Best Shoes for Orange Theory Fitness – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Orange Theory Fitness program has become very popular worldwide in recent years. Many people have grown more health-conscious as a result of the Covid pandemic. Exercises like the orange theory have helped you meet your fitness targets.

The orange theory exercises are healthy for your body. Because they help your body burn more calories, get more energy, and help you out. An hour of this training will engage all your heart’s power and burn between 400 to 900 calories.

To get the most out of this exercise, you need to have the appropriate equipment. You can use these tools to make your workouts more exciting and comfortable. So, nothing is stopping you from going to the gym. Also, the right shoes are crucial for the Orange theory exercise.

Our Top-pick Shoes for Orange Theory Fitness:

  • New Balance Men’s 608 V5 Casual Cross Trainers – Editor’s Choice for Orange Theory Fitness
  • Brooks Women’s Adrenaline Gts 21 Running Shoe – Supportive & Soft Cushioning
  • Under Armour Women’s Charged Rogue – for Flexible Running and Exercise
  • Asics Men’s Gel-kayano 24 – Best for Bounce Back and Cushioning Properties
  • Reebok Women’s Cross Training Shoes – Comfortable and Sturdy Design
  • Ryka Women’s Devotion Xt Sneaker – Best for High-intensity Workouts
  • Saucony Men’s Triumph Iso 4 – Top-rated & High Performance
  • Nike Men’s Workout Shoes – Breathable Training Sneakers
  • Hoka One Men’s Bondi 6 Tennis Shoes – Best for Smooth Transition and Increased Durability
  • Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 22 – Ideal for Shock Attenuation
    There are a lot of shoes available that are specially designed for the Orange theory workout. So we looked at many of them and came up with the ten best shoes for the orange theory fitness program. We choose the best footwear for your workout from several options.

    1. New Balance Men’s 608 V5 Casual Cross Trainers: Editor’s Choice for Orange Theory Fitness



    You’ll get a lot of protection for your feet in the newest model of New Balance cross trainers 608. So you don’t have to worry about getting hurt. If you want to be comfortable and stable, these cross trainers will not let you down at all. Because of the price, the shoes will look like a good deal.

    Besides providing excellent traction, the rubber outsoles are slip-resistant. Then they won’t leave any marks on the ground. Also, the tread pattern has two arrow-shaped flex grooves in the forefoot. They can make them more flexible. Molded EVA foam makes up the middle of the shoe. So, this gives you great comfort and support.

    This great pair of shoes have a retro appeal due to the leather upper. Because of its double-density foam collar, it’s even more comfortable to wear. They are good to wear when you work out for a long time. The laces make sure your feet’ upper and lower parts stay in place. Excellent mesh material on the tongue provides excellent ventilation for the shoes.

    These tennis shoes are not light, but that won’t matter in your orange theory workouts. If you need something that fits in small or narrow feet, they come in three widths so that you won’t have any trouble. Also, they have superior cushioning technology called ABZORB in the middle. This gives you enough security and shock absorption. If you need the best shoes that can handle your orange theory workouts, these are the right ones for you!


    • Made entirely of leather
    • Acquired through import
    • Sole in rubber
    • The ABZORB midsoles are shock absorbers.
    • Midsole made of injection-molded EVA foam
    • Shank inside the midsole
    • It has a slip-resistant outsole
    • Foam collar with dual density
    • Great for indoor exercise.
    • Insole shank provides great support.
    • Breathability is not enough.

    2. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 21 Running Shoe: Top Rated Shoes for Orange Theory Fitness



    Brooks Women’s GTS 21 is the next best reliable shoe for practicing orangetheory, regardless of your skill level. The design is easy to keep your legs in place while you work out, and it looks good. Also, the substances will maintain your feet’ health for long-distance running.

    You can exercise for long periods because of the design and size. The lower structure of shoes ensures that your feet are in the correct position. The synthetic-and-mesh combination of these sneakers provides excellent cushioning and ventilation. Also, the rubber sole gives you a lot of traction and supports your arch.

