose job is to ensure sure footing by offering top-notch slip resistance.The job of the second layer is to make the shoe breathable and prevent your feet from getting wet while you walk on water. The top layer has a cork footbed that comforts your feet by offering a cushiony feeling. However, it is the arch support that makes the main difference that supports your flat arch and balances your body.
  • Avert Overpronation- Overpronation is a common issue with people suffering from flat feet, and it causes the ankle to move too far when you make a move. Due to overpronation, you will not be more prone to injuries, but it also accelerates pain in your feet. What Birkenstocks do is that they reduce pronation while walking and also distribute the overall body weight. Basically, the top layer helps you to control your feet’ movement and keeps everything in check.
  • Provide Deep Heel Cup- There are some Birkenstocks shoes that are engineered with deep heel cups, and it helps the flat feet to properly align with the ankle, hip, and knees. The deep heel cup not only supports your feet but also prevents you from getting foot and back pain. Due to this, many podiatrists recommend this shoe to patients suffering from flat feet as it is highly beneficial in alleviating the pain.
  • Super Comfortable Insoles- Soft cork footbed insoles are probably one of the most important reasons that make Birkenstocks a go-to shoe for people with flat feet. These insoles give your feet a snug fit and prevent your feet from making too much movement. Moreover, it also offers an impressive toe bar that comforts your toe and makes an overall comfy fit. During winter, it will also keep your feet warm, but surprisingly, your feet will be dry during summer.

Pros and Cons of Birkenstocks

As we all know, Birkenstocks shoes are famous for their comfort, durability, and support. However, they aren’t 100% perfect, and like other shoes, they also have some disadvantages. So let’s check what the pros and cons of Birkenstocks shoes are;

  • Highly Comfortable– They are highly comfortable as they offer high arch support with the cork footbed that alleviates your foot pain. Due to the use of specialized sole sand insoles, they are highly suitable for foot conditions like flat feet.
  • Can Last a Lifetime– The usage of premium materials in every section make the Birkenstocks last for a lifetime. From strap, insole to the midsole, and outsole, all the materials won’t degrade with time, and they won’t chip due to daily usage.
  • Completely Flexible– The outsole and insole of the Birkenstocks have been designed in such a way it not keeps your feet stable but also absorb shocks. Moreover, they are pretty light and cushion your foot in every way. The straps also add to the overall flexibility and give you enough comfort.
  • Aids The Healing of Flat Feet– Birkenstocks use high arch support with a specialized cork footbed, and together they aid in the healing of your foot problem. Since it reduces excess pressure on your feet so you won’t have a problem walking for long distances with your flat feet. Some of the shoes even come with orthopedic insoles, so stability and weight distribution won’t be your concern.
  • They Are Stylish And Unisex– Birkenstocks are one of the shoes that can be worn by anyone without any gender boundary. The best part is that they look sober and stylish on both men and women. They come with unique styling and neutral colors, which make them appealing to everyone. You will find shoes for different occasions ranging from casual usage to work shoes, so you won’t have any limitations.
  • Not Suitable For Extreme Tasks– As we all know, Birkenstocks shoes utilize premium materials to construct their shoes. They work beautifully in most normal conditions, but they are designed for extreme tasks. You can’t use them for hiking or walking in the woods as the outsole is not designed for such purposes.
  • Feels Stiff In The Beginning– Like many other shoes, these shoes also feel stiff in the beginning and need a minimum of 10 days to break in. If you want to use the shoe right away, then it will be difficult.

How to make Birkenstocks more comfortable for flat feet?

Birkenstocks are highly comfortable when it comes to wearing flat shoes, but there are people who might not find them highly comfortable. So if you are someone who had bought Birkenstocks and didn’t feel entirely comfortably wearing them, here are some processes that will make it comfortable;

  • When you are getting Birkenstocks, always go for the size that gives you a comfortable fit and not the one that is quite tight around your ankle or toe. The broadness and narrowness of the shoe should be considered while checking.
  • Before wearing a new Birkenstocks shoe, always flex your shoe in both inward and outward directions so that it can break-in.
  • Once you have flexed it, wear it but don’t tighten the straps too much. You should leave some gap between your feet and the wall of the shoe so that your feet have some room to breathe and move.
  • Make sure your shoe has a comfortable and specialized cork footbed that not only provides high arch support but also cradles your flat feet.
  • You should wear the shoe every day for at least 40minutes, and eventually, it will mold according to your feet to give you the comfort you need.

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How long do Birkenstocks Sandals Last?

All the Birkenstocks shoes are made from premium materials, so they tend to last for years even after regular usage. When these shoes are appropriately maintained, their longevity is also enhanced.

Why Do My Arches Hurt with Birkenstocks?

If your Birkenstocks are completely new or come with a hard sole, then it may serve as the reason that is triggering pain in your arch. Not all shoes come with a high arch, and if you have flat feet, then it could be a reason.

Why Do My Flat Feet Hurt After Wearing Birkenstock Sandals?

If your flat feet get hurt even after wearing Birkenstocks sandals, then it may be due to the lack of any arch support in the footwear. In general, sandals come with thin soles, which cause your feet to feel more impact.

How to Choose Sandals for Flat Feet?

A sandal for flat feet should be equipped with a comfortable sole and cork bed with excellent arch support. The heel cup should be deep enough to cradle your feet and minimize all the impact.

How Long Does It Take for Birkenstocks To Break In?

In general, it takes around two to three weeks to break into Birkenstocks shoes, and it entirely depends upon usage. However, there are ways that can help you to break in within ten days.

Is Birkenstocks Good for Walking Long Distances?

Yes, Birkenstocks are good for walking long distances because they come equipped with a four-layer sole and cork footbed, which cushions your feet. Moreover, they have high arch support that helps in distributing the weight.

Do Podiatrists Recommend Birkenstocks?

Many podiatrists recommend Birkenstocks shoes to people suffering from certain foot conditions. It has been proven that these shoes minimize not only the impact on the foot but also aid in the healing of the foot issue.

Are Birkenstocks Considered Orthopedic Shoes?

Birkenstocks may not be fully orthopedic shoes, but some of the models come with orthopedic insoles that take care of stability and body weight. The insoles come with specialized cushions that comfort your feet throughout.

Do Birkenstocks hurt flat feet?

No, Birkenstocks don’t hurt feet as they are designed to comfort and heal flat feet. They come with a four-layer sole and deep heel cup so that you always have high arch support and comfort.

Can you correct flat feet?

Flat feet can be corrected only in toddlers or infants, but there is no definite procedure to correct flat feet in adults. However, with proper care and by wearing specific shoes, you stop worsening of the foot issue with age.