Shoes Similar To Birkenstock: 10 Best Birkenstock Alternatives

Shoes Similar to Birkenstock – 10 Best Birkenstock Cheaper Alternatives

People have worn Birkenstocks brand shoes since the 20th century due to their simple design and flexibility. But, we’re still wearing these shoes, despite the fact that they’ve been around for almost a century.

Unfortunately, Birkenstocks might be pretty pricey for specific consumers. Many of them cost more than $100. If this is an issue for you, you’ll be happy to know that there are numerous shoes similar to Birkenstock that can function at or above the standard of the original product.

In this post, we’ll look at a few of the best Birkenstock alternative products that will suit your sense of fashion or the state of your feet. If You don’t have much time, choose our top pick: CUSHIONAIRE Luna Cork Sandals for women and WTW Arizona for men. These are not pricey, and it seems just like the original Birkenstocks brand and is much more durable. It’s time to get started on the review. So let’s get begun and have some fun.

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1. CUSHIONAIRE Women’s Luna Sandal: Best Shoes Similar To Birkenstock



Our top pick is CUSHIONAIRE Women’s Sandal offers all fashion and versatility to be at the forefront of premium sandals. This product comes in a variety of sizes and more than ten different colors to satisfy the tastes and needs of buyers.

Rather than the average plastic soles, this one is manufactured with a superior faux leather sole that is stronger and more trustworthy for lasting years. Furthermore, customizable buckles with a soft inner lining allow you to adapt the footwear to meet your desires.

The insole is made of leather and is fully padded for superior comfort when you wear it. You could use it for many years because it is composed of genuine leather. Also, the non-slip bottom sole guarantees maximum safety.

The CUSHIONAIRE women’s sandals have arch support and a padded heel pad to remain comfy after wearing them. What’s more, the slides are reasonably priced, so you won’t have to spend a lot on them. It’s remarkably similar to the Birkenstock brand. As a result, you will experience the same sensation as if you were wearing Birkenstock footwear. Also, the platform has a maximum width of 1.25 inches.

Key Features

  • The outsole is made of EVA
  • Insoles made of genuine leather
  • Upper in high-quality vegan leather
  • Footbed made of cork
  • The platform is about 1.25 inches.
  • Fully padded insole
  • Fashionable and versatile
  • Available in many colours and sizes
  • Great arch support
  • It little bit odd fitting

2. CUSHIONAIRE Women’s Sandals: Top Rated Shoes Similar To Birkenstock



Are you searching for shoes that are similar to Birkenstocks but at a lower price? So then, these CUSHIONAIRE slides are something you should look into. The straps, midsole, outsole, and material all appear to be quite similar to the Birkenstock brand.

The upper half of the fabric looks to be exceptionally soft and supple, with a lifespan of many years. You can modify the shoe straps to match the customer’s requirements. The leather insole is padded, allowing you to keep your foot in the shoes in the most comfortable position.

Compared to traditional designs, the CUSHIONAIRE Cork Sandal offers sufficient arch support with a cushioned heel to boost performance on rough grounds. The outside sole is more stable and has an anti-slip function.

The sandal weighs only 1.25 pounds to guarantee customer comfort. Also, an additional benefit is its flattened shape, making it a good choice for young and older people. It’s reasonably priced, which is good news. The sizes range from 5 to 13 inches and come in a variety of colours.

Key Features

  • EVA is used for the outsole.
  • Leather insoles
  • The upper is made of Faux leather.
  • Cork midsole
  • The bottom is approximately 1.25 inches.
  • Exceptionally soft and flexible
  • Sufficient arch support
  • Available in 21 colours and many sizes
  • Suitable for young and older people as well
  • Few users have complained about the sizes.
  • The strap is not as sturdy.

3. Soda Women’s Synthetic sandals: Excellent Shoes Like Birkenstock



The Soda Women’s Open Toe Buckle Ankle Strap Sandal is among the few footwear that complements your charm. It’s a sandal with great elegance and comfort, which can be hard to find in Birkenstock dupes.

Its mechanics are built on a properly constructed midsole that provides exceptional arch support. The majority of reviews acknowledged that it does give maximum comfort. The rubber and cork sole is molded to your foot for a custom fit. The heel strap completes the look.

Although the Soda Women’s Open Toe Buckle splurge Sandal has a large wedge, it is lightweight. This feature has been validated by critics as well. The backstrap is adjustable, which could be great if you need it to be an extremely tight fit.