    This shoe is ideal for runners as well. You can wear these best workout shoes with any kind of foot, and they won’t hurt you. You can also use this to do a wide range of activities. You can stay comfortable with DNA loft cushioning that can make your feet feel good. The bootie construction can bear any kind of pressure and responds effectively.

    The style and the size are perfect. You’ll be able to keep your feet in place with the shoes. Also, you won’t notice that your feet are heavy because these shoes are light in weight. If you’re looking for a way to work out, we suggest these best shoes for orange theory to everyone. Whether you’re young or old, you can work out without hurting your ankles or other joints with these shoes.


    • Composed of Synthetic and mesh material
    • Sole in rubber
    • American-made
    • Footbed with DNA loft cushioning
    • Diabetic shoe certified by PDAC A5500
    • Outsole with anti-slip properties
    • Synthetic and mesh make these shoes highly breathable.
    • It can keep your feet in place.
    • You can exercise safely with sufficient arch support.
    • The soft cushioning keeps your feet happy.
    • Not everyone will like the front curves.

    3. Under Armour Women’s Charged Rogue: Best For Flexible Running and Execise



    It’s a tremendous under-armour shoe for the orange theory fitness program. The under-armour Women’s Running Shoes are great for people who want their feet to be flexible, functional, and safe while they work out. There is a mesh top that lets you breathe. Also, these shoes are light in weight and easy to slip on. Additionally, they have brilliant elements that ensure your accessibility even in low-light conditions.

    The ankle is well cushioned, and there is also enough padding for your tongue. There is an OrthoLite liner that is breathable and antibacterial. This keeps the air inside the shoe fresh and comfortable. Also, the Charged Cushioning midsole has two parts, which is another great thing about this shoe.

    People who wear these shoes will love them because they are comfortable and stable. The heel counter has a robust construction that will give you more support when running. Also, the rubber outsole has a lot of flexible grooves that make it easy for you to move. This helps you get a good grip.

    You can find two parts in the middle of Charged Cushioning’s midsole. An increased cushioning forefoot and a stiff heel. This feature makes the shoe more sturdy and comfy for your orange theory exercise.


    • Made entirely of textile
    • Received through import
    • Manufactured sole
    • The shaft is about low-top from the arch.
    • Breathable and light-weight
    • External heel counter for additional stability
    • Foot lands and support are excellent.
    • The mesh upper is very comfortable to breathe in.
    • The design is stylish and stability shoe
    • Padding is tight and safe.
    • Excellent value for money.
    • The mesh breaks quickly.

    4. ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 24: Best For Bounce Back And Cushioning Properties



    Asics is a well-known brand that makes the pair ASICS GEL-KANAYO 24. ASICS is famous for its great athletic shoes, which are great for exercise and sports. The GEL-KAYANO24 is an excellent option for you to choose from the available options. It would be best if you looked for breathable fitness shoes, and the upper section of this great shoe does that. The feet are also kept flexible, so they don’t become stiff.

    If you’re a beginner or an expert trainer, you’ll love this option. You can clean these sneakers by hand or machine, just like other pairs from the collection. Synthetic material makes these sneakers both durable and comfortable. When you do orange theory fitness exercises, the rubber soles on your running shoes will help you stay on the ground.

    The ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 24 Running-Shoes are also pricey, but they are worth the money. Because the company offers a lifetime guarantee, this is the coolest thing.

    If you are looking for the best shoes for orange theory, there is nothing to worry about. There is a money-back guarantee for any unexpected situations that need help. Also, you have a variety of colors and size options to pick from.


    • Made entirely of synthetic materials
    • Acquired through import
    • Sole made of rubber
    • The shaft is about low-top from the arch.
    • Using Impact Guidance Technology
    • FlyteFoam in the Midsole
    • Strong and comfortable
    • The heel counter improves support.
    • Rubber soles provide excellent traction.
    • The upper material allows for breathability.
    • Money-back warranty
    • The size is not accurate.

