Adidas vs Nike Sizing: How They Compare

Do you want to make a comparison of Nike vs Adidas shoe size? If yes! We’ll start with a small hint – Adidas superstar shoe are larger up to 0.1 inches when compared with the size of Nike. A small difference makes a big way either positively or negatively. Adidas and Nike entirely depends upon the experience you hold. There is also a minor difference between buying shoes online as well as offline. Online branded shoe might have more differences in sizing rather than reality.

Who kicks the game top? Nike or Adidas – I would say that both have similar features which are well known for anything sports-related accessories, clothing, or shoes. Valuing the money, use of wear, innovation, and design actual product quality is figured out. You cannot expect more size differences between these two companies.

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How different are Adidas vs Nike shoes size?

It doesn’t mean you should not have an idea to buy footwear online. The chart size varies a little differently with varying options so; better know all the specifications of Nike sizing and Adidas shoe sizes before starting your purchase.

How to Find the Corresponding Size for your Nike or Adidas Shoe?
Adidas vs Nike Sizing

Let’s start fixing the size of Nike and Adidas shoe centimeter-wise. If you are not aware of the shoe sizing in cm kindly check the size on your own now. Check the tag to know the size of the shoe centimeter also, compare it with the picture shown below. The most listed chart helps to identify the marking for the entire country standard such as British, American, and European.

Here you can see two types of size charts in Adidas vs Nike – Women’s size charts and Men’s size charts:

We have a small reminder to know the basic rule in buying tongue and thinner upper material composition shoes known for “Advantage” – Adidas. Make a mark that you should buy 0.50cm small size for perfect fitting.

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Nike’s Shoes Sizing Chart:

Nike is recognized as a top-rated sports goods revenue-generating manufacturer. When it comes to performance, compatibility, durability, utility, and quality Nike shoes tend trustworthy forever. You have more choices on price and product with attractive offers. It sits on the budget so that, it is more comfortable nike sizing and stylish too. Instead of running the true to size measurement, nike size chart goes right away smaller than half size.

Heel to toe measurement (inches)EU Men'sEU Women'sUK Men'sUK Women'sUS Men'sUS Women's

Adidas Shoes Sizing Chart:

Nowadays, no one can be seen without a pair of Adidas shoe. Don’t you know why? Setting up the design and style standard at the same time, Adidas shoes tend highly on utility, comfort, and price. Go for a big search in the Adidas collection! You will get to know the low-cost shoes with highly specified factors, sports engineering footwear collaborating with a high-end designer from the collection of whole Adidas recommendations.
Adidas vs Nike Sizing
If you are buying Adidas shoes online or in a shop, keep in mind that Adidas shoes run true to size measurements.

Heel to toe measurement (inches)EU UK Men'sUS Men'sUS Women's
8.836 2/344.55.5
937 1/34.556
9.338 2/35.567
9.539 1/366.57.5
9.840 2/377.58.5
1041 1/37.589
10.342 2/38.5910
10.543 1/399.510.5
10.944 2/31010.511.5
1145 1/310.51112
11.346 2/311.51213
11.547 1/31212.513.5
11.848 2/313
1249 1/313.51415

Start hunting the Adidas and Nike shoes to pick the right size next time. Don’t ever worry about the changes in size even if you pick branded models in Adidas. Now for Nike sizing, you must choose one larger size for perfect compatibility and comfort. Whenever you finalize the new footwear size just look keen on your toe size whether you want to go a little higher or smaller.

Size of Nike vs Adidas shoes UK :

Nike and Adidas present official charts for shoe sizes for children, women, and men. You can see a few differences between the standards of the country like the USA, JP, EU, and UK. Even more, you will be notified with 8 as UK but the exact measurement goes with 25.9cm/10 inches for Adidas. Whereas, Nike sizing won’t have true to size measurement, in that case, solidly go with millimeter smaller which represents 7.5 in size chart UK shoes.

In simple words, lengthwise you can measure Nike and Adidas equally but, there are few changes representing size chart of shoe with values like unit, centimeter, and inches.