If you prefer a significantly greater slipper, the Soda Women’s Sandal will not disappoint. It’s trendy and goes well with your outfit. This sandal is perfect for walking, a walk, or at work. However, this knockoff is a more sophisticated item, but you have to pay less than $60 for this shoe.

Key Features

  • American-made
  • Sole made of rubber
  • Strap for the back
  • Footbed made of rubber and cork
  • Available in various sizes
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Arch support is excellent.
  • Moulds to the foot for a tighter grip
  • Pretty looking design
  • Pretty but not as strong

4. Blowfish Malibu Women’s Granola: Superb Shoes Like Birkenstock



If other Birkenstocks dupes, footwear does not provide you with the required comfort and stylish appearance. So, if you’re seeking a pair of slippers that performs well and looks classy, then the Blowfish Malibu Women’s Granola Sandal could be the ideal alternative.

This is a professional-looking shoe. And, it is composed of a podiatrist’s footbed, which is padded with a faux cork sole for comfort. The synthetic leather outsole and faux-cork midsole work together to ensure that this sandal absorbs as much pressure as needed. As a result, if you have tight calves, itchy skin, or other plantar fasciitis, this sandal may provide some comfort.

Blowfish Malibu Women’s Granola Backstrap Sandal has a stylish look. In contrast to other Birkenstock slip-on, you wear this style for both professional and casual occasions. These sandals are available in various colors and sizes. And the ankle strap is adjustable.

The Blowfish Malibu Women’s Granola Backstrap Sandal is an elegant sandal with excellent ergonomics. The design was inspired by experts and is also perfect for persons who want the most comfort. It is a flexible sandal that you may use with any outfit. The price range is low, so these stylish and durable sandals are the best Birkenstock alternative.

Key Features

  • Made of synthetic leather
  • Midsole made of faux cork
  • BackStrap with a flexible fit
  • Imported and sturdy material
  • Fashionistas Design
  • Ankle strap customization
  • Low price
  • There are numerous colours and sizes available.
  • The footbed is far too thin.

5. ONCAI Women’s Flat Slide Sandals: Outstanding Shoes Like Birkenstock



This is one of the most fashionable slippers, similar to Birkenstocks. Despite their low price, they have a variety of appealing features. Also, there are many various shades and sizes to satisfy buyer interests.

The most significant factor is that the ONCAI flat Sandals for women are more than 90% identical to Birks in terms of features and design. This sandal includes a cork-based footbed that breathes and provides plenty of relaxation. In addition, the cow leather sole is a little smoother and non-slip. It’s also suitable for all skin conditions.

You’ll notice metal buckles with supple straps that allow you to adjust your slippers to your foot correctly. You should be aware that these straps are incredibly soft and cosy, protecting your feet from injuries and irritation.

The Oncai Women’s Flat Sandals have arch support and an elevated heel cup to provide enough stability when walking. Furthermore, It will not be broken for long, despite strolling on wet or slippery areas. And there’s more. Slides are not only sturdy and comfy, but they are also trendy to wear. Even if you’re visiting the seaside, beach, lake, or even camping, these perfect shoes will beautifully match any of your outfits. Because it is so simple to put on, you could wear it at the house as well.

Key Features

  • Padding for Arch Supports
  • Metal Buckles that can be customizable
  • Smooth and pleasant
  • Outsole Made with Thick Cork
  • Fluffy fur slippers
  • Available in many various shades and sizes
  • Breathable footbed
  • Flexible straps
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Suitable for any of your outfits
  • Buckle quality is cheap.

6. Madden Girl Bryceee Toe Ring Sandal: Amazing Alternative To Birkenstock



Madden Girl Brando Toe Ring Sandal is an excellent pair of slides composed of high-quality Synthetic leather materials to assure longevity and attractiveness. It’s incredibly gorgeous, and we believe it will suit a variety of clothes.

The madden girl Brando slippers come in many gorgeous colors, like Rose Gold, Black Paris, Yellow Neon, etc. The Yellow Neon and the Rose Gold are our favorites. In addition to the beautiful colors, there are different sizes to select from.

These madden girl beautiful slides have a robust rubber sole for optimal efficiency and durability. It is more sturdy and non-slip. And, it is also strong enough to withstand the most extreme conditions. Finally, you will be able to walk on difficult dirt, wet, or slippery surfaces with ease.

The padded midsole allows you to stay in your comfortable position, is sweat-proof, and is known for providing the most pleasant and long-lasting comfort. Also, the outsole is versatile and reliable for the customer.