    5. Reebok Women’s Cross Training Shoes: Comfortable And Sturdy Design



    Reebok’s Nano 8 Flexweave training shoes are the best in terms of performance, fit, and price. They are great for most people who want high-quality, long-lasting running shoes. A 4mm drop in the shoe will help you get the best out of your exercise or power walking.

    You’ll see many more changes in the upper part of the latest Cross-Training Nano 8. The Flexweave fabric is woven in a curved line for excellent comfort and flexibility. The material is breathable, and the mesh tongue allows for better airflow. The front has a Toe tection part for sturdiness. The heel bootie is very comfortable and fits you very well.

    This women’s shoe offers comfort and support due to its cushioned outsole and midsole. The midsole is perfect for an orangetheory workout with a cushioned footbed and a solid heel. Because there are flexible grooves on the outsole, it allows you for greater mobility. Also, you can wear it when you go running on a treadmill because it is abrasion-resistant.

    The sides have RopePro bumps that help you hold the rope while climbing or sliding. Also, these training shoes come in a lot of different colors and sizes. So, the Reebook nano 8 is another good shoe for the orangetheory fitness program, and it is also suitable for hiking.


    • Composed primarily of synthetic material
    • Acquired through import
    • The shaft is around the low-top from the arch.
    • Sole in rubber
    • Footbed with enough cushioning
    • Long-lasting toe protection
    • Stability and comfort are exceptional.
    • High-quality material provides breathability
    • The midsole and heel grips are excellent.
    • Significant padding for high-intensity workouts.
    • Some consumers may find the shoe a bit broad.

    6. Ryka Women’s Devotion XT Sneaker: Best For High-intensity Workouts



    Ryka Women’s Devotion XT Sneaker has made a few changes with the most recent release. These running shoes are suitable for indoor training because they are tough and breathable. Because of the Re-Zorb technology and the use of rubber on the outsole. These shoes are very flexible and last a long time. The flex grooves present on the sole of the shoe help boost traction in various conditions.

    Midsoles made with Re-Zorb technology. Because they are so easy and comfortable to wear, this makes them an excellent choice for you. The heel-to-toe smooth transition is also impressive, thanks to the midsole. The Re-Zorb Cushioning in the midsole serves to reduce discomfort in the back of the footwear.

    The upper is new and improved over the last model on this version. The novel design mesh top has a more subtle design, yet it provides a more comfortable fit and breathability. An extra-wide toe box helps to keep your feet comfortable and stable while orangetheory work.

    Despite their high cost and heavyweight, the shoes have more benefits than drawbacks. They will be a good match for your orangetheory fitness workout. Because they have better protection, are more durable, and don’t make it hard to move around.


    • American-made
    • Blown rubber outsole
    • Re-Zorb Cushioning That Is Flexible
    • Front with lace-ups
    • Re-Zorb Lite exposed midsole for extra cushioning
    • A unique motion pattern from each pod.
    • Stylish design and durable
    • Rubber soles provide the best traction.
    • Easy to slip on and comfortable shoes
    • Wider toe box keeps feet comfy
    • A little bit heavy.

    7. Saucony Men’s Triumph ISO 4: Top-rated & High Performance



    Saucony’s Triumph shoe line features some of the company’s most creative footwear designs. You should wear these running shoes if you want to be comfortable and stable when you do Orange theory workouts.

    The Tri-Flex Crystal Rubber on the outsole improves the shoe’s durability and flexibility. The rubber on these Triumph shoes is softer than the rubber on the earlier versions. This makes it possible for your feet to change position. You can get a better grip on the outsole, even if it’s a little heavier than in the past.

    These running shoes are mostly known for their midsole. This shoe features Saucony’s EVERUN technology. That’s very soft and vibrant, and it’s also very comfortable to wear. When you put on these shoes, you won’t want to take them off because of how comfortable they are. It has an ISO upper part that makes your feet feel good as you move. Also, this shoe has a Jacquard mesh stuff that lets you breathe well and makes the shoes very light.