Below, we have made a plain explanation of the shoe UK size chart:

cmAdidas (UK)Nike (UK)
25.8 / 25.987.5
26.2 / 26.38.58
28.3 / 28.41110.5


inchesAdidas (UK)Nike (UK)

When you purchase pair of Nike shoes run with a little size up then prefer getting a size 10 for Adidas. Adidas have true to size measurement but Nike sizing won’t have this feature. The major and minor difference starts from here. Holding out the sizing numbers be conscious of picking the way the shoe is designed, padding thickness, and shoe material.

Nike vs Adidas football boots sizing:

Nowadays, boot manufacturers with all the modern technology give a feast collection and choice for your eyes exclusively. It’s better to say, every model was designed for a set of people who looks for branded ones then and there to have deep search on adidas vs Nike. The audience from the brand base, need to use football boots for various purpose like play style, level, and aesthetic.
Adidas vs Nike Sizing
Football boots are designed with true-to-size measurement. If you have to buy size 10 then buy the exact size without any changes. Even the football boot size gets varied mainly because of the socks you were using inside. Some may be thicker or some may thinner! If you use thicker socks then the size of football boot size may vary. Both Adidas and Nike run true to size measurement for football boots. Just by wearing football normal socks, you can minimize the complication easily.

Whether your toe is narrow or wider, prefer true-to-size football boots for your lucky turn. So, no specific football boot size chart for the one brand audience.

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Adidas vs Nike soccer cleats sizing:

Top soccer brands’ cleats are normally by little larger or smaller. As said previously, Adidas soccer may be large or true to size whereas Nike runs a little smaller when compared Adidas. It is not a standard that you must always look only for large or small sizes. The feet’s best size is figured with narrow or tighter fit specifications.

What makes you even better is the size of the shoe room and the material composition must be lesser. Just by wearing the soccer slightly small have shown off more profit whenever you were on the field. Feel the ball touch the field with your small soccer slightly to gain more comfort while passing the ball to the teammates, pass receiving, and ball dribbling.

Nike vs Adidas sizing chart:

Here’s a sizing chart to compare Adidas vs Nike directly for the Women and Men categories:

Heel to toe measurement (inches)Nike US Men'sAdidas US Men'sNike US Women'sAdidas US Women's


Sizing wide feet:

Well! Wider ones are known by Adidas and narrow ones are known by Nike. Adidas wider shoes help to make a bigger nike air movement and circulation. People accommodate wider feet will always prefer using Adidas. On the contrary, slender and narrow Nike shoes are not likely to mean to wider feet people. Form-fitting shoes are only from Nike, so, it sticks to a few rules such as people with wider feet can’t use Nike as their first preference. It carries out some special lines for people who have feet broader.

How will you choose an easier shoe size perfectly?

Are you big confused to find ways for the right size of the shoes? Scratching your head never gives the solution. Its easy to choose like cloudfoam shoes or casual shoes dude! Having more shoe size charts may lead you to have terrific choices. Just imagine – If you have a single size chart then it would be easy to predict the correct size right. The different brands have different shoe sizes – Adidas vs Nike have a deal over here! Making use of some tips may help you to identify the exact size of the shoe without others’ help.

One general opinion to all the brand audience is never figuring out the shoe size with the fake assumption of feet size. It may lead you to bigger trouble than you expect. Before starting the purchase, kindly measure the feet size and then fix it to a margin.

  • 1. You will get different with the fitting based on the shoe design, material, and shape. Better go with the feel you have so that, it is easy to sense and use. Check whether it satisfies your need by wearing at least one.
  • 2. Cross-check the feet size more than two times to make sure the exact size of the feet. It makes your work easier to find the right pair of new shoes. The feet have dips and curves naturally so, it is tough to identify the size with the measuring tape. Even, it is not precise to consider a few recommendations.
  • 3. Take a paper and place it on the ground. Keep your feet on the paper and start tracing out the feet properly. Remember that, while walking or standing, you have a natural existence to change your feet shape.
  • 4. Remove your feet from the paper and start measuring the size by using tape or a ruler. Either take inch-wise or centimeter-wise for better holdings. Measuring in centimeters gives you more benefits such as shoe size of British, American, and European.
  • 5. Key comfort is another important factor that helps to do toe wriggle in the nike air zoom pegasus as well as choosing pair of shoes with a tight fit perfectly can be a solid choice.