The straps can be customized to your comfort and are made of high-quality materials that will last a long time. The madden girl platform is approximately 1-inch to be worn easily by both young and older adults. In summary, it’s excellent for your grandmother, who has ankle or lower spine problems.

Key Features

  • Made of synthetic leather
  • Sole made of rubber
  • The heel is about 1-inch.
  • Midsole coated in cork.
  • Footbed with a Contoured Shape
  • Made from high-quality synthetic leather
  • Available in a variety of gorgeous colours and sizes.
  • Elegant style
  • The outsole is flexible and reliable.
  • Problems with fitting

7. WTW Men’s Arizona Adjustable Buckles Sandal: Fantastic Alternative to Birkenstocks



WTW Men’s Arizona shoes promote clarity in everything from pleasure to style, and this footwear maintains a great combination. It’s also remarkably similar to Birkenstock footwear. However, if you’re looking for cheaper Birkenstock dupes, this is a good alternative to consider.

The first thing to mention is that it is constructed with high-quality Synthetic leather materials to offer the most excellent durability and pleasure of use. Like the earlier model, this slipper has a Cow suede leather footbed that is non-slip, waterproof, and smooth.

WTW Men’s Arizona freedom Moses footwear comes in black and brown colors and in 7 to 12 sizes. As a result, anyone can find what they’re looking for. The footbed is entirely padded and made of high-quality leather to provide long-lasting comfort.

This pair of sandals is really attractive to look at. Because whether you’re wearing slacks, pajamas, jeans, or any other clothing, these sandals will go with every outfit. The heel measures approximately 1.79 inches.

Because these shoes have adjustable clasp straps, adjusting the size is effortless. If it seems to be too tight, loosen the strap. When it looked to be quite loose, you might quickly tighten it.

Key Features

  • Made of synthetic leather
  • Rubber sole with cork inserts
  • The platform is about 1.79 inches.
  • Ultra-comfortable insole for narrow feet
  • Outsole with non-slip technology
  • Adjustable and lightweight
  • Cow suede leather footbed
  • Double buckles on top for Perfect Fit
  • Water-resistant
  • Straps began to crack soon.

8. Vionic Women’s Backless Comfortable Slipper: Fantastic Birkenstock Alternative



These Vionic Women’s Backless Comfortable Clog Slippers are notable Birkenstock dupes for their design and breathability. The sheepskin footbed is the primary attraction of this clog. It gives a fur feel the softness. However, there have been reports of it fading soon.

On the other side, The Vionic shoes are similar to Birkenstock Arizona in look and experience. Moreover, the fur is said to be more durable. But they’re not perfect for outdoor usage, and they may be helpful when going for a garden walk.

These are popular options for persons suffering from typical foot pain-related diseases. Although their light appearance, they are incredibly sturdy and great for handling steep hills without harming your feet. This clog is the best Birkenstock look-alikes to try. Also, these clogs have come in four colour options and a wide variety of sizes.

Key Features

  • Women’s Caring slipper
  • Easy to use on a daily basis
  • Sizes range from small to large.
  • Made of Three-zone honey scent comfort technology
  • Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association
  • Backless Comfortable Clog Slippers
  • Smooth finish
  • Available in four different colours and sizes.
  • Charming design
  • Not as long-lasting.

9. WHITE MOUNTAINs Gracie Leather Shoes: Great Shoe Like Birkenstocks



WHITE MOUNTAIN sandal has the same level of durability as the original Birkenstock. In fact, people who do not look at the logos could easily believe that this is a genuine product. So, it competes with genuine Birkenstock Arizona alike sandals.

The slipper features Crisscross straps that can be adjustable to provide a more comfortable grip. Your feet will be placed on a Synthetic insole that has been carefully contoured footbed to deliver the most comfortable luxury and fit. The insole is flexible that bends smoothly to allow effortless steps.

WHITE MOUNTAIN shoes promote pleasure with a smooth inner, flexible midsole, and soft leather tops. The strapless back makes it simple to put on and take off. One more thing to mention, go up by a half size to get a good fit.

These Shoes are a less cheap knockoff of Birkenstocks that deliver exceptional functionality. According to one customer, the comfort is superior to Birkenstock look-alikes. The knitting is flawless, ensuring that the slipper does not get stuck in your ankles or fall off. This shoe is also one of the best Birkenstock alternatives with excellent features.