    When you put your feet down, the molded footbed supports your feet gently. The back of the footbed is very small, but it gets bigger towards the middle of the foot and even more towards the front. Despite the high price, these shoes are worth the time spent in the gym. Also, these running shoes come in many colors and sizes.


    • Composed of Synthetic and mesh materials
    • Received through import
    • Sole made of rubber
    • The shaft is about low-top from the arch.
    • EVERUN midsole design for increased comfort.
    • Footbed with a curved shape
    • Closure with lace-ups
    • Rubber outsole for grip
    • The upper part of the shoe is breathable.
    • High-quality synthetic and newly engineered mesh
    • The contoured footbed provides excellent comfort.
    • It fits roughly half a size smaller than average.

    8. Nike Men’s Workout Shoes: Breathable Training Sneakers



    This shoe is popular among runners and others who practice the orange theory workout. They say it is very breathable and comfortable, and it’s also very safe and robust. If you want to look like a true Nike fan, you can choose from many colors. Nike Shoes combine the best elements and give excellent results in your workouts.

    There is a stretchy mesh overlay on the forefoot that lets air flow freely so your feet stay cool. Also, this shoe has a fashionable and functional neoprene midfoot structure. The bootie features a TPU cage and an adjustable lacing mechanism. This makes the shoe snug fit around your midfoot, so it doesn’t slip or move. An outside heel counter keeps the shoe in place, and a pull tab makes it easier to get on and off than other styles.

    This shoe has a midsole made of dual-density foam that will help you avoid getting hurt. Also, it’s built on a solid foundation to help you lift heavy things. An abrasion-resistant rubber outsole provides both durability and excellent grip.

    The traction pattern is very similar to the previous Nike model, which gives you a lot of freedom. The price of this shoe is in the middle range. It’s a good choice for people who want to spend money on something new.


    • Made of a mesh upper.
    • Sole in rubber
    • Insole with extra cushioning
    • Arch support with abrasion-proof rubber
    • The rear has a pull-tab.
    • Lacing system
    • Mesh upper for breathability
    • The rubber outsole is both long-lasting and grippy.
    • Extremely lightweight
    • Both comfortable and fashionable
    • Customers rarely complain about durability.

    9. HOKA ONE Mens Bondi 6 Tennis Shoes: Best For Smooth Transition And Increased Durability



    The next shoe on the list is the Hoka One Bondi 6, which is the best in terms of quality. Besides, it comes from the Hoka brand, which is widely considered to be the best when it comes to tennis shoes. If you want to use the Orangetheory program, this pair of shoes is best for you. Also, they come with a manufacturer’s guarantee. It’s a good buy for your workout session.

    The company’s support line is open if you have any problems, and you can also request fixes or exchanges. Another option is a complete refund of the money. A shoe with a breathable mesh upper material keeps your feet fresh even if you work out for many hours.

    It has an EVA midsole that makes running or keeping your balance accessible. Its main goal is to keep your feet from getting stuck on the ground. As a bonus, it also has a Beveled heel, which makes it easier to move and more durable. The rubber sole gives you a lot of traction, which is essential for your orange theory workout.

    The material used to make the shoes is so easy to clean. The only problem with the new Hoka One Bondi 6 is that the shoe’s weight has gone up a bit. Other than that, these are the best shoes for orange theory in the market to buy.


    • Made with mesh materials
    • Sole in rubber
    • EVA foam midsole construction
    • Money-back warranty
    • Slip-resistant outsole
    • A highly breathable mesh top keeps your feet cool.
    • Durable and comfortable
    • Money-back warranty
    • Cleaning is simple.
    • A little bit heavy

    10. Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 22: Ideal For Shock Attenuation.



    There are a lot of orange theory shoes on the market because everyone is different. Several of the main factors made this Mizuno Men’s Shoe rank 10th on the best shoes for the orange theory. People who love orange theory will be happy to know that Mizuno Wave Rider 22 is one of the best shoes for them.