General tips before conducting the foot measurement:

  • 1. If you take responsibility by yourself to draw the foot measurement it’s not a good idea. Get anyone’s help to trace your feet mark without any disturbances. This will be a better choice for you.
  • 2. While tracing out the foot, kindly consider socks space. Yes! you can use the socks but keep in mind that after wearing the socks, you cannot notice the longest toe. So, before wearing the socks trace the longer toe first.
  • 3. You would have participated in some events or sports. Probably, your foot may get swollen. Kindly avoid tracing the foot mark if your toe got swollen.
  • 4. Never assume your size also, don’t try out with your old shoe size. Because your older shoe may loosen up or tear. So, using the size of older shoes are worst idea.
  • 5. If you have diabetes or are pregnant, the size of the foot may get changed.
  • 6. Feeling discomfort, feet swell, perfect fit, snug feel, ill fitting shoes is only because of the few change in centimeter size. Always go through tips and guide before analysis.
  • 7. You have a few shoes which give the benefit to replace the insole. In case, if you are choosing the thicker one then more space will be occupied right.
  • 8. Cross-check one or more times than you were sliding in and out gradually. If it’s so, you have a bad fit for your feet. Foot deformities and other foot discomfort are possible by wearing the footwear tight.


Which Shoes Run Narrow?

Most Nike shoes run in 1/3 inch or 1 cm size with regular width. It is also known as form-fitting shoes which hold special lines.

Which Shoes Size Fit Wide Feet?

Formal Men wide shoe represents 2E whereas 4E or more than 4E is represented as extra wide. Sometimes, Women with 2E are represented as Extra wide shoes.

is Adidas bigger than Nike size?

Yes! Adidas have designed to fit true to size measurement but the Nike runs smaller by half a size. In that case, Adidas is bigger than Nike’s size.

Do Nike and Adidas Shoes Fit the Same?

No! You can see the design and style are identical but similar content is figured out in some typical shoes. You cannot sense that Adidas and Nike shoes fit the size in same because each brand keeps on changing its uniqueness and size.

Which fits better Adidas or Nike?

When focusing on Nike shoe size comparison with Adidas, it is considered as a bigger one in terms of product and revenue. A recent survey says that Adidas has beaten Nike with salient features like style, innovation, and technology.

What If Your Previously Purchased Shoes Are Not True to Size?

One of the main problems you end over with the shoe is sometimes it doesn’t run true to size. Usually, if you use the shoes for a week it will get over with the size and shape. Test the shoes whether it satisfies you again.

Are Nike and Adidas have same size?

No! If you buy size 10.5 cm in Adidas so the Nike shoe size will be 10 cm. It runs a little smaller when compared with Adidas. Also, one added advantage is Adidas measure true to size but Nike won’t have true to size measurement.

Why can I wear a size 8 in Nike shoes but can’t wear a size 8 in Adidas?

You can choose 8 in Nike but can’t use 8 in Adidas because Nike shoe sizes run slightly smaller whereas Adidas runs size larger or true to size measurement.

How do Adidas shoes fit compare to other brands?

Comparing Adidas pair of shoes with other brands, look up the centimeter top and length of the shoe. You have more options and ranges in Adidas. So, based on the feet length choose the size as per your requirement. Adidas fit to run to size measurements.

Why does Adidas produce their sneakers to run big?

Adidas sneakers haven’t been designed to run big. Check the shoe shape and size for preferring a small run or large run. Most of the styles in Adidas run to true size.

Why can I wear 8 in Nike shoe sizes but can’t wear a size 8 in Adidas?

Nike and Adidas won’t run in the same size. Each shoe brands and styles have a few differences, in that case, your Nike shoes run half a size smaller when compared with Adidas. So, if you prefer 8 in Nike then you should choose 8.5 in Adidas.

If my true shoe size is 11 US men. My size of Nike is 11.5 what is my Adidas size?

If you get 11.5 sizes in Nike, then try 12 sizes in Adidas. As said, Adidas have true size measurements also, you can choose the exact shoe size based on the requirement. Usually, Nike runs half size small and Adidas runs a little bit.


You are the final judge! After reading the article fully, you would get an idea to buy Adidas and Nike shoe size. With your own product experience, understand your need carefully. Because every person has their perceptions and visuals.