Key Features

  • Made of Synthetic leather and rubber sole
  • Footbed with moulded comfort
  • Buckles that can be customizable
  • 1-inch straight heel
  • Toe straps with crisscross patterns
  • Perfect for those who want arches support.
  • Incredibly versatile beauty
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Solid traction
  • Excellent stitching
  • Comfortable but not as strong

10. JOE N JOYCE Amsterdam Comfortable Slippers: Good Birkenstocks Alternative



This JOE N JOYCE is a fashionable pair of Clog slippers and is quite common in Traditional Society. A collection of Birkenstock look-alikes would be incomplete without including sandals with cork insoles. These long-lasting, water-resistant, and elegant boots have a lot in common with Birkenstock. They are exceptionally comfy due to the inclusion of fleece on the inside of the clog.

The inside sole is composed of suede leather, while the outsole is made of EVA foam. The most pleasing aspect, though, is that the shock absorption is built into the soles. This is a great feature that allows these slippers an ideal Birkenstock knockoff.

The belt that is linked can be modified. The top has a leather-like appearance, so choose this slipper if you wish to achieve that style. The most excellent feature is that you can use them both outside and inside. We like to keep them in our closets for guests.

The flip flops slippers are suitable for both men’s and women’s and come in various sizes and three colours.

Key Features

  • Bottom sole made of rubber
  • Thick outsole composed of synthetic materials
  • Leather interior sole.
  • Footbed made of cork
  • Robust and totally waterproof
  • Elegant Clog
  • Shock absorption
  • Suitable for both men’s and women’s
  • Available in three colours and various sizes
  • Few buyers are not satisfied with the sizes.

Buying Guide for Birkenstock Dupes

A further question that may cross your mind is, “How do you select these Birkenstock alternatives?” What exactly is considered if you want to buy these knock-offs? Here are a few things to consider to get the best one!


Because we’re discussing Birkenstock alternatives, you must not make any compromises in the comfort section. It is necessary to make sure that the comfortability is as similar to the genuine as achievable. Look for cork insoles with a molded design, and even greater if they’re constructed of cork sole.


If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that almost all Birkenstocks knockoffs have a simple design. The structure offers both flexibility and comfort. You will be concerned about this point when choosing Birkenstock dupes.


We are all looking for great alternatives because original Birkenstocks are expensive. However, what’s the purpose of finding an alternative product that costs almost similar to the official version? So, knockoffs must be cheaper.

Awareness of Activity

You may be thinking of buying the most attractive pair of Birkenstock knockoff sandals, but they will not deliver the maximum care for your feet based on the activities you want to pursue while wearing the shoes. The lightweight sandals are ideal for a walk. Close-toe slippers are great for casual hikes or town strolling, while a sturdier and waterproof pair may be suitable for boating, or camping. So, don’t purchase just for appearance. Buy with a purpose in mind.


It may appear like you are getting a great price on your shoes, but you may feel guilty about the purchase if they are not robust because nobody wants to spend on cheap quality shoes. So consider this point and choose a high-quality and long-lasting shoe.

If these five parameters are fulfilled, you will get fantastic affordable alternatives to Birkenstock.


What is the lifespan of Birkenstocks?

The truth is that Birkenstocks will undoubtedly last a couple of years. It’s also an issue of wearing them frequently. However, with proper care, a knockoff Birkenstock shoe also can survive for several years! Make sure to keep them in good condition!

Are Birkenstock Sandals a Good Investment?

Yes! if you have got the budget for originals. However, don’t be uncomfortable if they’re a little hard to buy. Because a shoe of high-quality knockoff also will last just as long. The convenience will be fantastic as well!

Why are Birkenstocks so pricey?

Keep in mind that their foundation was incredibly brilliant. It is a concept that was at the forefront of technology at the market. And the central part is the high-end materials, together with the premium brand image, which will add an additional cost.

Are Birkenstocks still popular in 2021?

They’re more popular now than ever before, and the current demand for the most effective and appropriate products, and this is important. In addition, sleek, simple designs are popular with people of all ages and sexes.


There is no necessity to waste your cash to purchase an original Birkenstock sandal. Several shoes similar to Birkenstock are just as elegant and trendy as the original because the market shifts toward practicality. The most recent knockoff to Birkenstocks includes excellent cushioning and some attractive designs.

We’ve put together a comprehensive selection of cheaper Birkenstock alternative models for you to choose from. These Birkenstock replicas are available in several styles, colors, and designs to suit your requirements. It’s up to you to select the ones who will grip your soul.