    These shoes might not be suitable for people with big feet because they have a very narrow style. The synthetic material used in these orange theory sneakers is what sets them apart.

    When you exercise with Mizuno, you’ll enjoy the company’s flawless production process. Which ensures a secure fit and the most significant possible mobility. The upper includes a mesh fabric design that is 100 percent breathable to keep smells away.

    The rubber sole gives you a good grip in any situation, no matter how slippery it is. The Mizuno Wave Rider 22’s durability is another reason why we recommend it for your orangetheory exercise. Also, it will keep your feet dry while you work out. This shoe has a lot of padding, which offers you great comfort and protection. These shoes come in three different colors and sizes, so you can pick the one that fits you best.


    • Material is entirely synthetic.
    • Acquired through import
    • Sole made of rubber
    • The shaft is around the low-top from the arch.
    • Cloudwave Platform for a pleasant ride
    • Easy transition with articulating heel
    • It is pretty simple to clean the shoes.
    • Orangetheory sneakers with a high level of breathability
    • soft and smooth workout shoes
    • The outsole is really grippy.
    • A little pricey
    • Not true to size

    Buying Guide for Orange Theory Shoes

    This article will explain why OrangeTheory’s sneakers are the best for your workout. Also, these are some of the most important things to think about when you buy shoes from Orange Theory.


    The Orange Theory classes are likely to make you sweat a lot and work hard. So, it’s essential to keep your comfort in mind so that you don’t damage yourself during the workout. The cushioned soles can be very useful in these situations. Also, keep in mind that shoes have uppers and bottoms that allow the most air to pass through. These HIIT workouts sneakers are incredibly comfortable.


    Flexibility allows you to focus on the orange theory workout. Synthetic material shoes are a good choice right from the start. They can last long in the gym for serious athletes. If you want to buy shoes with rubber soles, look for shoes made of synthetic or mixed materials.


    How long your workout shoes will last isn’t the same as how long other shoes stay. They aren’t like other shoes, so they demand extraordinary capability. It’s also important to note that fatigue is a big issue. So, Don’t sacrifice the quality of the material to save money. It’s crucial to keep the right balance in this area as well.


    You’ll also be able to keep bacteria from growing on your feet if you work for a long time. So, while shopping for shoes, search for models with air vents in the soles and uppers. When you’re not careful, even in a room with air conditioning, it’s possible to become smelly.


    Good shoes can help you avoid going to the hospital. So, you must find a balance between stability and grip when doing Orangetheory exercises. This will keep your body from moving. Also, lack of traction can cause extreme slippage, limiting the range of motion.


    Which Shoes Should You Wear for Orange theory Exercise?

    It’s one of the best ways to lose weight today. These exercises need orange athletic shoes and orange theory fitness accessories. These exercises also probably benefit from the use of the best training shoes.

    Are standard running shoes compatible with the Orange Theory?

    Formal shoes are not ideal for orangetheory exercises. If you usually wear regular shoes, they don’t have enough arch support to help your orange theory exercise.

    Are Orange Theory Workouts Better Than Routine Exercises?

    Orange theory training is better than regular workouts in terms of results. They have trainers who can teach you about orangetheory, and they follow the rules of orange theory. You’re getting a full-body workout in as well as weight lifting.

    How Frequently Can I Workout at Orange Theory?

    Make sure you work out at least four days a week if you want to do this. You won’t get anything out of a workout if you don’t make an effort.


    The orange theory workouts are the fastest way to see results. You need to join the Orange theory program for fitness. It’s essential to stay healthy and fit to live the rest of your life. When you work out, your shoes can significantly impact how well you do.

    These orange theory shoes are the best to help you get through the workout. When you’re working out, they can help you get more energy and support your feet, so you don’t get hurt.

    Shoes are the essential piece of attire you can have while you are training about orange theory. There are a lot of good shoes for the orange theory that works with your feet as you exercise. That’s why we compiled a list of the best shoes for orange theory. We hope this list will help you!